Point Tompson Project

I Had meant to post this picture last night but with all my marathon napping yesterday I must have wore myself out.I layed down last night for just a sec and well here I am now!

This is a picture of what my wonderful hubby has been doing for the past few months. This is Exons Point tompson Project. All those black tanks in the front are owned by the outfit my wonderful hubby works for.He was resposible for getting them there. The base is made up of ALL rig mats that are hooked together to protect the land. The do not at any time walk on the actual tundra. Even the road to get to it is made by laying rig mats down. And yes it is built on real ice roads.

The ice roads have been melting at a pretty fast pace and wonderful hubby was pretty grumpy over the last month trying to get his tanks there.He made it though and WOW! I was very proud to see what he accomplised. So I thought I would share.

IF YOU are wondering if we sold the house this weekend it would be a no. The couple was not aware that we were not in the city limits..... Yup that was the whole problem. They wanted in the city! Evidently the fact that it states that right on the ad for our house must have slipped by them! I was very irritated that they wouldnt even give feedback on the house.Not negative or positive....I have learned a LOT about what NOT to be like when we are looking in ND for a home.

So besides all that I accomplished still quite a bit this weekend.I made quite a bit of useless crap. Lets see I made

3 dog collars
3 passport covers
1 tissue holder for Killian
1 registration and insurance holder
covered 3 diaper wipe containers
1 garbage container that hooks to the seat.
and finished up the kids travel bags.

Besides our family, I have close friends with 3 little ones that are moving to Tennessee. So I made tote bags and have been making and buying junk for those. I love DIY blogs with ideas.Ü.I will post pictures this week when I can remember where I stashed my camera again.



Jan said…
Sorry you had to kiss a frog instead of a prince..... I'm still waiting for that how to make bare minerals tutorial.... and how does one make a dog collar.... you are a woman of many diverse talents!
Yours Truly said…
Hi I'm stopping by from SITS. My family lives in Alaska, I'm in Germany for now. Love your stuff. I'm a quilter also but I love to do other sewing projects.

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