Thursday, November 17, 2011


I get back to the Stash quilts. I wanted to share the 3rd Pink Posse party.I am SO behind on posts! Not good not good.

September was the month for our 3rd party. we take turn hosting it and it was mine and Lissa's turn. The last one was all about Redneck dinner. So we had to outdo that! We decided it was time to turn back the clock. What a fun time we all had in the eighties. Or for some of us (meaning me) what fun I wanted to have in the eighties but didnt get to have.Lol

We had fun. It was ALL about the Retro.(can you believe we are talking about the 80s as retro!) I love how my girls take the theme and go overboard like I do :)

Dawn was rocking this rocker babe look.
The guys hid. Chickens. :)..The pizza guy thought it was hilarious!
And of course the FUNNEST part of the evening was embarrassing our children by going in public. Hahahahaha...I can tell you my kids are probably counting down the days until they can lock me away!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stash Quilting

I never forgot about my goal of 16 quilts by Sept....A little flooding, a few evacuations, cooking for relief workers. It put me back a little but I didnt forget! I have completed and given away two of them! The first one I do not have a finished picture of.It was the John Wayne log cabin. I loved this quilt. The second one I completed last week and it went out to a dear friend who is still housing an evacuated couple.I made her the tea cups. She loved it :)
I have the next one pulled out and ready to go on Gracie. After I get the MAMOTH customer quilt off the frame. I am happy to be stash quilting again. Very very happy.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So Just Have A Cow!!

You know there is a story behind this :).....Keep in mind I still have some city girl tendencies. When we moved here I got the bright idea that North Dakota meant farm.For me! Yay me right?...First thing on my list chickens.Check! Next on the list hmmmmmm I know a cow! Hubby was going to be hard to get on board with this though. Most of the time he just shakes his head and laughs. A cow is a little more serious though. I ALMOST and I mean almost had him convinced until a friend busted my bubble.

Evidently (you may have already known this) you cannot train a cow to be milked at noon. See I have my chickens trained. They know I bring their food after noon. They sweetly greet me clucking and provide me with delicious eggs (BTW wish ya'll lived closer to give you eggs)...From what my friend tells me though you cannot do this with a cow.The actually expect to be milked at like 4 a.m.! They cannot be trained to a later time. No amount of wishing can change that....Dangit..

So no cow for me. :(...BUT for the barn dance I wanted to borrow one! What a great idea, right? Well evidently it was not a great idea to the owner of the shop. So again no cow for me :(......Or so I thought :)

Meet my cow.
This is one of my Pink Posse bff's..Colette. As a huge surprise she dressed up as a cow for me <3.....Now is that friendship or what. I love my girls....So of course the Pink Posse needed a new picture. BTW back drop was painted by her also.I cannot wait until next years barn dance. Hubby will have his new shop by then and he said I can finally have a REAL live cow! Petting zoo is what I am thinking. I mean I have the chickens already and did I tell you we are getting goats!

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