I have become a Skype Lovin Fool!

Wanna see why?

heehee I got him that little suit. Little man is quite vocal too.I wish I would of listened to Jan and downloaded it MUCH earlier! My little chunka man.Dont you just wanna kiss those cheeks!

On another note, I loaded number 1 of the last 3 customer quilts today. I have one more pass and it will be done. I will have number 2 done tomorrow and the number 3 done by Monday. YAY! I have a couple to do for me then Gracie gets all packed up for her big move. That has me nervous.

We had a lot of flyers go out today and quite a few driveway sitters. I have fingers crossed but am not holding my breath that they will call. Monday Wonderful hubby and I are headed to Anchorage.No Killian is not here but we are going to look at travel trailers. Our home soon for awhile. If the house doesnt sell maybe for a looooong time. UGH..............At least I will get a date out of it.Yeah I know not much of a date but I will take what I can get. I have been somewhat evil and witchy lately so I am gonna try to put that away and be fun for the day! I am NOT even gonna worry that my animals (2 and 4 legged) are destroying a show ready house.Nope not gonna.

I hope Yalls weekend is the best! I plan on doing some playing and having some fun!



Jan said…
ROTFLOL Always listen to Jan (NOT!) But skype is seriously fun isn't it?! We make hubby give us tours of his hotel rooms when he's on the road LOL Shopping travel trailers sounds like tons of fun to me!!! Enjoy!!!!!
Anonymous said…
awe. he's a honey! enjoy your "date"!!

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