Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tired Tuesday

No more ranting today. I am too tired to do it. So today I will just post a picture. With Lily (a fellow longarmer) and Indycat Carol (another fellow longarmer). Lily and I drove to Seward on Friday and were able to meet her. It was a lot of fun and I am so happy we were able to meet her.

Now on to clean my house so we can leave tomorrow to go camping.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Its not Thursday But I have some thumping to do!

I know its not Thursday but I am still going to do some thumping. I will appologise to any reading this except to the person it is aimed at and I know has my blog address and I hope will read it.

To the person that vandalised our Vehicles. First off we KNOW who you are but I will not print your name here. You brilliantly wrote things on a few of those notes you wrote that only you would know. We have filed a police report and we have given them your name. The advice I would like to give you is this.
1. Get a life. Do you seriously have THAT much time that you can spend on writing 100+ nasty notes, toilet papering and saran wrapping cars? You need to spend your time more wisely.
2. Go BACK to school. Your grammar and use of words is pathetic. Either that or buy a thesaurus. I mean seriously even my 8 year old can be more creative. Not to mention you really need to clean up your language.
Last but not least
3. Stop and THINK before you basically sign your name to an act of stupidity. The problems that you have in YOUR life are NOT because we helped out your neice. If she hadn't come to live with us she would of went somewhere. As it is she chose to leave. You were also given the chance to leave your situation and you chose to stay. That was as I said YOUR choice.

( I know the next person will not ever read this but maybe some other moron who is credit card happy will )
Now on to the person that is having fun with other peoples credit cards. I know you think that you will get away with all this, and you might for a while. But someday it will catch up to you. You may be thinking well its ok the bank will just give them their money back. So they wont really be out anything. That may be true BUT as I said before it will catch up to you. I can wait for that. You were just a blip in my day. I am not even angry. Because I know that they will catch you. You stupidly went INTO the stores and gas stations to use a a fake card. Do you not realise they have cameras? You have actually made the fraud department at my bank kind of happy as they feel they will certainly find you. You also chose small town gas stations in the SAME area. I do hope you have had fun though as I am pretty sure it will soon be ending. If they dont catch you this time however I am sure (and I can sleep peacefully knowing) they will at some point.

Again I am sorry to just vent this out but I needed to. Now I can go on with my day and get some work done.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Off Like A Terd Of Herdles!

Jody that one was for you!..Just a few minutes more and Lily will be here.Then we are off to Seward for the day to meet Indycat Carol. How exciting is this! I have my camera and am ready to travel. I even washed my truck yesterday (so of course it rained all night) on my way home from dropping my beloved Pfaff off at the repair shop...The diagnosis is ...timing.Ugh. I can retime Gracie but not my home machines. I need to take a class!

Here are some websites I found last night surfing. Awesome websites by the way.


I found recipes here for bath salts, bath bombs, and flubber! What fun will that be!


This lady has some fun crafty ideas.Especially for babies.


This lady also is pretty crafty and her ideas are awesome!

Have fun checking them out! Feel free to send me a favorite link of yours!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I did it! I broke my pfaff! Here I am just sewing away last night and I hear a clunk clunk. I didnt panic right away in fact I was quite calm. I couldnt figure out how but I truly thought I had just broke the needle. So I went to replace it. No big deal.
It seemed strange to me that the needle was not broke however. Hmmmmmmm. I decided to hand turn the needle up and down all though I didnt really think that was it as I have NEVER thrown my pfaff out of time! 18 years of owning my very own sewing machine and I had never thrown one out of time. My Gammill Gracie however is a different story
So in to the repair shop it goes. I have to tell you the timing of when this has happened really sucks! I have one week until we go camping. (motorhome camping I DONT do tents) Then I have 3 short days to finish up projects before we leave for Calgary for a week. Now this might seem like a good time for it to be in the shop because we will be gone so much but its not. I had wanted to finish a few things for an upcoming quilt show and the deadline for turning in is the day I get home! So everything HAS to be done before I leave. I do own a few (I'm not going to name a number as it sounds insane) other sewing machines but they arent my Pfaff! That one is my partner, my right hand, my best friend! I guess when I take it in I coud try groveling,pleading, and crying...............

