Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So Lets Face It

 I suck at keeping up with my blog...I always have good intentions..No excuses..

So what have I been up too...SO MUCH!...If you don't know me let me tell you one thing. I LOVE WARM WEATHER...I just love it. Sioux Falls has had amazing summer weather. So that means I am playing.A lot...But anyways let me catch you up from the last update.

After Princess I took a little break from running for a couple of weeks.Then I hit it hard again. I had a goal. I wanted to qualify for a special running group called Half Fanatics. After scouting all the races around and with moving and all I decided to set my goal on the easiest way to qualify. That was 3 races in 90 days. So with Princess being my first I set my sites on the St. Cloud half on Earth Day.

Well I tend to jump first then think. Yep..Did that....First off I was so twitter pated with Princess IN FLORIDA that I forgot the rest of the U.S. isn't having the same awesome weather. Do you know what April in Minnesota is like? I do and if you want to know how I feel about that go back up and read the first paragraph again..

As we are making the 4 hour drive to St. Cloud I am watching the patches of snow become more frequent and the temperature gauge drop. I was willing it to climb up to 70 but yeah that didn't happen. In fact it was a balmy 34 degrees AND rain! Yay me! WH in all his snarky glory couldn't stop laughing.I have my goal though so I am going to get this done..

We check into the hotel and drive over to the expo to pick up my packet and race bib. After taking a good look around at all the college age runners and realizing I am THE OLDEST person there I panicked.Me in panic mode is not good. I went home and looked up the past race results, something I SHOULD have done before I signed up. Do you know what I discovered? I discovered exactly what I knew when I looked around that expo. I would be the slowest runner on the course...

So ok...I CAN DO THIS.. I have too..Bright and early the next morning I layer on the 3 layers of clothing I have brought, pin my bib on, go through my little ritual of gagging down preface fuel, and have WH drop me off at the start.At this point it becomes even clearer to me that I am so out of my element here. Standing in line behind 2 young um runners world models (ok now Im snarky) and listening to them gasp at how horrifying it would be to not finish in under 2 hours I was ready to quit. But I didn't.

I marched out the the start on shaky legs and found my place in the back of the pack. I picked someone out in the crowd and pretended we were running together.I kept up with them for as long as I could then I picked someone else out.And you know what? I DIDNT quit :)..I was pretty much last and that was ok. I actually came in 1/2 an hour before I told WH that I would so he actually missed me crossing the finish line.Lol..I blame the cold weather. Race number 2 is in the books!
Now onto Race number 3. This one I signed up for the the 5k the night before and then the half on Sat. Let me tell you if you have never ran the Fargo Marathon in May and you have a bucket list for running PUT IT ON THERE...

I didn't think anything would ever top Princess with crowd support and entertainment but Fargo knows how to do it! I am sad that next year the dates conflict with another event because I want to run it again!

This time WH stayed home and I went to Fargo alone to meet two of my Posse. They didn't run but were my cheerleaders.I am a spoiled girl cus they are awesome! I was also blessed to walk the 5k with a friend from my running group AND run the half with another one! That was incredible to have buddies on the course.
Both races were so much fun. The weather was amazing and my time wasn't horrible. Best of all was at mile 12 of the half when my goal was in sight. I knew I nailed it and I qualified for half fanatics! One happy girl for sure...

June was not a good running month. I had another run in MN and well lets just say that I didn't feel like looking for an ark. So that was a fail..July no races. My next race is in about 10 days. I haven't done really well with my training. I have been playing too much. So a bit worried I will make a fool of myself. But back to Fargo I go. Then a short 2 weeks later another half and this time it will be in my home town.YAY..I also signed up for next years Princess..This time though I am running the 5k on Friday, the 10k on Saturday, and the half on Sunday.Its called the Glass Slipper Challenge and I am SO EXCITED!

Believe it or not I am keeping busy with my quilting and rhinestones still too. I don't really have any pictures though. Thats kind of sad and I need to change that.That is what I have been up to though...

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Princess Recap

Wow its been a whirlwind of a month. Princess was EVERYTHING I dreamed it would be and more..Next year the full Glass Slipper Challenge! It was so hard not doing it all this year. I am glad I got one under my belt so I knew what to expect but talk about green with envy at all the 10k runners...

