I Think we hired Leo!

Watching this show tonight (yes its my dirty secret) I realized we have hired Leo! Our painter/sheet rock/tile guy is totally his twin brother.In looks and talk. I couldnt quite place who he reminded me of until tonight watching this episode.Lol. I have been just refering to him as creepy little man. I cant understand anything he says and he confuses the heck out of me! Lol.
I think I will change his name to Leo.
Tomorrow I have two more quilts to finish up and then I get the WHOLE weekend off! More naps in store? maybe. But I also have a list of crafty projects I am wanting to make. I also took on ( yes call me stupid head now) a king size quilt. I have told this man for two years no. He finally made me an offer I couldnt refule.Gas money out ya know.Ü


Rocksee said…
start callin him that.. just see what he does.. :)
Jody said…
I'm so out of the loop--what are you doing?!?!
Yarni Gras! said…
We LOVE That 70's Show! what a hoot!

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