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Once Again

I have misplaced the camera....Stupid camera.You dont really want a picture of what I am doing right now though. Its almost 10at night and its 87 out. Does that tell you how hot it was today? So I am laying on my bed after my 5th shower trying to cool off and trying to convince myself that Iam in the bahamas.....Yeah not so much working for me with kids yelling in the background.

Today was NOT a great day. Skater boys dog is a chocolate lab.Did Iever tell you that? WELL WH decides yesterday that he wants the coop moved. Do you see where this is going? Stupid mutt with built in retriever instincts somehow gets 3 of my layers! We managed to rescue one before it was gone but we are babying it. I was heartsick. Ihad just about had them not scared of me now they are all jittery again. Not only that but they were 3 months away from laying. I did manage to find 4 Aracondas (?) they lay the blue eggs. But they are only a week old. So I am at the beginning with those. Arghhhhhhhhh.

OkI am going …

Sewing!! I really have been!

My latest swap package Ü. These make me so happy. Instant gratifications.Lol. Almost ready to mail off. Just wiaitng on some sequined cherries for the pocket.YAY!
Easy tile coasters.

Super easy towels. Just trim applied to kitchen towels picked up from Wally world.

Ok this isnt from my sewing room. We just discovered these gorgeous flowers in our backyard. I am pretty sure I found some tiger lilies too! I just need to figure out how to prune some bushes that are trying to choke out the flowers.

Chicken Little

Yup I did it. We have acquired chickens! Well right now they are more just these little tiny balls of fluff. In ALL honesty this is what WH gets for leaving me unsupervised again. He really should know better.

It all started with some internet research on how to get rid of ticks. That led to a delightful conversation with a gentleman at the local feed store. (I just LOVE feed stores.All sorts of natural goodness and baby animals)Anyways, after we had established that I really am a city girl with some VERY dumb questions we (meaning I ) decided that guinea hens were needed. I ordered 6. These 6 resulted in a phone call to my little builder boys for a chicken coop. I mean they need a home right? From there the direction we went was 6 more chickens. Egg layers. Evidently one of my builder boys comes from a long line of chicken breeding/raising geniuses! It so happens that he is on his way to visit one of these geniuses and they are sending 6 bionic cold weather loving,tick addicted super …

The Garden i am TRYING to love!

First though I want to say another thank you to Barb for my wonderful Apron and goodies from Vals Hot Mama Swap! Check out the links for so much eye candy Ü

Ok this garben thing........I am trying Jan I really am! I would like to know though how WHs and my garden has become ALL my work! over four hours of weeding yesterday! I am still not finding the love or joy in this dirty,bug infested hobby.Sigh. Maybe I should try a margarita with it? I can tell you my children find great humor in my "get up"......Someday I may share a picture of me in my big blue floppy hat,sunglasses,apron,and gardening gloves. Evidently I am quite a sight!

This was pre weeding. I need to get a better picture but I was sooooooooo tired I crashed. So far though I know the peas,corn,lettuce, and onions are doing great! The rest I am not sure. If it comes up in a row I weed it. I may have rows of weeds. Oh well.
Like I said this was preweeded. It looks great now. No weeds! WH had BETTER be suitably impres…

Disney Day 2,3,and 4

Our second day out was all about Animal kingdom and Hollywood studios. Animal kingdom first to see Lion King and the animals. WOW!!! I was very impressed!We did hit a ride really quick ÜOk well maybe two..........But quickly.We have to scope out Star wars signing spots for big hair!Day 3 we actually went over to Universal Studios. I HAD to meet thing 1 and thing 2.....As you can see THIS was the highlight of my day.....Have you ever vacationed with NON coffee drinkers? Its rough let me tell you!Day 4 brought about the CANKLES!!!!! I was miserable!. I did hobble around enough to get pictures with Star wars characters. More to take them for my buddy Big hair.Lol....
I hobbled through magic kingdom, Epcot and back to Hollywood studios. All in all I would say it was a smashing success. Would I go back? In a heartbeat! I know I dissapeared on yall.Sorry. I have not experienced summer in like YEARS! This is all to knew to me.Lol. I have so much to share though. The garden, the chickens, a cam…