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I will actually have quilt news again! Right now all is boring. Working on finishing UFO's. STILL working on the same customer quilt. All though it is almost done. Waiting for customers to pick up or drop off and dreaming up new quilt ideas.

I am happy to report all was very quiet in the house last night. I bought skater boy a new play station game so he was playing football all night with the extra kid. Oldest still hasnt recovered from being on nights, so she turned in at like seven. The little one just bounced around. I knitted and watched t.v.....Ahhhhh I love it when its boring.

I have been wondering how many of you have Emergency Kits ready in case of a disaster. We have been working on ours for like 2 years. I found this article on preparing a kit and breaking it down with projects each week. I LOVE this article. So I thought I would share it. Hubby and I are pulling our kit out this week and we are going to see what we still need to do.…

Jumping the Gun

Well evidently there is a name to what I have! Thanks to K. it has been identified as W.A.B. (work avoidance behavior). I am not alone! Now to wonder is there a therapy for this? and if there is do I want to go through it?

Oh yeah jumping the gun. I have to tell you I did it. Jump the gun that is. So there I am struggling with W.A.B. and doing everything but work when I notice grooves in Gracies wheels! I am not talking small little lines we are talking grand canyon grooves! No wonder I have such a hard time controlling her. She really has a mind of her own sometimes. So I was really really happy I had caved and ordered edgriders last week! I had played for a second on a someone elses machine and they had them.I couldnt handle it and I caved. I figured 12 UFO's done deserved a reward!They have not come in yet and when they do I am gonna have to rope wonderful hubby into putting them on for me. He mentioned last night it has been a gazillion years since I made lasagna from scratch s…

Work Day

When I was looking for a laughing turtle picture the other day I found this and it cracked me up. Yet again I am procrastinating at going to work. This is not good as I am now running about 2 quilts behind. If I dont get caught up I will have to work one day this weekend. I HATE taking away from my play time. Plus I dont like to work with wonderful hubby home so then I have to give up that time too. So I am determined to get a LOT done today.I had the most awesome surprise last night. Wonderful hubby calls me and tells me I have a surprise coming but he wont tell me what it is. He really knows the line between me and crazy is short and he really loves to yank on it.About a half hour later I am about at the end of that line and my oldest walks in the door! She has been gone for two weeks working a shut down in Valdez. I missed her. I dont know what the heck I am goinig to do when she goes to visit relatives in December and will be gone a month and a half. She had fun working in Valdez.…

A Song For Jody!

Ahem, cough, cough, Lalalalalalalalalalalala

How do you like my dress? What!?! You dont think this looks like me? Ok Ok. Is this better?

Now I am ready. This is ALL for you Jody! ( Oh yeah Ya'll chime in on the chorus ok?)
CHORUS: great,green gobs of greasy, grimy, gopher guts, Mutilated monkey meat, itty bitty birdie feet. Great, green gobs of greasy, grimy, gopher guts, And me without a spoon.
Some people eat hamburger meat while others like potatoes,And some must chew their Irish stew along with ripe tomatoes.I can't understand why in ev'ry land, they serve such peculiar dishes.For wherever I go, they always say "No!" when I tell them what my wish is.I scream for ... (Chorus)
I can pay my way in a French café which is big and quite expensive,Where the diners dine and the wine is fine, but I'm always apprehensive.When the menu comes, I twiddle my thumbs at the list of fancy dishes:Caviar and steaks, champagne and cake, is never what my wish is.I beg for ... (…


Today is talk like a pirate day! I have been great fun visiting Jans site and reading all the great pirate talk. Watch out for your fabric stash too or it may disappear! I hear Jan is out scouting for new riches!

Today was also a great day in my studio! I finished 3 cusomer quilts and got a tip! O.k. O.k. they were samll quilts and the tip was a small one but it was intentional! She (my customer) gave me 5 extra dollars! I dont get tips very often so this is big for me. I also finished the quilting on 3 of my smaller quilts so look for that turtle to move this weekend! I just have to trim and bind. Oh yeah its a GOOD feeling!

