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I Should Have Went Back TO Bed

My motto for the day. Actually this has been my motto for the week. But lets take today for example.

First thing this morning I find a tick crawling on me. Oldest shaved her dog last night (who know really looks like a drowned rat, dog not oldest) My brilliant daughter however shaved her in the house and hair flew everywhere. hair with ticks on it.....So yeah battling them IN the house now!

Go to let the dogs out only to discover my above mentioned daughter put out the garbage last night. Right outside the door. This of course I didnt discover until AFTER I see garbage flying around the yard and my dogs gleefully playing in what was left on the ground.

I think to myself "self get a cup of coffee it will ALL be ok". Every cup I pull out of the dishwasher has food all over it. It seems the washer is spitting back little bits of food. I have to somehow find a filter in it that I didnt even know it had and empty/clean it. This is a 30 year old dishwasher.Seriously?I just want to bo…

A VERY Belated Thank You!

I am so SORRY to my partner in the nancy Drew swap. She sent me the most fabulous package and I have been very neglectful in saying Thank you.

Lori sent me this awesome package! She covered a clipboard with all sorts of cool nancy Drew related pictures and tied the handle with bright colored ribbons. It is SO MUCH fun! She also included a packet of tea (yuuuuum),A Nancy Drew badge ( so I can be identified as a detective Ü),a wonderful Nancy Drew charm necklace, and a really really cool bookmark with a nancy Drew charm that she made from a scrabble tile. This lady is seriously talented! I so cant wait for next years swap!

And to Val who sent to me from the latest go round in the Flirty Apron swap. WOWZERS did she spoil me rotten! I appologize that these pictures do not do my goodies justice. I mean you truly would have to see this apron to believe it! Red and turtle fabric, Yaaaaaay! How can you go wrong with that! But thats not all! The bling on this apron is over the top. Awesome turq…


Seriously HOW do yall deal with these things? I have gotten past the urge to run screaming at every worm. But those send me flying everytime! Then I feel them crawling on me for hours! Any helpful hints?

This was the beginnings of our garden. We have used up all the available space now and are looking for another safe place to plant away from the deer. Doesnt look like much remember we are beginners!Lol.

WH and little A left for Alaska for two weeks. Before he left I had to get three customer quilts done for him to take back. Of course I left it for last minute. So I was running around acting like a crazy woman trying to get caught up.Lol.

Now though I feel a huge sigh of relief. For the next two weeks I am doing WHATEVER I want! hehehe.

We Have Become Farmers


I have channeled my inner Jan and put her too work!

Today we planted corn.onions,and peas.Tomorrow the rest of the veges. I am so tired I cant even imagine being more tired! We have a couple more days of 70 + weather so we need to take advantage before the rain comes.

Pictures soon I promise!

Baby Shower Ü

I mentioned a little earlier that our new friends here (he is also our bob the builder) are expecting their first. I love babies. If you didnt know that about me before I will tell you now. I LOVE babies. Whats more is I love love love sewing for babies! So much fun.Fun prints,fun colors. small sizes.Whats not to love! When we found out they were pregnant I did warn them. Then Wh warned them and then all the kids warned them. I tend to go overboard. Last week I was given a HUGE gift though. No one was stepping up to the plate to give the baby shower. I tried to stay back as I am the newbie around here, but as WH says, its just NOT in my nature. So I asked. Then I took over. I am sharing with some awesome girly buddies. BUT its mostly mine.hehehehehehe. I went a little crazy today ordering stuff. Invitations, advice cards, water bottle labels,candy bar labels, baby bottles to fill with coffee beans (mom works at starbucks) and every blasted thing In the Queen of the jungle line of supplie…

I havent Ditched yall

I will be back.

Its not been a good couple of weeks. WH was hit ( he is all right) by a semi. That sounds bad and it was but not crunch up the car bad. Hit and run bad. The Semi hit the back of the car at a stop sign and then took off. WH had to chase him down. Anyways it has been a mess.

I have been working hard at writing up my pattern for the backpack. I have to willing guinea pigs to test it on. Then I am thinking of putting it on ETSY. I have been making them like crazy so that I can keep improving my directions which I can understand but am not so sure anyone else will be able too.

I also have been throwing some scrap quilts together. I have a huge pet peeve with tons of leftover material. Drives me nuts. So I am just throwing some small crib quilts together. For some odd reason the majority of my scraps are baby fabrics. Strange.

So tomorrow I am hoping to post some pictures and have some fun things to share. Thanks for hanging in there with me while I have been boring.

BTW please g…

Covert Operations!

This last month was a busy one. We had company from Alaska and had all sorts of work to do. My girly buddies and I had a job to do though!

First stop involved scouring Hobby Lobby for just the right item! Hmmm we didnt find it in the flower aisle!

Off to our buddy J's house. The poor thing she works full time so wasnt home to catch us!

Now off we go to pretend we know NOTHING of who left the pink flamingo in her yard.

On a side not she still doesnt know who left it there.Lol. I hear its driving her nuts! Hahahahaha Oh what fun I have with my buddies.Ü

Fianlly and Answer!

As I mentioned in an earlier post we were having problems with our Buick Enclave.Better known as Killian.

The accelerator stuck open and just about caused a serious accident. WH thankfully was driving and was able to keep control. When he called help number for Buick they of course acted as if they were very concerned.

We found out the dealership here had shut down about 3 months ago and the closest was 75 miles away. They did send a tow truck for the car but didnt offer any replacement. Killian isnt even a year old. So this made me pretty angry. This isnt just a routine maintence or recal.This is major.

Well they had my baby for about a week. Then called for us to come pick it up. I was not at home so WH went to get it. When he gets their they tell him that they couldnt find a thing wrong with it and have determined that the floor mat must have somehow lodged the gas peddle down.??????Seriously?THIS is the answer we get???

WH gets the car home as he felt it was best not to leave it with …

Dumb Directions...Or is it me?

So this week was play time for me. I have been SO blasted busy this month I decided I deserved some playtime.

It all started out well and good. I had a goal of getting a small backpack made and a diaper bag. Easy enough.....Right??? NOT!!!

4 backpacks cut out....4 in the garbage. DUMB DUMB DUMB directions. Ok I am not completely stupid when it comes to directions. Yes I do tend to look at pictures and jump ahead. Yes I blindly jump into projects without looking at sizes or fabric amounts. BUT I was a seamstress for many years. I have even made wedding dresses from Vogue patterns even! Let me tell you those are hard! I have quilted now going on 18 years also!

I finally tosses the backpack pattern in the trash and drafted my own. I even added a zipper! Ü. I need to lengthen the straps but I am totally loving this little backpack. Perfect for my bottle of water, a camera, and a hotel card.Heeheehee. For my soon to happen girls getaway with Jerikah to Disneyworld! I am actually thinking of …