Blast It All To Heck and GIVE AWAY!

GAH. Insert angry face here. I just got off the phone with our car dealer here. Both sales people we were dealing with have quit and NO ONE bothered to call and let us know that our car had been bumped back to the 25th of June!
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I have to wait now to leave until the end of June.So much for getting to ND to see friends that were going to be traveling through......
I am still doing the blog giveaway though.Here is the info.
I am looking for a good name for my car. I name everything but the car has me stumped. I need to look at the bright side of this car right now too and stop being mad.The outside is red and the inside is brown. If you want to know what it will look like just search Buick Enclave. I will let my wonderful hubby pick the best 4 names and then we will have a vote. The winner will recieve
A Lolita Martini Glass (design of my choosing)
A handmade Apron (design of my choosing)
So lets have fun!


Diana said…
I like the names Spike, Zeek, Clyde or Hero, as in "my hero!"

LOL, I know, I know, you don't have to tell me!
Anonymous said…
Sorry to read about the delay in the arrival of your new car. The first name that came to my mind is Jaffa - these are yummy sweets made by Cadbury - and fit the description very well!

cheers .... Anne (who LUVS Jaffas!)
Red outside and brown's name is Red in apple and it's seeds.
Jody said…
DH says Cherry Cordial--however, if he wins, I get the goodies!!
3 Bay B Chicks said…
Hmmm...I am definitely going to give this little contest my very best shot. Adore the prizes that you are giving away. OK, here goes nothing...

1) Bertha
2) Ruby
3) Pearl
4) June-Bug

How did I do? :)

-Francesca father named every car he ever had Bessie!
Jan said…
Cancel order... replace for dealer in new home town.... then you have to get there to retrieve your car!! LOL Names.... RT (road trip) or RUT (road ultimate trip) Can you tell I don't name my cars I just call them names depending on if they are cooperating or not LOL
I have to say this is definatly a male car:


something snooty and a English butler.

I name things too. I named my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer who is pink by the way Beatrice and this huge juicer I have is Chester.
I have Maud and Mildren in the line up incase I get some other appliance.
Belinda said…
Sorry about the car delay and hello from SITS.I think a great care name would be (aunt gretta).She was a sweet lady and always reliable.
Frankly Frankie said…
My choice for your new car's name is LOLA (spelling) Short for Lolita. Carmel Apple and cherry bomb come to mind (because the color) but LOLA!
~Tara said…
Hey SITSa, sorry your having car annoyances! So red and brown, huh?

I think Rouge (like in X-Men) is a good name...I also like Rhett (as in Butler from GOne with the Wind)cuz I originally thought Scarlett but the Enclave is kinda a "boy" car so Rhett is just perfect!

Good luck naming the car! I'm off to look around alittle...I like it here!
Kristin said…
Cinnamon if you want your car to sound exotic, as in dancer (ha ha), or Butch if you want your car to sound manly. Good luck! Glad to have found you on SITS!
Rocksee said…

I love anything named Taco!

Taco the buick! It has a great ring. Or what about Jalapeno? I love that too!

So theres my entries. Taco/Jalapeno.
B said…
You got to love the open communication that goes on in these sorts of work places. Is it really that hard? Sorry about the delay.
Taryn said…
I am sorry about the delay in getting your car. This is a particularly fun game for me, for my boyfriend and I name all of our cars. My cars are female and his are male. I have a black and tan Miata, which I wanted to name Guinness at first. BUT, Miatas just aren't masculine enough, so her name is Mimi! My X3 is named RUBY! Perfect name. She's a beautiful shade of red with light beige interior. We named her "Ruby" for the color of course, but also, for rubies are precious gems, and that's just what this car is to me!

I like unique, so here's what I have for female:
*Trinity (I just like it!)
*Autumn (The colors just make me think of that for some reason)
*Bella (the Buick)

If you go with a male name:
*Killian (as in Killian's Red)

That's all I've got for now!

Oh. Popping by from SITS, and I love your blog!!!

Anonymous said…

I tagged you in my blog today, come on over and check it out.
Jody said…
How funny--Francesca picked two names we have--my car is Pearl and one of DH' trucks is Ruby Grapefruit because its yellow with a red interior---don't ask--it came that way!!
How about Enrico Enclave???
Anonymous said…
Good luck with the car.

I usually name my too, but current car just has a gender (her) and a personality.
I am so sorry there is a delay in getting your vehicle!!!! LOL I haven't name a vehicle since my VW bug Kermit ... in the 70's except my Toyota MR2... of couse with the letters and numbers I had to called it Mister 2. Well ....what ever the name of your vehicle it is going to look very smart :)
My name I choose would be.... Axle ... really manly and sort of a rocking kind of ride :)

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