There are so many more pictures I could share so having to pic a few is so hard! The Expo to pick up our bibs was awesome! A lot less crowded then I have heard the past years have been. The process of packet pick up was basically painless...A little spread out and that resulted in multiple trips to different sections as some of the volunteers didn't actually know what they were doing..BUT they are just that volunteers. So no worries. We are there to run so a little bit of extra walking isn't the worst thing in the world.

After packet pick up we had fun with the back drops and posing. I wanted so badly to meet Jeff Galloway but the Rundisney booth was PACKED out. Thankfully I was able to meet him on a return expo trip on Saturday so that filled one bucket list item!

Thursday was pretty much taken up with this errand and dinner at Be Our Guest where we were spoiled with awesome food, beautiful decor and we got to meet the Beast!

Friday I had to get up at 4a.m. for the Royal Family 5k..Oh it was so much fun! So relaxed with most everyone walking. All the families with the little ones dressed up in costume. This is a must do again also!
I dressed as Minnie Mouse..Saturday was fun in the parks with my girls. We played and played until about 8p.m. when Rebeka and I decided to get our race gear ready and get to bed.We had a 2:30a.m. wake up to be on the bus...

Sun morning it all went according to plan.We were on the first bus to the start area. We had purchased the Race Retreat and I will say it was worth every penny. A nice inside area (tent) with a light breakfast, some character pictures, tables to sit at, and private port o potties. Since we had been put in a higher corral then we expected we lounged until the last minute before heading to the corrals.

The walk wasn't horrible. It was a little bit of a hike. We did stop to use another set of those Port o potties. Because of course we had drank everything in site not knowing how the humidity would affect us...Wouldnt you know it that by the time we got to corrals I was eyeballing them again..I wasn't the only one.Princesses were jumping corrals and running back to them and even into the bushes..Yeah thats NOT for me..There are creepy things in Florida bushes...Like snakes!

As the earlier corrals are released you move up. The most awesome thing about a Rundisney race is that every corral gets their own send off with fireworks and D.J.s.....WOW is all I can say...

Rebeka and set off at a good pace trying to remember to conserve energy. That is hard though as you are all amped up...We were at about mile 1 when we heard that last corral send off...I would of liked to have been farther but it was pretty crowded..

At about mile 4 we could see a runner heading towards us on the opposite side of the highway..It was the Princess Half Marathon winner Kim Smith.A 3 time Olympian who finished in 1 hour 11 minutes and 49 seconds...There is no way to describe this. I still tear up thinking about it..As she got closer you could hear the cheers move back like a wave. Until she was just right across from us and everyone was yelling at the top of their lungs to stay strong. It was beautiful...

It was still pretty dark at this point and it was VERY misty out. Which was such a blessing. I mean we were soaking but it felt so good! Rebeka and I stayed strong. Not hitting any of the picture stops but having to stop at another Port o pot tie stop..Wow those lines are long! haha

Along the course at different points there are Marathonfoto people stages to get pictures of the runners. I wasn't in a ton of them as I always seemed to be on the wrong side of the road haha..But here are a couple of my favorites..That is Rebeka right behind me as the Little Mermaid..She is an AMAZING runner and I have my work cut out for me to keep up with her next year...

 Running through the castle!!
At the halfway point we were so happy to hear the hit song from Frozen. It gives me chills every time I hear it now.
 About mile 9 I hit a wall...It wasn't the worst wall I have ever hit but I felt like I was struggling..I could feel a couple blisters starting and my costume was feeling heavy.(note to any other runners out there, costume satin is NOT a good tech material)

This however has become my favorite running memory with Rebeka...I yelled a head at her this is it Rebeka! I am going to hit the ugly cry!! She slowed down a bit and said you see that hill right there? you hit that ugly cry and I WILL push you down it! hahahahaha...I started laughing and didn't stop until the end....

We crossed the finish line with a 3:28 time..Not the greatest by any means but for a first half with a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG bathroom stop right in the middle its EXCELLENT and I am proud of it..
 From this moment on Rebeka and I proudly wore our medals AND Tiaras! We earned them...
 We ended our week at the Art of Animation...I LOVE their props! If only this were real...hahahahah

It was so hard for the week to be over. It was 2 years in the planning and training. But became more emotional as I knew it was the weekend before our move..I miss these girls so much. My sisters in my heart. It was amazing to share this with Rebeka my favorite running partner and my two girls..They were excellent cheerleaders.