Meet Dudley

Well I must have sparked some interest yesterday.Lol. However Dudley is not some very large muscled, dark haired canadian mountie that Jan was wondering about. Although she didnt say anything about muscles and dark hair, but I am sure she meant too!Ü

No Dudley is a stuffed turtle by McKenna Ryan who has the Pine Needles patterns.A friend and I bought the patterns quite a while ago and have been meaning to make them. Its taken us a looooong time to get together but yesterday we manage and it was our Dudley day. (however mine has been renamed Crush by my children, after squirts daddy on finiding Nemo)

We honestly didnt realize how big this guy was and stupidly thought we would get him done in one day.Lol. It will take another day for sure! We had so much fun though and her hubby made us scallop and shrimp linguini for lunch! I ate ALL my lunch. Here is all our material. You would think we would of realized his size by the amount of material but nooooooooo.

Jody is cutting out her pattern.W…


Today is my Dudley day.Curious??? Hehehe.You will have to wait until I get home to see!

On a brighter note I think the sun may be trying to make a breakthrough! Only time will tell if it succeeds. Oh yeah I am in a MUCH better mood today.No growling.

So what its Tuesday

Its supposed to Super Tuesday. I am going to have to clean at some point. I seem to be in one of the worst moods though. Cant tell you why. I just woke up very irritated at everything. It doesnt help that I am not a morning person anyways and the youngest is. Argh.She wakes up so freaking happy I have to put duck tape on my mouth. I dont put it on hers because I hate to spoil her mood. So I put it on mine so I dont say something I will regret later. You know like SHUT UP!

Maybe it is the fact that we have had 15 staight days of rain. I have some of the oddest mushrooms growing in the front yard in what is supposed to be grass but this year is all weeds.

The oddest thing yesterday. I mean this is odd. I had to take the youngest in to school for her reading test. (which by the way she scored 30 points above her level) I go to get in my truck and there are piles of poo everywhere outside on my sidewalk, driveway, and weeds/lawn. I mean so much poo that I had wonderful hubby come look. This…

Sunday Check In

Its been such a quiet day in my house. Very rare but oh so wonderful. Wonderful Hubby and Skater boy have been gone all day and wont be home for another hour. Oldest daughter is working at Tesoro refinery in Valdez, and the little one has been with her grandma all day. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah just me and the animals.

What did I do all day you ask? Well since you asked, I did whatever I wanted. Ü. Actually I have been working on my oriental jacket. I finished the symbols( I am not sure what the correct term is for this) for tranquility and only have love left. It has to be the hardest applique I have ever done. I had to quit though as it is getting dark. I would be able to keep going if I had my OTT light. But that died a very premature and untimely death involving 3 dogs, a cat, a 15 year old skater boy, and a skate board. It wasnt pretty.It was also very loud and the cats tail has never been the same.

Besides that I also finished most of the blocks for my cousins quilt (thats on my list) and al…


I am lousy at these. We go to a restraunt and I will be the one sitting there pondering over the too many choices. Just today as I was going through the drive through the kids made a bet that it would take me the longest to figure out what I wanted. So I said the first thing I saw (to prove them wrong) and then thought all the way home about the other choices I could have made.Lol. I have a real problem with this.

So wonderful hubby tells me a couple days ago that he has the opportunity to rent my truck out next year for 6 months. This breaks my heart as it is my baby. My red, leather, sun roof,heated seats waited to get until I didnt have little children, hubby had it delivered with 3 miles and a big red ribbon baby. BUT and it is a huge one, if I do rent it out for 6 months it will completely pay it off and it will be rented to someone we know.It will be taken care of. It does get lousy gas mileage at 13 mpg. Plus I drive so little that we can rent it out and the mileage put on it wo…

He finally did it

Wonderful hubby and I have been having the same argument fo a couple of years. This man hardly watches tv. Yet if he had his way there would be one in almost every room. The main tv, the one in the family room he has wanted to get rid of for quite awhile. It isnt small, Im not sure of what size but its big enough. It just barely fits in our entertainment center. It has great color and its all hooked up to surround sound. I plied a good friend with beer to make all those wires in the back go where they should. I am happy with the status quo. Wonderful hubby is not happy though. It is not big enough (whatever the heck that means), it is not flat enough, and it is not new enough.So last night on his way home from work he goes by Fred Meyers. Guess what! They are having this unbelievable knock down drag out sale on this tv, he says to me. Well he had to get it of course otherwise heaven forbid he may not be able to sleep at night.So here he comes waltzing into the house with this huge mons…

Do you know what time it is?

