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Little Things We Learned This Week

1. Earphone cords need to be moved off the table when you are quilting2. Earphones will not work and needle will break if you run over said cords.3. trying to teach a 9 year old to quilt takes LOTS of patience.4. Just because a stupid human opened a bottle of beer with his belly button does NOT mean its a good idea.5. When they say Kids DONT try this at home, they really mean 42 year old men.6. You will cry if you try above stupid human trick.7. DONT let your 16 year old son watch his father do this because he will think it is cool.8. So will your nine year old daughter.9.Saying I told you so is fun for only awhile.10. I need to be off my diet so I can have a good stiff drink!

I have become a Skype Lovin Fool!

Wanna see why?

heehee I got him that little suit. Little man is quite vocal too.I wish I would of listened to Jan and downloaded it MUCH earlier! My little chunka man.Dont you just wanna kiss those cheeks!

On another note, I loaded number 1 of the last 3 customer quilts today. I have one more pass and it will be done. I will have number 2 done tomorrow and the number 3 done by Monday. YAY! I have a couple to do for me then Gracie gets all packed up for her big move. That has me nervous.

We had a lot of flyers go out today and quite a few driveway sitters. I have fingers crossed but am not holding my breath that they will call. Monday Wonderful hubby and I are headed to Anchorage.No Killian is not here but we are going to look at travel trailers. Our home soon for awhile. If the house doesnt sell maybe for a looooong time. UGH..............At least I will get a date out of it.Yeah I know not much of a date but I will take what I can get. I have been somewhat evil and witchy lately so I am…

Happy Dancing!

This is what I feel like!Why do I feel this way you ask? WELL thank you for asking! Ü. My son, who drove me to drink the first few years I started homeschooling, the reason tylenol stock went up took his HQs last month. HQs are Alaska State Qualifying exams.You cannont graduate from high school if you do not pass these. He as a sophmore not ONLY passed them but he passed them at high speed! he blew them away! Oh where oh where did I go right! I am very happy at the moment if you cant tell.Ü

The Joy Of It All

Today i woke up with stupid head......No Not wonderful Hubby but the flu, altho yes he was there too. My kiddos have always called head colds stupid head. All my grand plans for this weekend RIGHT out the window. Yesterday I stayed in bed all day. Today I did manage to get a few things done. Argh......... I feel a lot better now tho, so watch out! Tomorrow I am back! I did decide it was time to learn how to hand embroider. All my research on machines and I dont even know how to do it by hand. So I started a small project. I do want to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful advice. I am going to wait until we get there and see if I can get help with my pfaff.A class or two.We found THE perfect house! Seriously the perfect absolutely PERFECT house for us! What really bites the big one is that we shouldnt be looking! We havent even sold this one yet. I cant help looking tho. Check this house out!…

OK My Bloggy Friends HELP!

I have a question and need some serious input here. I have just spent a frustrating hour on the computer looking at embroidery machines. I have a Pfaff 7570 with all the embroidery stuff that goes with it. But its the older version and I dont know how to use it. It was bought used.I had thought maybe I should trade it in on a newer model. BUT it has this perfect stitch and I have heard some of the newer Pfaffs are not as accurate as my baby. So I had thought well what if I just purchase an embroidery machine. Not looking for a sewing machine JUST embroidery. Something that I can hook up to the computer to stitch designs.I found a Brother Unit the pe-700ii. Any feedback on this one? Or do you have one you just love? hate? HELP!!!!!

Random Fun Stuff

This is some of the things I have been making this week. Just quikie projects that are fun to make and people love. These all are going to freinds that are headed out of state. Good travel accessories. Covered diaper wipe containers. Great for the car and refillable.

Car registration holder.(Killian may be a boy but he likes leopard print with pink zebra!) A Passport holder ( I have made a gazillion of these.So easy!) And a full size tissue holder that will fit on the visor and will flip up when you want to look in the mirror.

A garbage container that fits anound the seat.

These are part of the kids bags. All the kids bags are different and full of dollar items. Hopefully it will atleast occupy the kiddos for an hour. Little A and I are having a blast finding items to put in the bags. They have gotten so full we cant shut them.makes me wish I were a kid again!

Just for Jan!

Heeheehee.For the longest time I couldnt remember where I had stashed the link. Which if you could see my bookmarks you would understand the confusion. Just as big of a mess as the rest of my life right now!But WAAAALAAAAA I found it! here ya go Jan. The recipie to make your very own bare minerals! And if you can find these items cheaper then the $1100.00 it was going to cost me, please let me know!

Point Tompson Project

I Had meant to post this picture last night but with all my marathon napping yesterday I must have wore myself out.I layed down last night for just a sec and well here I am now!

This is a picture of what my wonderful hubby has been doing for the past few months. This is Exons Point tompson Project. All those black tanks in the front are owned by the outfit my wonderful hubby works for.He was resposible for getting them there. The base is made up of ALL rig mats that are hooked together to protect the land. The do not at any time walk on the actual tundra. Even the road to get to it is made by laying rig mats down. And yes it is built on real ice roads.

The ice roads have been melting at a pretty fast pace and wonderful hubby was pretty grumpy over the last month trying to get his tanks there.He made it though and WOW! I was very proud to see what he accomplised. So I thought I would share.

