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im not sure

why my text to my blog messed up like that. the text is all words but it transposed to symbols somewhere along the way.
i am still in father passed away on sunday. this is definitely the roughest thing i have ever done. i am being strong for mom though.funeral is this sat. and then our "new" normal starts. i just miss my dad. i am so grateful though that i did get here in time to say goodbye.

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Got that phone call I didn't want to get. On my way back to california.

My Quest

To get fit. I came home from California with renewed zeal to take better care of myself. To eat healthier and start exercising. After a quick trip to the doctors here that was also impressed upon me by her. SO I found a treadmill and bought some fitness d.v.d.s.
First off the treadmill has become my best friend. 30 minutes of uninterrupted walking time. Just as with my gardening the kids and hubby see that thing going and quickly disappear.Do they think I am going to make them walk too?
This wasnt enough though. Oh no. When I decide to do something I go whole hog. So I give the walking a week and think yes its time to add something else into the mix. Lets do one of the D.V.D.s. I grab Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and pop that puppy in. Only 20 min and according to the wrapper in 30 days I will be a whole new me!
I would like to know WHY they do not warn you ahead of time with a label that clearly states she will try to kill you? I am now rubbing myself down with Ben gay and praying tha…