Rough Week

I am trying to be better at blogging. :)...Really. This week was a hard one...A lot of personal stuff. Quite a few of you know I lost my dad 3 years ago. Well with that comes the worry of taking care of mom..She is a priority now and some days the worry is a lot...But I have big shoulders and I can take it. She is my mom after all :)....

I do have a big announcement though..Something I cant announce for a few more days..At least until after Monday..Its something that is weighing on my mind but also something that will be good for us... So as soon as I can I will let you know....In the meantime a friend sent me this...<3 p="">

Oh so very true dont you think? :)..I spent today after running in my quilt studio..Wow I have forgotten how therapeutic that is.I wish that I could get into there more..Its been so cold this year that I havent been able to stay in the basement for very long..The floor is too cold. I am hoping tomorrow after I run to spend a few more hours lost in fabric....No matter how much I love the bling it will always be my first love....But for now I think I need to give the boss some attention..THis is what she is telling me..She isnt one to beat around the bush..When she wants attention she just lays on the keyboard..Lol


Claudia said…
I will be waiting to hear about your announcement ! It was so nice here today....and then tomorrow we are falling in the deep freeze again...Ugh.
Jennsue Wild said…
I hope you have an awesome new years!

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