IF YOU are wondering if we sold the house this weekend it would be a no. The couple was not aware …

Its a Darn good Thing

I had decided enough was enough yesterday and brought out my inner Holly Home Maker. I really hate that woman but thought she had better make an appearance again because i had this niggling feeling we would be showing the house soon....Evidently soon meant tomorrow at 3! I still have a lot to do but atleast I wont be embarrased!It rained today so painters couldnt paint and finish the outside, Contractors didnt want to be tripping over painters so they had elected to not come today. Little crazy stinky man is done so YAY for me! And Leo our tile guy is also done! Now all we have is a list one page long that will be completed by next week.ÜThe guy that wants to see the house tommorow is coming from Anchorage. I have a sneaky suspicion that it is the same guy that called us before from Craigslist. We will see. I hope it is because that man really really wanted the house and the land.He told the realtor that he wasnts to meet with jer afterwards to walk the property line.WOW!I had set my …

And The Winner Is........

Killian name from Taryn! Congrats Taryn. I will let you know so you can tell me your size and favorite colors.And JAN I have to tell you we are using the name RUT. It has been given to the cargo trailer we are getting in fact we have already started calling it that.RUT ROH!

Crazy Lady Checking In

My week in a nutshellKicked some royal butt over my car. found out it has been built but still tracking it!Sent Hubby off to Valdez with Sold 5th wheel to deliver.Snuck little A into the backseat so I had a two day break!Finished 3 customer quits and delivered only 2 more two go! Yeah!Sold Gracie House a second time.(first guy drug feet too long,long story) and moved it to back lot so we can clean up yard!Had dentist appointment that turned in to more then I bargained for.I am still SO sore. Packed up about 20 more boxes. Kids have now realised if they set it down it gets packed!Found a cargo trailer I have my heart set on to pull behind my car.You know for all my fabric!hahahaha.JK.For food and stuff! (evil wicked grin going on here as I WILL find a way to pack fabric too!Played in sewing room for about two wonderfu blissful hours. Pictures to come on that later. Managed to get myself in and back out of trouble trying to buy supplies to make my own bare minerals.....Who knew they wou…

The Names To Vote On!

Here are the names my children chose! I LOVED all of them so I am so glad that my kids could pare it down a little.Lol1. Clyde ~ Diana2.Jaffa ~ Abbykat3.Ruby~ 3Bay 3Chicks4. Jeeves ~ Christine5. Lolita ~ Frankie6. Rouge ~ Tara7.Killian ~ Taryn8. Enrico ~ JodyPlease help me by voting for your favorite. Vote as many times as you like! Voting will stay open until Friday of next week.Thanks ladies for helping me choose a name!

My First MEME!

How much fun is this! The Lucky Mrs. T tagged me and I am really excited about it! I am glad she posted an explanation of a mimi though as I had no idea! Thank you!

This is what I coppied from her website!

The Premio MEME Blog AwardRules: 1. list 7 personality traits2. tag/award 7 blogs that deserve such fine recognition for the personalities that they share with the blogging world.Here goes:1 Craziness. I dont look for it but it seems to find me regularly. I always share though so that all can enjoy the insane things going on at my zoo! ( And YES this really is ME standing outside in the snow! I swear it is not a stunt double)

2. I am fun.Even though right now I resemble more of a bad evil mother.Who is forcing the last few days of school.someone has to do it though..
3.i love family time.My kids are great little adults and are fun to be around! Its going way to fast for me.We need more bonding mommy shycho road trips.
4. I will be adventurous.Especially when I am told that the expe…

Blast It All To Heck and GIVE AWAY!

GAH. Insert angry face here. I just got off the phone with our car dealer here. Both sales people we were dealing with have quit and NO ONE bothered to call and let us know that our car had been bumped back to the 25th of June!Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I have to wait now to leave until the end of June.So much for getting to ND to see friends that were going to be traveling through......I am still doing the blog giveaway though.Here is the info.NAME THAT CAR!I am looking for a good name for my car. I name everything but the car has me stumped. I need to look at the bright side of this car right now too and stop being mad.The outside is red and the inside is brown. If you want to know what it will look like just search Buick Enclave. I will let my wonderful hubby pick the best 4 names and then we will have a vote. The winner will recieveA Lolita Martini Glass (design of my choosing) andA handmade Apron (design of my choosing)So lets have fun!

Sunday Sound Out My Way Ü

I thought it was going to be such a boring lonely weekend. Wonderful hubby on a business trip. Oldest driving home from Prudhoe. Skater boy driving ALL the time and youngest at her grands.

BUT my friend Frankie Janie came to visit from Homer and we played played played! She spoiled me rotton too. A bottle of wine, awonderful pizza, and a present! This is a horrible picture of a beautiful necklace. Handmade with an antique brooch. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Thank you so much. I hope you come back to visit me soon so we can play some more.
Today I was on my own though again. It was a beautiful day. I had the doors and all the windows open and just soaked up the sun. I did do a little sewing too. I have been looking for a special file folder for my moving files.I dont like the normal so I designed one. It took me all day and it was a total pain in the butt but I love the onle one I will ever make!

Tomorrow its back to the same old grind. Workers will show up by the dozens, children will be back to…

I Think we hired Leo!

Watching this show tonight (yes its my dirty secret) I realized we have hired Leo! Our painter/sheet rock/tile guy is totally his twin brother.In looks and talk. I couldnt quite place who he reminded me of until tonight watching this episode.Lol. I have been just refering to him as creepy little man. I cant understand anything he says and he confuses the heck out of me! Lol. I think I will change his name to Leo. Tomorrow I have two more quilts to finish up and then I get the WHOLE weekend off! More naps in store? maybe. But I also have a list of crafty projects I am wanting to make. I also took on ( yes call me stupid head now) a king size quilt. I have told this man for two years no. He finally made me an offer I couldnt refule.Gas money out ya know.Ü