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Disney World With The Girls

Last week I took off for Florida and Disney World with two of my peeps :)... Third year in a row that we have went for Star Wars Weekend....There was a LOT of laughter.
A LOT of screaming!
Wonderful tours....
Visiting with our favorite characters....
And of course Star Wars........ Between you and me I STILL dont get the whole Star Wars thing. But what the hey I like having fun with my peeps.

Out Of Retirement

Some of you may remember (well actually probably on Jody and Jan) my joy at being able to retire the Chantilly Lace pattern for quilting..After a gajillion quilts I did for my quilting couple in AK and the fact that they ONLY would let me do Chantilly Lace I was so happy to retire it when we moved!
I even took it out of my sample book...Lol..Well evidently absence does in fact make the heart grow fonder...I broke it out today. I have a baby quilt to do for a shop sample and they refused to tell me what they wanted on it.Just something cutesy they say....Pfffft was what I was thinking. But I knew this one would fit the bill. What was even nicer was that it was exactly like riding a bike. Ahhhh something to be said for comfort and the fact that I could do this in my sleep.
I have been a very good girl this week :)...Quite a change from my telling you I am not getting anything quilty done...I also completed 4 burp rags and a baby quilt that actually has to be at a baby shower in Texas next…


So I have a new addiction :)..Its not really surprising is it? Its shiny and well shiny!..I love the excuse that I get to check all the new additions to the Turtle Trax Too store out before I sell them!
It means I get more fun clothes! What do you think?
I did have a great work day today. I finished one quilt, four burb rags and wipes case. Pictures on that tomorrow. Lets hope I can have some more finishes when I work on Thursday!

Have To Start Somewhere


While I still have a LONG way to go in figuring out just how to get going we now have a FB page and Name for our business! What better name then an extension of my first love :)......Please come like us on Face Book!


I have never done this before but after checking Out Eric Roberts blog I was very inspired to try some more glass etching.He has some great tip and wonderful ideas :)

Personalized Glass Etching
Hi, I saw Becca’s post about glass etching with the martini glassed here and figured I’d share some ideas.
I have etched a lot of beer mugs and the reason being is they only cost about 2 dollars or less at Walmart (If I can remember correctly).
But you can see below one of my latest mugs that I etched for a friend. These can be really cool when you personalize them.

I hope you enjoyed my ideas and they inspired you. You can see some of my other etched glass mugs here and a personalized flower mug here.


One of you was very close :)............I will be opening an Etsy/Facebook store and also going to start hitting the craft shows come this fall......I have a LOT of work to do though. 
 Inventory to make...Better pictures to take....Crafting to do!

 I have some designing to do also!

 Of course the licensed items will not be availabe..Those are for me :)

I have yet to come up with a store name though. Thats not as easy as it sounds :)

I Have A BIG Announcement......

Can you guess what it is?.......And no this does NOT involve a wedding or a baby...In ANY form.Lol