Friday, December 27, 2013

Rough Week

I am trying to be better at blogging. :)...Really. This week was a hard one...A lot of personal stuff. Quite a few of you know I lost my dad 3 years ago. Well with that comes the worry of taking care of mom..She is a priority now and some days the worry is a lot...But I have big shoulders and I can take it. She is my mom after all :)....

I do have a big announcement though..Something I cant announce for a few more days..At least until after Monday..Its something that is weighing on my mind but also something that will be good for us... So as soon as I can I will let you know....In the meantime a friend sent me this...<3 p="">

Oh so very true dont you think? :)..I spent today after running in my quilt studio..Wow I have forgotten how therapeutic that is.I wish that I could get into there more..Its been so cold this year that I havent been able to stay in the basement for very long..The floor is too cold. I am hoping tomorrow after I run to spend a few more hours lost in fabric....No matter how much I love the bling it will always be my first love....But for now I think I need to give the boss some attention..THis is what she is telling me..She isnt one to beat around the bush..When she wants attention she just lays on the keyboard..Lol

Sunday, December 22, 2013

2014 Goals

Can you believe we are already looking at the close of another year? WOW....I cant say that I have done as much quilting as I wanted this last year. But I can say that I filled the year up with MANY things. There are so many things that make me happy now that I have such a hard time getting it all done. But quilting will always be my first love...

A friend forwarded me these two pictures..I do not know where they came from and I want to make it clear they are not my quilts..But aren't the FABULOUS!!!

They both have my brain just spinning out of control. I am so inspired..The friend that forward them to me wants a quilt similar (inspired by) the bottom quilt. I would love to purchase a pattern but I can't find one...The top one is my FAVE...I am pretty sure I am going to be making it x3....I just happen to know a couple others that would kill for it :)...

If by any chance any of you have seen a pattern or know the designers I would sure love to see if I can get a pattern and give them credit :)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A challenge

Thinking of an update for the blog I was going through all the latest pictures I have uploaded...Then I realized I really have a wide variety of photo's. I dont just have one hobby. So I thought. I would update with 3 of the latest pictures and update from there...I challenge each of you to do the same. Look at your photos and pic a couple of the most recent you have uploaded..Wether they go together or not.Mine definitely do NOT go together :)..
 Bel...My little dictator. She decides she wants attention and it doesnt matter what you are doing..She WILL get it...I love this dog..She is so like me :)

My two UFOs...Both done as of an hour ago :)...The red one has been a work in progress for 3 years..The top is silk and I will NEVER do a silk quilt again..The top one I have only been working on for about 6 months. Its for a dear friend. I cant really say I understand the whole Star Wars thing but he loves it :)..I will take full pictures of both later...

And finally I did a pre run in my Princess costume. Only a mile. But it was enough to let me know what changes needed to be made. I am glad to say that it was ALL good...Only 2 more months! I am already teary and emotional about it. I cant even imagine how much I am I am going to be crying through the run. Its been a long time in training. A LOT of hard work :)

So what is in your upload folder? Let me know and I will come check it out :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


This post should come with a warning sign as emotional and boring, but its what is in my heart right now.....

What an emotional roller coaster life can be. The last two months have been for sure. Im not good at the emotional stuff. I can roll with it but I get quiet. I turn to struggling with becoming a hermit. Which isnt a horrible thing but its the old me. Not the person I have become since moving to ND....So I am taking back control and pushing myself back out there.

Saying goodbye to people we love, some for reasons out of our control and some for better life choices for them. Watching life take changes that we may not see as positive at first but realize later was.Watching even more people that we love hurt and physically grow weaker. It wears on a person. I am so thankful though that I have made some positive relationships that comfort and support. I hope I do that for them too...

This last week Wonderful Hubby decided it was time for a much needed break. He surprised me with 2 tickets to NYC. Just the two of us. At first I was not so thrilled...Actually in truth I was kind of irritated. When you live in ND and take "breaks" you would like those breaks to be of a warmer climate.

I just did NOT see the big picture. Sitting in our recliners watching the news and I was TRYING to find a positive thread to going to NYC the news came on. This is where the whole weekend took an unexpected turn. Sunday of our visit was the ING NYC Marathon....WHOA........Now hubby is NOT a runner..Far from it in fact.Very supportive of me but the whole sport boggles his mind. The look on his face was priceless, I am sure the look on mine was too. I really try hard not to talk him into a coma over running but its hard. I know that glazed over look...Most of you know that look too. :)......

