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Guess what, its Wednesday!

You know what that means! Home Ec......Atleast I get Pizza. There is always a silver lining!
I had to share this Pic. My Izzi is totally addicted to plastic bottles. Weirdest addiction I have ever heard of but there it is. She will stare you down and if you let her crawl into your lap to get it. She doesnt even care if it is empty.She just wants it.

Here We Go Again

Super Tuesday comes once a week! Like it or not. If it looked a little more like spring outside I could probably really get into it. The fact that it still looks like we have a few months of winter left is just depressing. Who feels like doing anything but hiding under a blanket with a huge bag of chocolate candy. Isnt this awesome? One of my girls made it for me as a surprise.So now my coputer has this beautiful wallpaper.I can't even imagine how she did this. But I am glad she did.

When it rains it pours

Quilt tops! I have never really advertised.Its basically been word of mouth. In fact most of my customers dont even live near me and send me their quilt tops through the mail. I didnt get the x-mas rush this year and that was o.k. I did pick up a couple new customers. I had enough to keep me happy and give me some play money.
I have always had the thought that if I started getting too many quilts in I would feel overloaded and not be able to work on my own quilts. Sigh, I was right about that feeling. In the last two weeks I have gotten 10 quilt tops! Only 3 of them are smaller then a queen size. I sat down to make a list last night of all that has to be done and scared myself silly.
I know I will get it all done.I thrive under pressure but it is very stressful to think I may not be able to keep up. It would be horrible to have an unhappy customer...... My little sammy spiderman.He was our foster son for over a year. After he left our home we lost contact as his new foster parents did no…

Wild Wednesday

Raising teenagers is like nailing Jell-O to a tree... A little funny I heard today. It is SO the truth! I have home ec on Wed. With 5 teenage boys. Five! What was I thinking goes through my mind every wed. This is our routine. Allen comes in and gets all his stuff out and gets to work. Jerrod goes to find Dustin who has probably spent the night and still hasnt rolled out of bed.
Keith hasnt shown up yet and Alex is wishing he were any where else but here. Jerrod has found Dustin and they have made their way to the coffee machine but I have to yell again. Keith is still not here Allen is still working away. Jerrod and Dustin have their coffee but as they passed the WII the guitar hero game screamed play me so they listened. Too bad they dont listen to me like that.
I yell again.At which point Alex starts mimicing me and making me crazy.Allen is still sewing. I FINALLY get all the boys except Keith (who is late) into the sewing room and get them started. About five minutes into class…

Super Tuesday yet again!

I would say yay but this morning all I want to do is quilt. I have been in a rut for quite awhile.Finishing customer quilts but no drive to piece or quilt my own. This weekend I had a little "talk" with myself and decided that I had to snap out of it!
I started off by finishing my post cards, then I cut out and started piecing a twin John Deer quilt and yesterday I managed to get 3 large laps and two pillow shams quilted. I wish that I could be more balanced in how I do things.But that is a whole nother story. I swear (not even joking) that I am severly a.a.d.d. (if I got that right).Days like4 this I am so thankful that I am a list maker. Otherwise I would somehow talk myself out of cleaning and find myself in my sewing room. Seeing it in print though pushes me to get it done.
My oldest
Jerikah and I in Hope Alaska last friday. It was a whopping 8 degrees out!

Monday Musings

Just another manic Monday......Belinda Carlyle is running through my brain this morning.
My computer has finally returned to its semi normal state. Its never been completely normal but thats ok, normal wouldnt fit into this house. I havent posted pictures in awhile as I didnt have my camera. I have it back now so I get to share some!