I will save the move for my next blog post :)...But we are safe in SD now....

Monday, February 17, 2014

Its Time!

One day to get packed and get everything ready for Disney World...The whirlwind is ABOUT to begin! I know it will go so fast my head will be spinning when I get home.I can also guarantee a GREAT time with 3 of my best BFFs....

Lots of surprises in store and laughs to be had..Tea time at the Grand Floridian and dinner at Be Our Guest :)..I cant wait to get a pic with the beast! I can also promise LOTS of pictures..One thing I know about my girls is that there will be cameras a plenty!

I am going to take FULL advantage of my week away as I will be moving 2 days after I get home! So stay tuned friends GREAT things are heappening. But first I am off to earn some long awaited BLING!


Monday, February 10, 2014

Here's The Scoop

 When last I left you (lol that sounds SO much like a soap opera) we were headed to Sioux Falls to find a house..Boy I wish it were that easy! Nothing ever is lol.At least not for us.

So WH and I wasted no time and got to looking for a house. I had sent the realtor a list of about 8. One we deleted because when the realtor called to set up the appointment the owner said our timing was not convenient for her. If we couldnt wait a few extra days for the open house then she really didnt want to show it..Ummmm ok..BITE ME...No problem deleting that house...

Between house showings we scoured the city for a hotel to live in until we could close. Hoping and praying the owner of what ever house we found would let us rent.By the end of the first day I had found the PERFECT house..Seriously WH and I walked in the door and both new instantly it was the one..None of the others even came close.

Best part is that we do not want to change a THING about it! If you dont know us then you wont understand how awesome that is..We have gutted three houses and I have had ENOUGH of that nonsense...
 So this is our house...We are IN S.F!! So that means restaurants will deliver!! This also is huge to me..WH does almost all the cooking but about 2 nights a week its my turn..I hate driving to pick up dinner! Now I wont have too.lol

Get a load of my new quilt studio! Its HUGE!! I mean huge...And what you cant see is behind that bar is a gigantic walk in closet..Like the size of a bedroom..Seriously...And I mean LOOK AT MY BAR! hahahahah..I will have to share that with hubby though...

This next picture is to me one of the best features..A fenced in back yard! YAY US! I was so worried we would have to walk dogs for a few months until we could get fencers there..But now we dont have to worry about it. I will share more pictures but didnt want to over do it..

The problem remained though since the owner would not rent to us and we cant close until April 7 on where we were going to live with 2 dogs! Hotels were making me cry..1 room with a hormonal teen, 2 dogs and no privacy..Our realtor however saved the day. I love this woman..She talked to a friend of hers who happens to be a rental agent and found us a 2 bedroom apt. for 5 weeks..The price was a quarter of what the hotels were going to cost! We wont have to eat out every meal and we wont have to worry about the dogs annoying other guests..YAY us....

We got all that settled and hurried home. We have been packing fools since then. Man is my house a mess....I have somehow developed insomnia also...I am sure its all the stress..But its not a good thing!

Do you know what I do when I cant sleep? I surf the net...One of my favorite websites to surf is Rundisney..Sigh. Its been killing me that the 5k before the Princess half hasnt filled up yet..I have been very upset with myself that I didnt sign up for the 10k and the Glass Slipper Challenge...Oy...Guess what I did...Yup.I am now doing the 5k 2 days before the half. At least I already had all the costume pieces to pull of Minnie Mouse.. Hahahahahah

Friday, January 31, 2014

The NEW Me!

What do you think? This will be how I look for the next month......We sold our house...We not only sold our house but we sold it too people who paid cash and then said get out! Seriously.......W.H. calls and says are you sitting down? I say great what happened now and do I need to bail someone out of jail? He says we sold our house and have to be moved out on the 28th.......Um WHAT?!?!

We have not gotten pre-qualified for another house. We havent even found one actually...We were supposed to have 60 -120 days...Right?....Well evidently not.So Sunday W.H. and I are zooming down to Sioux Falls and in 3 days we are finding a storage unit, getting pre-qualified, AND finding a house...Most likely I will also be finding a rental.I dont think we will be able to make things happen as quickly as we would like.

Funny thing about all of this is that every move we have made W.H. has had URGENT business that required him to leave for days on end leaving me in charge...Lol...WELL GUESS WHAT.....I leave for Florida in 19 days and guess who gets to handle the move? HA....HA.....HA.....