Not even 10 minutes after I realized what I was going to be able to view first hand came the second best news. At the Marathon Expo was going to be the viewing of the Princess Half Marathon medals that had just that day been released! This may not be exciting to most but for me this is an emotional journey. I am running for my dad. For heart disease that takes your loved ones from you WAY too soon.For cancer and watching my sweet sister and friend fight for her life so that she can run too. For two beautiful little girls with Rhetts disease and the parents that would love to see them run. I run because I CAN when others cant.

I have quilted for myself but I also have quilted for others. Its wonderful being able to give a piece of your heart to someone you love. Quilting is a huge part of my heart. Everything I have ever done has of course benefitted me but has always benefitted others also. Running however I can say is completely, selfishly ALL mine. Its solitary (even if the hormonal teen is running with) , its quiet, its reflective, and it makes me feel strong. It gives me the strength to battle the other struggles. 

So while I vowed to not ruin W.H.s whole weekend with running I knew it had to be part of mine. We got into the cities and bless his heart he took me straight to the expo. I dont think I could ever explain to anyone the feelings of seeing the people. You would have to experience it. I didnt even care to buy anything. Anyone that knows me may be shocked by that. I just wanted to find that Run Disney booth. W.H. said one moment I was at his side and the next moment I was gone. I saw that booth and those medals hanging and I lost it..Picture blubbering mess here it was the ugly cry.Thank heavens I wasnt the only one......

 Wow.....Isnt she beautiful!I even got to hold her. I kept to my promise to myself. The rest of that night and Sat was all about hubby and I. He spoiled me rotten too so I cant complain. Shopping at Macy's and even found my favorite store White House Black Market...We ate at all our favorite restaurants and discovered a couple new ones. I kept a tight reign on the running talk...Or I tried to at least.

Sat night I just couldnt sleep. I had nerves for people I didnt even know! I watched the news until I fell asleep with the remote and woke up to hubby making sure it was on the live broadcast channel..I knew we would go find the runners on the course at some point but to watch the start I would of had to be in Staten Island....I had the hardest time leaving the T.V....NYC did a beautiful job hosting this and should be so proud.. After it being canceled last year after hurricane Sandy and to honor the runners from Boston..I sat and cried as I watched all the beautiful stories.I couldnt pick out one as my favorite. I know that every one of those runners ran with their own, over 50 thousand of them.

We finally headed to find a spot where we could view them. W.H did his research and found the perfect place. Right after they came across the bridge into Manhatten. It wasnt over crowded. I would say mainly family and friends and I couldnt of chosen better..

You cant really tell from this photo as its too dark but the lower level of this bridge is a sea of beautiful runners. I again stood and cried like a baby. Then I added this to my bucket list. Someday I will be one of them. I wish that I could of stood at that finish line and congratulated every one of them for their hard work, strength, and determination.
 I loved seeing the runners all over Manhattan Sunday night and on our way home Monday. Yes I was the one smiling at you like a goofy stalker. I was the one who wanted to tell you way to go but got teared up and couldnt...WAY TO GO.....26.2 miles and let me tell you it was not the best temps...Thank you W.H. for a gift I didnt see as a gift. For reminding me of inner strength and that each one of us has our own inner struggles. Now its time to get back out there and put the grrrrrrrrrrrr back in my life....I am blessed with so much in my life...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Need To Get It Together!

With my training runs everyday,homeschooling little A (who from this day forward will be known as the hormonal teen),quilting (YES I still do :)) and my bling business, I am lacking in the blogging dept. It not that I dont have a lot to blog about I do!! My favorite customer is STILL churning out more quilts then is possible for one person. I have of course WAY TOO MANY unfinished projects and my family keeps me hopping.

I have to admit though to being very one tracked in my thoughts. I see to eat breathe and sleep running right now..For anyone that truly knows me pick your chins up off the floor..Thats NOT a good look ;)

Last I blogged I had just finished my first official run! Well I got the pictures back..Not a great one for sure but who cares right? I mean its my first one!

One of the things runners love most is the bling. This run however did not give out bling. BTW for anyone in the Minot area next year that will be changing :)...Ya gotta love a run that listens to the runners!....But my sweet friend who ran with me had a big surprise in store for me! She had bling made up for both of us!...This is proudly going on my medal holder. :)

 One of the things beside my training runs I am practicing is preparing for that special moment when I truly become the princess I always knew I was :)...What do you think? Are they subtle enough? Or do they need more bling?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A week of Firsts

At my age I didnt think there were so many firsts to still be done...But that was wrong...Hard to believe but this week has been ALL about proving me wrong....I have been training for SO long to run the Princess Half Marathon but I had never run outside.I have done all my training inside on the treadmill.Convincing myself that by raising the incline I was successfully simulating hills and outside terrain..I wasnt too far off from the truth BUT I have now learned outside running is SO beneficial....

