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So Lets Face It

I suck at keeping up with my blog...I always have good intentions..No excuses..

So what have I been up too...SO MUCH!...If you don't know me let me tell you one thing. I LOVE WARM WEATHER...I just love it. Sioux Falls has had amazing summer weather. So that means I am playing.A lot...But anyways let me catch you up from the last update.

After Princess I took a little break from running for a couple of weeks.Then I hit it hard again. I had a goal. I wanted to qualify for a special running group called Half Fanatics. After scouting all the races around and with moving and all I decided to set my goal on the easiest way to qualify. That was 3 races in 90 days. So with Princess being my first I set my sites on the St. Cloud half on Earth Day.

Well I tend to jump first then think. Yep..Did that....First off I was so twitter pated with Princess IN FLORIDA that I forgot the rest of the U.S. isn't having the same awesome weather. Do you know what April in Minnesota is like? I do and …