Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So what its Tuesday

Its supposed to Super Tuesday. I am going to have to clean at some point. I seem to be in one of the worst moods though. Cant tell you why. I just woke up very irritated at everything. It doesnt help that I am not a morning person anyways and the youngest is. Argh.She wakes up so freaking happy I have to put duck tape on my mouth. I dont put it on hers because I hate to spoil her mood. So I put it on mine so I dont say something I will regret later. You know like SHUT UP!

Maybe it is the fact that we have had 15 staight days of rain. I have some of the oddest mushrooms growing in the front yard in what is supposed to be grass but this year is all weeds.

The oddest thing yesterday. I mean this is odd. I had to take the youngest in to school for her reading test. (which by the way she scored 30 points above her level) I go to get in my truck and there are piles of poo everywhere outside on my sidewalk, driveway, and weeds/lawn. I mean so much poo that I had wonderful hubby come look. This is not dog,cat,moose,or bear. (disgusting that I know the difference) Wonderful Hubby says that is bird poo. BIG big bird poo. We are talking goose here. What the heck? I am telling you that at no time the day before did I see a large bird/goose anywhere near my yard. Is this a joke? Is there some random bird with a digestive problem that hides until I am not around? It is baffling me so much that I am ready to go get a video camera to see what is doing this! I can set it up so that it looks like I am not at home or awake and then maybe this mutant bird/goose will show itself! Maybe this is what put me in a bad mood.hmmmmmm

I did not finish my applique last night. But I am close.Very close. My eyes started crossing on me after awhile. I think I need magnifying glasses!

Ok I am going for more coffee and then I am going to try to be nice. Is it too early to put something in the coffee?


Vicki W said...

Yes, you should put something in the coffee for sure.

Jan said...

Oh I have one of those enthusiastic early risers too.... never too early to spike the coffee.... sometimes it is entirely necessary. You can buy hunting cameras that are triggered by motion. Digital... they mount on a tree.. house... whatever ;-) And go little one!! Great job on the reading test!!!! If all else fails go get ice cream and pay someone to clean ;-) Or do what I did and shop... online... a lot LOL

Smiles! Becca said...

Well I didnt wind up putting anything in the coffee but I did get nicer. Dont know how that happened but by afternoon I was easier to live with!

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