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Need a Good Laugh?

I did today. Then just as I was about to scream I found this. It has ALWAYS made me laugh.I had forgotten I had it though.So today it was just like a present.Ü

Oldest daughter has been confined to the house with what her doctor tells us is a very contagious viral infection. Personally I think her doctor is smoking some funny stuff. Her blood tests were normal and she has been battling bad tonsils for a month.Hmmmm. I dont think it takes rocket science when that is ALL she went in there for but evidently it does. More tests have been ordered and she is confined until monday. Can you say lets drive mom crazy?

Then I found out a king size ALL feathered quilt that I mailed to a friend as a belated (like 20 years late)wedding, anniversary,housewarming(twice),congratulations on your 4 kids, yeah dont hate me because I am a horrible friend quilt NEVER showed up in the mail! I cannot find (big shocker there huh)the tracking slip. I did have it at one time in my hot little hands. So I know it wa…

YAY For Great Mail Days!

This was before the blizzard of 09.Ü.I have just been all twitterpated with it and forgot to post my goodies!

I participated in an online auction a couple of weeks ago and won these beautiful items! First is an ADORABLE quilt by Carol. I dont know her blog. This quilt though is so blasted cute. I want to keep it but I have the perfect little one in mind for it. WH has an employee that we were pretty close to that just had a little guy. So if I can bare to part with it I will send it to them. Beautiful job Carol!

Second I won this Peppermint Patty. I LOVE her and she is mine mine mine!. I cant find at the moment the card that came with her. I had it last week but this week I cant find it. Argh. So as soon as I find it I will give proper credit. She is awesome though and fills a void from my childhood. I had a beloved raggedy ann that was lost in a move. I have always missed her so now I have a replacement!Then to top it all off I got all this fabric and kit from a dear friend who was clea…

Daytime Blizzard Ü

Before the blizzadr hit. Skater boy has become Boarder boy again!
Ok this was just cruel. She has become the fastest peeing dog in Minot!

We are supposed to get another 6 inches!

Crazy Weather

Our first blizzard! Crazy but we are loving it!
These were taken with a camera phone so are terrible. We will get some better ones in the day light. It is CRAZY out there. The have had the storm alerts going with a no travel advisory and have called all the snow plows in. Cars are stuck everywhere! We NEVER ever had a blizzard like this.Too cool! And yes for any that might be worried I have wine to last it out Ü.

My Blog Friends Are The Best!

How could I stay cranky with all of you sending me good thoughts! Y'all truly are the best.

The dogs did come home. One last night and one this morning. I am still mad at them but I dont think I want to give them away again. I just need to figure out how to get it through everyones head to make sure the door is shut.

I also found these in a box today! Now how can I stay cranky with Lolita glasses to play with! And poofy glass slipers to put on them.Ü
I also got 3 boxes in the mail today.Pictures on those tomorrow.

THANK YOU again for the wonderful comments and making me feel better.


I am just a little bit cranky tonight. Ok a LOT cranky.

Someone (again NO ONE will own up to it) did not get the front door shut again and my dogs are gone. They NEVER miss an opportunity for an open door. They have been gone since noon and it is now 9:30 and 14 degrees out.

Oldest daughter was on closing shift also last night. The tills didnt match up and instead of putting it all in the safe ( they do have permission to do this) her manager demaded that she saty until the till matched up. She didnt get home until 3 a.m.........I cannot sleep when I know my children are out and about. Not until I know they are safe. Hubby however can sleep with NO problem. I so wanted to kick him while he was snoring.

I am so totally exhausted. Everyone has irritated me today. Well if you were in this house using an electric nail gun powered by the noisiest air compressor I have ever heard you are on that list. And if you DARED to wonder why I did not want to go out and get groceries just because you f…

Productive Week

My Strips and Curves Strata's Belive it or not the first cut took me an hour! I was so nervous.

The first row! I hope to accomplish the second and third rows this weekend. It looks like there are 6 rows in this quilt.My goal will be to have this finished by the middle of jan. Binding and all.
I am halfway through with the bargello.Yay! I just started the third panel out of 5.Each panel has about 10 rows.

This however was the biggest pain. Definitely not a hard pattern but that silk unraveled faster then I could clean it up. I used a whole bottle of fray check. I cant wait to quilt it this week though.

What is your opinion on backing? I am thinking a really deep brown or red Kona Bay. But then I just am not completely sure. I know I will use silk batting but the backing has me stumped.

The Story of Little A

When I got pregnant with oldest I was diagnosed with severe pre eclampsia. No big deal I was told as it is a first timers problem. It got worse and worse until I was admitted to the hospital and she was born 3 weeks early.It was a much worse story then just that but this isnt oldest daughters story.

Along came skater boy 4 years later. Everything was going great until my 5th month.WHAM! hit by high blood pressure and slapped into bed. for 3 and a half months.He was born 2 weeks early and I was told no more children or I would die. It was actually said just like that. It was also a much worse story but this is about little A.

So WH and I were left with our perfect little family. We were happy. We had wanted 4 but how could we be picky. Our children were healthy and you cant ask for more then that.
Flash forward to the summer of 2002.The first weekend in July to be exact. Oldest daughter and I were in New York for a dance competition. I was walking around town with one of the other moms a…

Are You Read For This?