Isn't this about the cutest thing you have ever seen?? This is one of my little guys.I call them my "I'm too young to be a grandparent granchildren". I borrow him and his little brother once a week. My little Trev is 4 and has been taking violin lessons for a year. Its a class at his Montessori school. He LOVES it. This is his second violin. It is about 16 inches long.If you can belive it his first was smaller!
This is a sock I am attempting to knit. I am pretty sure its going to be an only sock. Somehow I have managed to screw up the heel and cant figure out what I have done. I really really want to learn how to knit socks and thought read…

Viruses and other Fun Stuff

I seem to have picked up a virus. I have all these little nasty pop ups that wont go away. Some programs have decided to take on a mind of their own also. Right now I am getting cooperation but I am sure soon it will decide to do something weird again. I need to take it into the shop and have it cleaned but no time. I am frantically cleaning and filling out paperwork I forgot to do. Tomorrow we have a social visit.Not a big deal but tomorrows is a walk through.I HATE those. My house is never clean enough for me to have someone else poking through things.
Then there is that pesky paperwork.It is never ending.They want to know everything. The paper that has me cracking up right now it the one dealing with my houseplants. (the two that I havent managed to kill that is) They want to know what my plan is to keep my foster child safe from the house plants. Good Grief! She is 16! I think she has learned NOT to eat them by now. But according to the social worker I have to fill it out anyw…

The Aftermath

Well we have two nights with an alarm on under our belts. The first night didnt go so well. A word of advice to any that go with this idea. We bought a motion sensor alarm to put at the bottom of the stairs. DONT put it too close to the floor! Especially if you have animals. The cat that hates me sat there tripping the dang thing ALL night! Everytime I would hear it I would run out to check.There she would be sitting just waiting for it to stop, then she would move to the other side and sit to wait again. She does hate me.
Last night after hubby got home from his business trip he put it up higher. So we actually had a second night that was better atleast until he went downstairs and forgot to turn it off.Then thought he had but had actually set it to the louder alarm. I just about hit the ceiling when I jumped out of bed. No going back to sleep for me. We have gotten some excellent advice from friends so we are feeling much better about things. I think ( insert hope and pray) that befo…

sleep walking

I always found it amusing when my hubby would wander around. he never left the house or did anything really crazy. The episodes were few and very far in between. I would tell him the next day and we would chuckle about it. I never really thought of how scary it could be.
That all changed last night at 2 in the morning when we discovered our 15 year old was not in the house.Thank heavens it was 37 degrees and not 37 below since he wasnt wearing shoes or a coat. Thank heavens he fell asleep with his cell phone in his pocket. Thank heavens he wasnt hit by a car when he crossed a busy street. Mostly I thank heavens he is home safe. Somehow he managed to find his way outside without waking any of us. When we found him he was over a mile away from home. He had been running at full speed trying to find his dog.
I no longer find sleep walking funny.In fact I cant stop crying, I am a mess. I do know now though a lot more about it. Sleep walking is common in preteens who are going …

Super Tuesday

Nationaly this is thought of as voting day...... In Alaska in the summer this is a huge fishing day as Monday is a closure day.In MY house this is cleaning day. A big big big cleaning day. No T.V., no play,no sewing or quilting, and most of all no hiding. Hubby loves this day as everything always gets done on this day.The one thing he hates is making the bed at the end of the day.
Maybe I should tell him I do that on purpose just because he always complains.Its funny.He is always teasing me that this is one of my little private picks back.Lol. I love this day because I have everyone trained for this day. Its so nice to see it all get done.
Yesterday I made my fist postcard. I LOVE it. I joined a P.C. swap and now I want to join more! This in itself is not good since I tend to obsess about things.Hopefully I can keep this in check. Now, Its time to start my day.
Super Tuesday! Super Tuesday! Super Tuesday! Super Tuesday! Super Tuesday!

Sunday Sunday Sunday

I was hoping to be productive today. Finish a quilt top, whip out a customer quilt, clean my house, or even catch up on some paperwork. Instead I went into my sewing room to put something away. Bad idea for me. All I needed to do was put one thing away.But before I knew it I was tearing things apart.
About this time every year I feel the need to spring clean. It doesnt matter that we wont see spring for another 3 months. This is what hubby walked into.

He didnt say a word. After 20 years maybe he has picked up a couple things.Ü. So That meant I got to put it all back together today. It may not have been what I started out to do but it is what I ended up doing. Here are the final results.

Now I wonder how long this will last!