I havent Ditched yall

I will be back.

Its not been a good couple of weeks. WH was hit ( he is all right) by a semi. That sounds bad and it was but not crunch up the car bad. Hit and run bad. The Semi hit the back of the car at a stop sign and then took off. WH had to chase him down. Anyways it has been a mess.

I have been working hard at writing up my pattern for the backpack. I have to willing guinea pigs to test it on. Then I am thinking of putting it on ETSY. I have been making them like crazy so that I can keep improving my directions which I can understand but am not so sure anyone else will be able too.

I also have been throwing some scrap quilts together. I have a huge pet peeve with tons of leftover material. Drives me nuts. So I am just throwing some small crib quilts together. For some odd reason the majority of my scraps are baby fabrics. Strange.

So tomorrow I am hoping to post some pictures and have some fun things to share. Thanks for hanging in there with me while I have been boring.

BTW please give an extra hug to all your loved/little ones. A good friend lost her little man to cancer last night. It was a tough hard battle and his little body was just tired. It breaks my heart for his mama and daddy right now though........((((((hugs))))) to all of you. I appreciate you all my bloggy friends.


TerriW said…
Let me get this straight...the semi took off?! Like he could out run or hide?! Unbelieveable...

Sorry to hear about your friends...so sad.
Jan said…
From one quiet blogger to another, I understand completely!!! Glad hubby is ok even if the car and other things took a crunch. Looking forward to pics. And to more of you :-)
Yarni Gras! said…
I can't believe the pain and anguish your friends must be going through right now. The loss of a child just seems against nature's order.
As for your hubby, I am glad he chased that guy down.....I hope he is okay.

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