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Work Day

Back to work today! I have a few more minutes to enjoy my coffee then its time to dance with Gracie. I have a lot to get done too! I have 4 quilts to get done before next tuesday.I should be able to do it as long as I keep to my schedule. Ü Theres that nutso schedule again. Heres a picture of the last one I did. I dont have a finished picture yet as I am also doing the binding for this customer. The quilt did have its issues. Its about 40 years old and not made with the highest quality material. But I think it did turn out pretty well.

The next pictures are of my new best friends! That can of chilli kept the top from being entirely pleated. Love that can!

This ruler is amazing! I would still be out there quilting without it.

Last but NOT least is my wonderful steamer. I cant even tell you how handy this little guy was! We have bonded for sure!

This next picture was going on right outside my Gracie House window as I was trying to work. Chai (aka the cat that hates me) was trying very hard to figure out how to eat Lola. But Lola was just taking it as affection! I had a very hard time getting any work done from watching them all day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Super Tuesday

Here I am again, sitting here wishing it were any day but Tuesday. I love Tuesdays on Wed. My house looks so clean, my laundry is all caught up, life is good. To make that happen though there has to be a Tuesday. I know I really sound nuts with this. I often wonder if I am nuts. I HAVE to have my schedule. I work on certain days I even play on certain days, the house is cleaned on a certain day, I pay bills on a certain day, and I shop and run errands on a certain day. It really puts me in a mood too when I dont do on that day what I am supposed to.

Funny thing is that I wasnt this way when I was younger. Nope I was fly by the seat of your pants girl. Now I am needs to be medicated old mom! Sigh.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Now its time for Summer

Dance recital now over,piano recital now over, today is the last guitar lesson, and Wed. is the last German lesson. Home ec is wrapped up for a couple months and we are ready for summer! I wish the weather would cooperate. Its still a little chilly and has been rainy.

Im not complaining though.There is NO snow! Friday will be a fun day as I get to meet someone I know from MQR. Very exciting to me as I dont get a lot of opportunity's for these kind of meetings. Carol is going to be in Seward for the day, as that is a stop on their cruise. I havent checked out the quilt shop there yet either. So yay for me!Ü

This week I have quite a bit of work to get done. My work load is back up again. I am also trying to finish my butterfly wall hanging and a bag for an upcoming show. I really really need a 48 hour day instead of 24 hours. So I guess that is my cue. Get up from the computer and get to work!

These pictures arent the greatest. The first is myself and a good friend Melinda in our Belly Dance costume. The second my oldest daughter is with us.This is the first part of our dance. You cant really see me but that is Jerikah in the front and I am in the middle row about 3 in from the right.My husband is NOT really handy with the camera so he didnt get the whole dance and his video skills are well.....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I give up

I tried all day to upload Jerrods song but I guess the file is too big.Im not sure. Sigh oh well.

Recital Time

I look forward to and dread this time of year. End of the year recitals.On Saturday was the performance of CATS with the oldest. Last night was Piano, and coming this Saturday will be the big dance recital with my oldest, my youngest, and myself. We have rehearsals starting tomorrow night, they will continue every night until Sat.
This years honestly wont be as bad as it has been.Usually Jerikah is in just about every other dance and backstage is a madhouse with helping her get ready. This year she is just in the beginning production of CATS (encore performance), 2 in the middle, and then the finale. Astrid is in 2 in the middle, and then I am in one right after intermission. This is the time when I ask myself WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THATS HOLY am I doing this?????
I cannot come up with any good answers except that in Sept when dance starts the recital seems so far away and not really a big deal! There is a moment or two right after we get off stage that I am happy I did it also. But I think that has more to do with the shot or two of tequilla that I took backstage. Maybe.
Anyhow, last nights piano recital was adorable. This was Astrids first. Jerrod is old hat at it since he has been taking lessons since he was 5. Astrid performed Big Black Cat and Jerrod performed Icebox. I have to admit though for as cute as all the kids were and as wonderful as they were also, ALL I could think of was the new episode of Bones and House I was missing! I am a horrible mother. Thank heavens for DVR though.Ü

Thursday, May 8, 2008

What does your workspace look like?

