Fianlly and Answer!

As I mentioned in an earlier post we were having problems with our Buick Enclave.Better known as Killian.

The accelerator stuck open and just about caused a serious accident. WH thankfully was driving and was able to keep control. When he called help number for Buick they of course acted as if they were very concerned.

We found out the dealership here had shut down about 3 months ago and the closest was 75 miles away. They did send a tow truck for the car but didnt offer any replacement. Killian isnt even a year old. So this made me pretty angry. This isnt just a routine maintence or recal.This is major.

Well they had my baby for about a week. Then called for us to come pick it up. I was not at home so WH went to get it. When he gets their they tell him that they couldnt find a thing wrong with it and have determined that the floor mat must have somehow lodged the gas peddle down.??????Seriously?THIS is the answer we get???

WH gets the car home as he felt it was best not to leave it with these Morons. He then calls Buick back. I was so proud of him. He tells them that there is NO WAY that this is what happened. That he will be contacting someone from the news channel here and he will keep finding someone to tell until he can find someone to help. This is not a safe car to have on the road at this time! Miraculously they decided they agreed with WH and also that they would pay to have it looked at by a local dealer.

It took almost another week but they did find the problem. It is a sensor that is completely bad. It also has affected the auto start which we had not figured out since its been to warm to care about prestarting the car. That little tid bit made me trust the dealership here. They are also taking care of a loaner car. Either way I feel better now. Still a little irritated at Buick.I love my Killian though so I guess I have to get over it!Ü


Yarni Gras! said…
yikes...that is too scary. I hope they fix it
Freda said…
I'm glad they found the problem and are fixing it Becca. That could have been very bad. When my truck ran over me two years ago Chrysler decided there was nothing wrong and wouldn't do anything to try to keep the problem from happening again. We filed a lawsuit but when they filed bankrupsy our lawsuit was thrown out the window. We are now part of old Chrysler and they aren't responsible for any problems before they filed bankrupsy. They won't even notify us if there is a recall on the truck. Our problem is false park, where the parking pawl on the transmission hangs between park and reverse and there has been hundreds injured from this problem but Chrysler refuses to fix it.

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