My missing SD camera card???The one I did not accuse the kids and WH from hiding.The one I did NOT throw a fit over yesterday..........

In MY computer....shhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I am gonna go slip it in WHs computer then "find" it.Ü

Personal note to Janie.LOL! You know me too well. I am always loosing something. Mostly my mind but that doesnt count.

Strata's ALL over the place!

I started cutting strips for the Strips and curves quilt and actually got two strata's assembled. It took me all day because I did things "my" way. I got all the strips cut and one strata madde and then discovered I had lost a couple strips for the second strata. After looking ALL over the house for two hours, in which time I got sidetracked WAY too many times, I discovered the lost strip had been sewn into the first strata. So then I had to ripstitch.Lol.

I went to cut the strips out for the second set and discovered I need another black and white. Not a problem I think as I have a B&%% load of fabric. But unbelievably I have not one with the right amount of contrast. Lol. So tomorrow I am off to the fabric store. I also decided to cut my strips at 1 1/2 inches even though the directions said for a smaller quilt they should be cut at 1 inch. But I just didnt like the look of one inch. This is when I am thunking myself in the head again for not taking the class with J…

Just Another Day In Paradise

I have somehow lost the camera again.

The dogs have escaped through the open front door that NO ONE left open!?

Skater Boys new to him truck blew a head gasket.

Little A has decided to pull a strike with her school work.

And our scheduled trip to see my parents has to be put off for another business trip.

Despite all this I am in a really good mood! You wanna know why? A couple we have gotten very close to here, my contractor Matt and his wife, JUST called to say they are going to have a baby! YAY me!! That sounds weird I know but I have been DYING to make baby stuff! I made sure and asked them if they minded me going overboard. As WH says it wont stop me but I would show some restraint. Some......I have permission to go nutso with baby stuff though so YAY ME!

Its All Coming Together

This is the beginnings of the little kitchen that is in the sports room. Its so exciting to see it happening. We will be using this kitchen as the main one very soon while the one upstairs is being done. Hopefully by next week I can show you doors on those cabinets. Then in two weeks counter tops!
This is Matt. He is a grat guy and does just about anything I ask Ü. He wont clean house though ......or laundry, I did ask.

Some Customer Lovin

As a longarm quilter you will have to deal with PITA quilts.Its a fact of life. Like birth death and taxes. Its those super flat begging to be quilted tops we all pray for.

I havent gotten many let me tell you. Whats worse is I am the worst about friendly ( waving all over the place) quilts. I get lazy.

Last week though I got three quilts in the mail. The first one was great no real issues. This one however! It was like it had a vacuum seal to the batting. This puppy could not at all have laid any flatter. It did not need one pin! I am so not kidding.

I had to sare pictures to prove it!
I put pins in it only because I was afraid not too. Janie(Frankie) I think you should let me keep it Ü.Your dad is going to love this beautiful quilt and I am proud of you. All my workers were enamored with it.Lol. I am not kidding about this either.Lol. Ok now I am going to get back to blubbering through the Biggest Looser. What an inspiration.Amazing job these people have done in loosing weight.

Things That make Me Feel Better

GREEN BAY Kicking a little tail! Raven tail that is.Ü

A HUGE box of bobbin thread in every color of the rainbow!
And photos of my little man getting ready for his first trail ride.Ü

No more migrane!!!! YAY!!!! Battling a head cold. But I will win. I have armed myself with a ton of remedies and special herbs. It will not be staying in THIS house. Janies second quilt is on the frame and will be done tomorrow. Then I am back at the bargello and will start cutting out the strips and curves. At least for a couple days then I have another quilt to put on the frame.Ü Oh yeah AND house pictures to come this weekend!

Stupid Head

Sorry I have been MIA. I have had a migrane that is trying to turn into a sinus infection.Ugh. As my kiddos tell me I have stupid head this week. I will be back. A threat or a promise Ü, you pick.

A Daily Scoop

I came across this blog last night after reading a post by one of my regulars. It broke my heart and I wanted to share it with all of you.

I dont normally repost about this stuff but this one I feel is important. After you read the story you can click on her heading and it will take you to the current page so that you can see all of the auctions that have started.

Working Hard Ü

Bargello progress. This is definitely a tough one. BUT I am so happy with the challenge. Its been a while since I have made a bargello. I cant belive I am going to say this...I have missed the challenge!

Here is the orange strata.Didnt Jody do a wonderful job picking out these fabrics?

Gracie is hard at work helping me too. Ü. After I labeled all the fabric and cut my strips I layed them in order on the table. Labeling them and then having someplace to hang them has saved my bacon a few times.I dont know if anyone else does this but I always have a second quilt going. I never make one at a time. It pushes me and I get so much more accomplished. You will see this one at the bottom.Jealous arent ya.Lol. Without these graphs I would so be lost. I started peicing strips this morning and I only have three done, 44 to go!This is the quilt I fifnished this weekend. Well the top I finished this weekend. Jody do you recognize it? Can you see what changes I made to the pattern? This quilt is for …