I have been noticing others post picture of their studios or offices. I have noticed also they are all clean! Or cleaner then mine. I do try really really hard to keep mine clean and I actually do clean it every week before Home Ec. But....... I seem to have a very sloppy side to me. Because the night before Home Ec it will look like this again!

Now Gracie House, I do tend to keep that tidier. I guess because you never know when a customer might pop in.It still does get cluttered but it also gets cleaned once a week and being that it is only me in it it stays a whole lot cleaner.

One reason my sewing room isnt as clean as I would like it to be is that everyone uses it.I do mean everyone. The sliding glass door is one of our back doors and no matter how many times I threaten to throw shoes away they ALL get left there for me to stumble on.The dirt left is unbelievable. Hence the vacuum.
I am also going to use the excuse that I was incredibly busy this week.I busted out about 8 customer quilts,4 bindings,AND manage to work on a few of my own projects. Still though this is pretty bad.

So lets see your studios! I am curious is everyone as big of a mess as I am?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Freak twister strikes Kenai

This would be one of the headlines in our newspaper today! Its not April 1, so its not a joke. I have went back and read the story about 5 times just to make sure.Crazy.

At this same moment I was sitting in a doctors office waiting to see someone about a sinus infection. It takes a LOT to get me into a doctors office. No offense to doctors or anything. I am not scared of them I just prefer to rely on natural medicines. Even I know when to throw in the towel though. I have been battling this sinus infection for quite a looooooong time.This weekend I threw in the towel. I hadnt slept in days,hadnt been able to get rid of my headache and basically was coming apart at the seams.

I had tried everything. Peppermint, Eucaliptis (I know I slaughtered the spelling on that), A Netti Pot with Saline Solution, even a few home remedies that I wont explain,, I honestly dont think there is anything I hadnt tried. Enough was enough.Hubby had been on my back to just go to the doctors.

So there I sit and wait, and wait , and wait. I waited for over an hour. I was so bored I was texting my kids friends. Finally he comes in. I explain my problem. He reviews the papers I filled out. Oh and BTW WHY did he need to know about all my female issues? I am there for a sinus infection! Other end buddy. He then starts asking me what I have done to get rid of this. I start reciting the long list. He ends it with "have you tried acupuncture?" Are you kidding me?

I am sitting in a doctors office throwing in that proverbial towel and he is asking me if I have tried an acupunturist. I have shoved Peppermint and other oils up my nose, I have rinsed with a saline solution which is NOT pleasant, I have tried it ALL, that is why I am seeing you! At this point I think he thought it best to just shut up and get me out of there. He tells me "well it looks like you have a sinus infection".Lol...REALLY! He gives me some nasal spray and some little pink allergy pills. They are childrens chewables.

I can tell you this moring I woke up to NO headache! It is wonderful. Even worth putting up with all that yesterday. I will go back to all my natural medicines and oils as I do prefer them and will always use them first.

The bright side of yesterday was my Secret sister gift that came in the mail. WOWZERS!. I still cant belive how spoiled I am.Look at all this! I cant wait to use it all. I already have coffee in that mug.I will have to think of something really special to send her when this is all over. This is my second ss and I have been spoiled both times.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Girl!

My hubby snuck a camera out to Tesoro to get some pics for me of my oldest on the job.I honestly thought when he told me she was driving a forklift it was like the ones you see at Home Depot. WOW. I am even more impressed with her!

I would love to claim she gets it from me but I am scared to death of the equipment. Jer had me move the bucket for him on the excavator we used to have and I thought I was gonna loose my teeth from all the shaking I was doing.I think it had to do more with how high off the ground I was. I am very scared of heights. It was enough though I have never gotten back into any of the equipment.

The last picture is of my butterfly wall hanging. I still have a long ways to go but I am making progress.

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