My running partner is down for the count waiting on her surgery. Unable to run. SO I have just kept putting off going outside.Its so much easier inside my house. I have air-conditioning, an awesome treadmill with a shelf for water and a wet towel, even a place for my ipad to watch Downton Abbey or Call The Midwife. Its rough but I make do.....

That all changed this last week. We were supposed to do the Mud run In MN...The Viking Mud Run.I had this AWESOME costume put together. A GB Packers player of course. :)...But it was not to happen. Life got in the way.Totally understandable and unavoidable but sad none the less...So there I was reading my emails when I see a message from about a twilight run in my own hometown. One little meltdown later and I was signed up.

Not only had I never run outside but never by myself and here i was signed up to run a 5k.So my first first happened the next day.....

Little A saddled up on her bike and we headed out...Never being an outside runner I learned my second first. DONT wait to run after 10 a.m. in 80+ weather...Yeah...My third first came that very same day. You WILL run a faster PR with your daughter beside you on a bike!

We rocked out 3.6 miles in very good time :)...I was so excited I blinged up a pair of arm sleeves to encourage myself to run in colder weather....

 I decided to go get little A some running shoes.Keeping up with that bike is going to take some more training. So we headed to the store and fitted her up with running gear. The next day we headed out again and this time at 8:30 to beat the heat. Thus came the fourth first. With her on feet and not two wheels I actually have an advantage! I am not stupid though. Little A is about 6 inches taller then me. When she finally gets the hang of this I am going to get left in the dust. FOr right now though I am smiling :).

Friday came my fifth first...I picked up my VERY FIRST run packet, bib and swag bag!! Talk about giddy...I also was so happy to have a friend join me in the run. For that I was so grateful for the night of the race.

It is an inaugural run for Scheels so there is a learning curve for sure. I am really hoping I can see the changes made and that it continues. I would hate to see this be the only year for it.There were a TON of positives and the negatives can easily be fixed. It wasnt very well represented but I didnt see the best advertising for it. The kids run was before the 5k and it was so adorable. Those kids did an awesome job. So then it was time for the 5k runners...There will only be one first run.One first time to cross that start line and one first time to cross that finish. I can only say it was AMAZING....

 My friend and I were off...We kept a very good time..The negatives were that a bit of it was on very soft gravel which we had to walk. It did a number on her knee and thats not worth it. The other negative and honestly the biggest is that the course was not well marked..Not at all. In fact right as we entered the park again we were met with runners that had been at the front of the pack. At first we thought we had gone the wrong way but I had looked at the course map and was pretty sure we were on the right path..They evidently were not sure we were right so they were trying to back track. We noticed later they never did finish. SO they must have given up..Very sad as they were at the front of the pack for so long. :(

But all in all I am so glad that we did it.I am SO ready for another one! I am already looking! My last first was the knowledge that I dont know how I am going to run on my treadmill anymore! This winter is going to bite...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Change In Direction

Eventbrite - Sock It To Cancer
I know I have been absent for so long..Too long..WAY TOO LONG.......

I bet you are wondering what that button is for arent you? Well I will tell you in a bit......First I have missed blogging...I am still quilting and playing in the bling. I have been traveling so much more but I have added another hobby!

I am training for my first half marathon :)...ME!! I still shock myself...I will be doing the Walt Disney World Princess Half Marathon in Feb of next year. If you would of told me a few years ago that I would become a runner I would of told you to get your head examined. Now though I cant imagine life with out running in it. Its my time. No worries..In fact I have so much time to think I am finding answers to some of the things I worried about...Lol..Like which fabrics to put in which quilt.You know, important stuff. :)

Now I will explain the button...It is to sign up for a Virtual Run....That being said you do NOT have to actually run. You can bike, swim, walk, row, or run...Anything totaling up to a 5k. There will be prizes and a medal will be awarded to everyone that registers. Including a special kids medal. This is to support a very very dear friend.Until I help her get through this I have become fundraising central.My businesses are both on hold with all proceeds I make going to her. But I could sure use help..Here is her story.

This virtual run is a relief effort by friends and family to help support Cheryl Miller in her battle to beat cancer. Due to unexpected circumstances she found herself single and without insurance. While in the process to get insurance, on July 2, 2013 she was diagnosed with cancer. She found herself in a distressing negative situation with the local medical care, but found help in Fargo. Due to trips Fargo (530 miles roundtrip) to the doctors, at least two upcoming surgeries, and medical care, she needs your help. Due to her new circumstances, unfortunately she no longer has an income at this time either. Every penny counts and she is appreciative of any help shown to help her WIN this battle! 

Below is the link to our Facebook page where the contests will be and above is the link to register...

Sock It TO Cancer


This will be it

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