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I can FINALLY Share!

So I am VERY excited over this skirt that just released today! I have been having the hardest time not sharing it sooner.  This is the Carmen skirt from Designer Stitch . If I haven't said it before I absolutely love everything this designer comes up with. She is also the same designer I tested the Kate Vintage Tea Dress for.

I knew within a second after she released the test that I was going to be making more then one! I have made 2 and have a 3rd almost completed. That one will be part of a special costume for Dapper Day at Walt Disney this coming fall.

My first Carmen I made was the toile to make sure the fit was good before I cut out the final. I thought I will just run to walmart for a cheap fabric. Well I did get a cheap fabric but I am IN LOVE with the final outcome! The fabric I used is a Decorator weight cotton. After I got it all cut out someone in the test group mentioned how cute it would be with a double ruffle. I just happened to have a light cotton pink gingham that …

In The Line Up

One of the other dresses I have made for Sri Lanka is the Kendra From Alice and Ann ...I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw the pattern release. I knew without a doubt it was getting made. The second I saw it go on sale I snapped it up! Then I waited for a good sale at Joanns for fabric..The fabric I wanted was not cheap.

What you can't really see in the photo is the detail on the white. It has 3-d flowers with little crystal detail in the center..I didn't need much of it but I still wanted to make this dress affordable. I am determined to prove to myself that I can make clothing as stylish as what I would buy for so much less...Not only that but the fit will be perfect for me!
The steel grey is a suiting fabric that I found..I didn't pay much attention to types of fabric as I knew this dress was going to be dry clean only.

The only modification/hack I have made was to band the bottom of the dress..One of the others I saw made had done that and I thought it was …

Pickle Toes Has Done It Again!

I can finally post about one of the awesome tests I have been doing! The 10K Racerback Tank/Dress from Pickle Toes Patterns

Y'all this is one of the most comfortable tank dresses I have ever put on! I can't remember where I purchased the material but I do know its a really good Scuba Knit. I had been hoarding it awhile and it was perfect for this tank!

There is also a wider back option if you don't like the Racerback style. I love the look of it though so that was my choice.

I also chose the Mini length..But well I do also have 2 others I have made in the shirt length..I did say I loved the fit!

But here is the BEST news that was just announced on the Facebook page tonight! Y'all this is BIG! Kellie decided to make some last minute changes to the pattern. First off they added colored size lines. Second is NO TRIM PAGES!!! This is Pickle Toes Patterns first ever trimless pattern! UMMMMM Let me tell you as a pattern tester this is like MAJOR love...... 

She  also added new…

My favorite pattern mash up!

So I am not usually a lover of pattern mashing. I love to create but to mash patterns together just boggles my mind. I have a hard time envisioning the final product.

I went through about 2 weeks of worry over this one!

Initially I saw the fabric posted on FaceBook. Someone was advertising the fabric aptly named Pulpo. I was so fascinated but I procrastinated and lost out. It sold out.

Over a couple of months though I could NOT get it out of my head! I finally couldn't take it anymore as I had to have it! So I begged...Seriously in every destash group and even on RP Custom fabrics Facebook page. Much to my delight someone took pity on me (or they just wanted to shut me up) and sold me a bit of their stash! Enough to make a skirt.

Thats when the worry started hahahah..I was not about to waste even an inch. The fabric came in what they call a round. So that means the pattern was on all the edges with the black only being in the middle..That pretty much cinched the skirt. It would h…