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Catch Up Ü

No blogging for a few days results in falling behind.

I got the material in for the Strip and Circle quilt. They had a quilt shop where they live help them pick out the fabric. I think they did pretty good. I am loving that I get to keep the scraps. Lets hope they over bought.Ü This was my craft for last week. I made 12 of these and then WH had a light bulb moment. Usually that means I am done crafting for me and crafting for him. He decided that the extra pictures he had of his oilfield things would make great coaster gifts for his oilfield buddies. I havent done them yet. I dont want to.They arent fun.

Arent these fun though? I hope to make more.SUPER easy if you are looking for a quick gift. I have pictures of the bargello progress AND I started the silk quilt. I have remembered I hate working with silk. Too late.

Thank You's!

I have been VERY bad about posting thank you's. I should of posted these two last week.

This was my Tip Junkie swap. Lisa sent me some awesome tips. Things that make her life easier or more fun AND she sent me these wonderful goodies! A pile of Amy Butler fabric.Fabric that I am in luuuuuuuuuve with! Two beautiful scarves one red (my favortie color) and one white. They are so soft and are perfect for SO many things! PLUS do you see those amazing earrings?! I absolutely LOVE them! They went straight in my ears and i have been showing them off to everyone.Ü. Thank you so much Lisa! Then I also got my Hot Chocolate apron and goodies. Ist this apron the best? It is perfect for me and I love that little satin red strip at the bottom. It makes it fancy if I want. But it also looks great with Jeans.Micki did a wonderful job.

I would of loved to show you a picture of the hot chocolate and chocolates but I cant. I ate and drank it all. It was yummy Ü. Here however is the little cookbook she …

A Mystery Finish

YAY FRANKIE aka Janie.

I am missing a couple of her pictures but you get the idea.

If you notice she dropped the orange and I think that was a good choice. I get to see this quilt very soon as she sent it to me to quilt.Ü GREAT JOB! So many of you are done and I am proud of you! Dont worry though if you are still plugging along. This is at your pace and I will be here when you want the next step.I still havent even started mine! This was a trial run for one that I plan to do in the spring. THANK YOU for all the helpfull comments on the strip quilt. It was exactly what I needed. I am done hyperventillating and have decided to put my big girl panties on. I CAN do it! With some helpful links from sosarahsew I am feeling pretty good! I have some more thank you's to post this week but I need to take pictures. I am running behind on that. I also have a couple more crafts to post pictures on that. Yeah running behind again.Lol. I DID though start on the bargello quilt for my friend in Arkansa…

Performance Anxiety

FIRST OFF: This quilt is from Louisa L. Smith's book A New Twist On Strips And Curves. It is NOT my quilt. I borrowed this picture from her website.

HELP! Ok I know yall cant really help me but I am feeling a little (real a LOT) out of my depth here. I just got an order for this quilt and I bluffed my way through it. Sure I can do that, No problem, blah blah blah. Inside my head I was screaming!

They bought me the book and all the rulers but there is no clear pattern. Yikes! I do really well with a pattern but just getting a book that teaches the concept?! I have never done that. YIKES!!!!!!!!I need a good stiff drink and a few hours of hyperventillating now.

I Luv Goodies!!!!!

Dont you love goodies? You know the kind that come in the mail that you didnt buy or swap for? Just those unexpected fun kind of stuff that just shows up?

This week was a goodie week! First off I won this book from

How awesome is that! I havent been able to sit down and start reading yet but I cant wait to. It looks like a great read. Yall need to check out Library Dad, he is too cool! OK I did order these from Adam BUT they were so much more beautiful then I even expected! Thank Adam! He has some great cards on his ETSY site
This was TOTALLY unexpected though! My most favorite cutomer ever my 80 year old,extra large king sized quilt makin, cookie bakin, uber extra special Katie made me this present! Such a beautiful coffee table runner, 2 of my favorite hand knitted wash cloths, and the CUTEST glass frog! I love this lady. I wish I could share her with the world as she alone could bring about world peace with her smile b…

Retail Therapy

I LOVE clothing. I do. I really really love it. I have a WH that is just as bad. Crazy but its true. Last night I was sitting here whining to yall about the bad day I had and bing I get an email. 20% off my total purchase at my favorite store!!! I looooooooooooove this store. White House Black Market.

A bit expensive BUT the BEST clothing I have ever owned. I used to be a Banana Republic groupie but lately their clothing is just off.