Its football time! In my house that means life stops for every game. The funny thing is neither hubby nor I even care. We never ever watched anything but the superbowl until the last couple of years. Hubby liked the Raiders but I never even gave it a thought.
Then came the children. HOW did the kids become such football freaks! I mean FREAKS! Jerikah is a Patriots fan all the way. You ask her she can tell you anything about that team. Jerrod of course followed his father in his pick with the Raiders. Jerrod of course took it to the next level. Here he is trying to impress the ladies with his zoolander "Blue Steal" look.He is obsessed and does not miss a game. Astrid followed them and is my mini raiders fan.

So there I am floundering without a team.Evidently that is a big no no. Who knew? So I thought long and hard and came up with the Packers. My reasons are this1. Any team that can incite their fans to wear cheese is pretty cool. ( I really dont care for cheese but this is st…

! OMG !

So yesterday I am all about cleaning. I was so into it I decided to clean my sewing room. Someone should have STOPPED me! I found 5 more UFO's. Seriously. I see this basket thats been piled under batting and think hmmmmmmm whats this? Stupid stupid stupid.
3 entire kits with backing and 2 birds in the air tops started but not finished. So instead of seeing that turtle go below 20 this week I get to see him move the other direction. No more cleaning for me. Nothing good can come from it! ÜI did however get the baby boy set done. It is going in the mail on Monday for my very favorite cousin. I also included a bad pic of the bears that I finished last week. I have been trying really hard to get it hung all wekk in the shop but I am just not tall enough and I am scared of heights so the ladder is out. Just need to drag hubby out there.Ok I am going to go finish something. I am determined to get that turtle back down. I am NOT changing my goal though. I am still keeping to my goal numb…

Dont Trust Charlie!

My kids sent this to me. You have probably seen it before but I hadnt so thought I would share. These facial expresions on these little guys had me rolling. Well along with the accent!

True Talent

Can you touch your tongue to your elbow? (Thanks Jan you reminded me of this funny day with my kids!) Amazing what entertains us!

Our friend Ashley couldnt do it.Jerikah Couldnt do it.Yay Jerrod can do it! I can not even imagine what people around them thought! Lol.

What to do Wed.

Well Tuesday was a wash. I got up with all intentions toward my super Tuesday cleaning. Opened my email then decided to go back to bed. Thats where Tuesday ended for me. Hubby made me soup when he came home and that did help. My kids were scared to look at me this morning when I got up. Everytime they checked on me yesterday I told them that if they loved me they would put me out of my misery.
So I am better enough to get out of bed and besides laundry and starting the two youngest on school I need to accomplish something. hmm I still havent cleaned the 5th wheel but lets just leave that off the list.Its not going anywhere.Ü.I think I will just play around in the sewing room see what trouble I can stir up.Lol
I did move the turtle again. Although I dont have a finished picture yet. I finished a small wall hanging.I will get a pic of it tomorrow and post.But I am moving the turtle today. I also need to get moving on the baby boy quilt. The baby shower is later this month and I need …

Home Again

Would you believe I forgot my camera? What a lame brain. A week of camping with the family and not one picture to prove it! We had a total blast. Well except for the part where Astrid and I came down with really bad head colds and didnt leave the 5th wheel for two days. But when you have a full hook up complete with cable who cares!

I know ,I know thats not real camping.But its real for us. We even found a spot with cement for the skater to be happy. Well strike happy and insert satisfied. I do remember a few complaints about the gravel the cars kept tracking onto the same cement.

We got home pretty late last night so today I get the joy of unpacking and cleaning the 5th wheel by myself since everyone has fled the house.You think they knew what they would be doing if the were here? I am going to take my time though as I still feel as if I were hit by a mack truck. Darn Astrid and her love to share!

I will leave you with this picture though as I find it priceless. The oldest had a coupl…