Little Things We Learned This Week

1. Earphone cords need to be moved off the table when you are quilting
2. Earphones will not work and needle will break if you run over said cords.
3. trying to teach a 9 year old to quilt takes LOTS of patience.
4. Just because a stupid human opened a bottle of beer with his belly button does NOT mean its a good idea.
5. When they say Kids DONT try this at home, they really mean 42 year old men.
6. You will cry if you try above stupid human trick.
7. DONT let your 16 year old son watch his father do this because he will think it is cool.
8. So will your nine year old daughter.
9.Saying I told you so is fun for only awhile.
10. I need to be off my diet so I can have a good stiff drink!


Rocksee said…
have a drink ! You sound like you need one!!
Jan said…
Definitely go have a drink!! And I am NOT opening a boylans with my belly button!!
Freda said…
Some kids just never grow up!!!!
Jan said…
Hey Becca!! I just got home from Costco and I have a screw top bottle of sparkling wine (fancy huh?) which one of you is going to come open it for me?!!!!!
Yarni Gras! said…
very scary....sounds like my household!

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