Anyhow I am a WHBM black card holder too.Not a credit card a discount card. On top of my normal discount I get the extra 20%off! Oh yeah............
i had to get these dont you see? They are red! oooooooooooh I am melting just staring at them. They are so yummy! But you want to know what made it even better? Hehehehehehehe. I am all giddy with excitement. Oldest daughter who has become Retail girl with her new job, calls me up in a tizzy. (ok Sidebar here for a quick sec. I am SO PROUD of her. She has lost 40 pounds and is working so hard on her diet. I hardl…

I Would Like To Hire A Personal Shopper!

Left my house at 9 this morning. JUST got home at almost 7!

If I had a personal shopper I could just make out my lists and let them figure out how to find everything I need in town! Seriously I spent 1/2 hour trying to locate jellied cranberry sauce. Not ONE person could remember where it had been moved too for display! Could they leave any one the aisle where it is supposed to be? Um Nope.........

I had to find furniture today also as we are finishing up our bedroom. Boy do I HATE furniture shopping. First off you walk through the furniture store and the vultures attack. With maybe three customers shopping each store I went to had like 6 sales people! ONE vulture per customer please. Do you think that ANY of them know how to special order a piece of furniture either? Um Nope. Half the day wasted on trying to get the right stain on the wood.

I didn t even get everything accomplished. Never found a glider rocker that I liked.Didnt get to the man store for some supplies I need that you can…

Roman Shades ( A pain in the you know what)

It has been a comedy of errors ending in only one done.Lol. Its a good thing it was expensive because that is the only reason the other two will get made.

Quiliting is a HECKA lot easier. As many know I am all about the pictures and NOT about the directions. I actually tried to follow the directions this time. Seriously. Then I went out and bought the warm shades video. My advice to any thinking about making them....BUY IT... Its a little crooked and the locking pully doesnt lock so much but I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I have some adjustments to make too. I can safely say they will stay up until the end of time or WH pays a professional!Ü

Do You Remember

That very special little guy WH friends were waiting on? What a surprise he got when he called to drop off their quilt and they were in having him! Here he is 5 weeks early. No name yet but he is a pretty important little fellow. 7 miscarriages and a very rough pregnancy for mom. I was so happy WH was able to meet him when he was in Alaska last week. Mom remembered my promise too her about the quilt too. Pretty funny on the timing of it all.

How Cool Is My Kid!

What does the GREATEST oldest daughter in the world bring her mom back from Cali? Nora & Nick Sock Monkey PJs!!!! Yes We are still living out of boxes.I am hoping yall focus only on the jammies. Well dont focus on what is in them either.Lol
Just how CUTE are these! This weekend I get the added pleasure of moving into my closet! It will be done tonight. Now THAT is better then a door even.Ü

A door...........

It does not take much anymore to make me all Yippie! and Skippy! over my house. Some of yall may not understand this but a door is a BIG deal.........For the longest time this is what our bedroom door looked like. Granted it did have trim at one point but it was still aweful. Then for a long time after we knocked out a few walls all we had was a hole. That was yucky. Absolutely NO privacy.

BUT then I come home to find this!
I think this is better then flowers dont you? Oh yeah my kiddos are home from Cali! I am a very happy mom tonight. Cali girl is also doing a lot better too. A good night all in all.Ü CHECK out Jans blog too! She finished her mystery and it is beautiful!

A Little Stitchin or Happy Happy Joy Joy

Just sitting here watching the CMAs and working on the current beast. I had SO MUCH fun today in the sewing room. I have 1 roman shade almost done. No pictures on that until I am sure I am not going to embarrass myself with them.Ü. I got the binding machine sewn on this and even just cleaned a little (very little).

So now I get to relax in my chair with a great cup of tea and hand sew. Ahhhh life is good.

On another note did anyone see Taylor Swifts performance? Her first one? I love that girl but can you say train wreck???? What happened?? AND seriously WHO let Kellie Pickler color her gorgeous blond hair!!!!

One Of The Ideas In My Head.....Uh Oh Ü

I saw this print that I wanted. BUT they wanted over $150 for it. I would of paid it but it was SO SIMPLE! So I thought I would try and make my own.My new toy! I shall call him Fred. Fred is so much better then the stapler WH has. Now though I am going to have to hide Fred!Here is the point I NEED help! WH deleted the other two directions but I lost him after that. Now I dont know which one I like the best! Sowhat do you think?


Yes I was allowed back in my sewing room. WH took one look at me this morning and I think he was scared! He knows the only thing that keeps me sane and since I hadnt been in their in a few days it was getting scary.Ü


On Girls Day Out with little A, I managed to weasel in a trip to one of my favorite quilt shops. I had not see this little kit before. This time though it was the first thing I saw.
It is absolutely perfect for our living room. The best part is that it is all silk. Mmmmmmmmm I love silk.

I am not going to whine anymore that I cant get into my room. Instead I am plotting evil revenge. Ü