Thats probably not nice right? too bad. I cant stop laughing..It may be that I have already hit the crazy stage but thats ok..I am kinda liking the crazy stage.Dont get me wrong I am packing like crazy. But since we have to be out of the house the day after I get home he has to make sure it all goes with out a problem. This will be good for him! And it will be good for me...Hahahahahahah

BTW, did you catch that? I LEAVE IN 19 days!!!

Flat Cheryl and I are ready! We are going to ROCK this run!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Latest Bling

28 days to Disney World! I have MANY things to get done before we leave..These are gifts for my roomies and great friend...I MESSED up on the Darth Vader bag..Can you see the mess up? hahaha..OOPS...But my friend will still love it..

I truly love my cameo <3 a="" href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-rHPTIWC50mQ/UuBTKL2Vi0I/AAAAAAAADAs/19sNS5FrKmg/s1600/photo-21.JPG" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">

I cant wait to see the girls faces when they see these. hahahah

I still have a list of things to get done..Not too mention another 10 mile training run..Sigh...Hopefully this weekend I can get that done..My next post I cant wait to share what I got in the mail!! Thanks Jody ;)....

Monday, January 13, 2014


I may have told you this story before but in case I havent here goes :)......So 5 years ago right after we moved to ND one of my friends here decided I should got to Disney World with her. I was raised around Disney Land and had never went to D.W. before...This was before I started running. While browsing through the shops I fell in love with a purse..It was a Dooney & Bourke with an over all princess design. UM YES PLEASE......

Well I didnt buy it. We had just moved and I was feeling like D.W. was gift enough.Something made me hold back. The next trip back I had saved my money. I was GOING to get my purse..Well guess what not a princess purse to be found. So I just assumed it was a limited edition and it was not to be mine.

The next year was when I lost my dad to heart disease. As I sat there in the hospital listening to the doctor tell us dad would still be with us if he had only been active I vowed to become active. I came home and bought my treadmill..I KNOW I have to ya'll that part. Well I was only going to run a couple times a week and 3 miles was like totally my limit.That was good enough!

UNTIL my good friend showed me RUNDISNEY.....Not only was there a Princess themed run but these chicks get to wear costumes AND Tiara's! SIGN.......ME........UP!!!!! Whoa I was twitterpated and speachless..We were too late to sign up for that year but the following year was doable! I made the vow to run the Princess...

I then started doing what I do. Making lists, scouring the internet, and basically obsessing.And what do I find??? MY D&DB Princess Purse!! Come to find out that first D&B Purse I found was for the finishers and Princess. Anyone can buy it but it represents a finish of 13.1 miles and hard work! I am so glad I did not buy it at the time. I wouldnt of ever appreciated just what it represented.

So guess what I was able to preorder yesterday! MY PURSE!! It will be waiting for me in less then 6 weeks to celebrate my finish at PHM :)........Talk about motivation. :)

By the way we could use some extra pixie dust :)..Realtor open house tomorrow and the first potential buyer walk thru!! YIKES I hate this part...

Monday, January 6, 2014

Big News For Us

As I promised I have BIG news for ya'll. I couldn't announce it before because there was some paperwork still being finalized. 

We are MOVING....This is actually bittersweet news. We have wonderful friends here and like Minot. We had initially moved here though to lessen the work load that WH had. Less work load less stress..I also was having a hard time with depression in Alaska and the move helped that considerably...For anyone that has watched the news though on North Dakota you know that the oilfield has taken over. So you know what that means. WH did not actually lessen the workload OR the stress..In fact it has increased to the point that I have been very worried about his health.

So a couple of months ago we decided enough. Of course I had my plug in for WARMER weather but he still needs some income lol...So no Florida and Disney World Annual Pass for me! Boo :(.....Its a good thing one of us has a level head....

WH has many irons in the fire and has always been such a good provider. He knew exactly what to do and applied for job with his favorite heater company. In sales of course.That man knows how to sell :)...So Feb 1 he will be working for a new company in Sioux Falls, SD.

Yes we still own a house in ND..Right now I am calling it the disaster zone. For any of you that have moved you KNOW what I am talking about. The house goes on the market on Friday so we are packing and cleaning. As soon as we have an offer we are on our way. We hope and pray that will be soon. WH will have to travel back and forth until then....So thats my news! 

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