When it rains it pours

Quilt tops! I have never really advertised.Its basically been word of mouth. In fact most of my customers dont even live near me and send me their quilt tops through the mail. I didnt get the x-mas rush this year and that was o.k. I did pick up a couple new customers. I had enough to keep me happy and give me some play money.

I have always had the thought that if I started getting too many quilts in I would feel overloaded and not be able to work on my own quilts. Sigh, I was right about that feeling. In the last two weeks I have gotten 10 quilt tops! Only 3 of them are smaller then a queen size. I sat down to make a list last night of all that has to be done and scared myself silly.

I know I will get it all done.I thrive under pressure but it is very stressful to think I may not be able to keep up. It would be horrible to have an unhappy customer......
My little sammy spiderman.He was our foster son for over a year. After he left our home we lost contact as his new foster parents did not want us in his life.I miss him so much and am thinking about him today. Maybe someday we will get to see him again.


Freda said…
I'm sorry you had to give up Sammi.He looks so cute in the Spiderman outfit. Sending you a cyber ((((((HUG))))))

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