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Kay is on the move!

Isnt this going to be so much fun!!!! I cant wait to see this done.

I spent ALL day trying to put things away in my sewing room. OMG who let me buy all that crap I have? Everytime I think ok I cant squeeze in another thing some one finds ANOTHER box. They arent small either! I had no clue how much stuff I had because it was in two different rooms. Big rooms at that.So tomorrow I will be trying to squeeze yet more in!

I will say this. I have found every possible way to fold and stash there is. I had 8 4 drawer rubbermaid dressers that I had to condense down to 3. Thank the heavens above I have all those wall shelves.

The kitten (rae rae)has melded quite quickly into this family. I still think she was a plant by someone with a bad sense of humor, but I have become attached. I hate it when that happens. She also has made it her mission to get the hell cat to like her. Chai has softened a tiny bit and will atleast stay in the same room for a short time but she makes sure everyone knows she …

Mystery Update!

Look what we found in our garage today!! Seriously. Unfortunately it was little A that found her. She of course came running to me and I immediately deferred to WH. Who then BETRAYED me and said she could keep her! Does this smell like a set up to you? Lol. I just didnt want to be the bad guy so I was trying to roll it onto him. I hate it when he catches on to me. Now we are stuck with another cat.....UGH..

My blog is doing very weird things these days. I do have help on the way but in the meantime its still messed up. It wont even let me see what pictures I have uploaded. All I can see is the code. SO I have no clue which one uploaded first. Its not like I remember which order I loaded them. Lol

So here is Kays step 1 and Beatrices step 5!! Soon we will get to see some completed tops!!!!

I am also SO SO clost to being in my quilt room! Today I hauled boxes and put things away.I had to figure out how to condense 8 dressers of fabric down to 3. I never Realized how much room I had before …

You Asked For It!!!

A fashion plate. Yup thats what they call me!

BTW incase you are interested, skater boy was speachless. Lol. SO WORTH IT!!! I also left him with the knowledge that I could dress like this at any time! I wish you could see the green bay earrings.Too cute!!!!

Too Funny!

Mystery Progress and HELP!

Ok ok I know these dont have anything to do with either the Mystery or needing help. I just had to share! My favorite little man. He is getting so big and such a happy little guy.
Now for Mystery pictures. How gorgeous are these! Beatrice is now on set 5!

Jamie is hopping right along too! Here are her next steps! I cannot wait to see this all put together. That black with those bright colors is going to be stunning.

I cant wait to post the progression of this top from start to finish. Way to much fun! Ok now HELP!!!! I cannot fix my blog! Does anyone know of a good blog repair person? IS there such a thing??? I tried to email the creator but I know she is super busy. I must have been supposed to check in with photo bucket on a regular basis but I didnt evidently pay attention to that part. Now I just want my blog back but photo bucket says they have no record of me.....Yikes.. So I am probably going to have to get a new blog makeover. Any ideas?? Anyone??? I cant look at this mess anymo…

I Seem To Be

Expreiencing some technical difficulties.Lol. Not just the normal. I know the page is hard to look at but until I can get it figured out bear with me!.And as I get all the Mystery Quilters linked up with their blogs you will see two lists. Sorry about that but it will help me not forget anyone.I am hiding from WH and the paintbrush right now so shhhhhhhhhhhhh.


I Dont think WH and I should be let loose together very often.Lol. This was truly an adventure! All the way to Beloit Wis, down to Souix Falls, and back home in 3 1/2 days! I am exhausted. Today is a work day though. Back to painting. Then I have 2 swap commitments to fulfill. So I may be up till midnight!I will write more later but wanted to let all my Mystery Girls know that if you need the next step just let me know! I have sent a couple off but not sure who else needed what.Lol
Will be home in about 3 hours. So awesome meeting Kay! She is as wonderful as she sounds on her blog and those boys are TOO cute!! I will be catching up tomorow
ON our way finally! S.D. Here we come! Hopefully I will get to meet up with Kay too!
We are BROKE down!!!!
In Tomah Wisconsin! We still have to get to Souix Falls,SD. It doesn't look like I will be home tomorrow night! Sorry to my Mystery girls!
SCORE!!!!I am now the proud owner of a cheese head!!! I also got packers jersey,pj bottoms,earrings, slippers and game day watch out!
Just entered Wisconsin! I think I NEED to find me a cheesehead! I may go back home dressed as the ultimate Packers fan! Yes, I know they lost today.

You Ladies ARE Hoppin!

Here are Beatrice's step 1 and step 2! I LOVE seing all the progress. Watch out because next week I am gonna catch up!

Here are Jami's fabrics and step 1. Arent these fabrics fabulous! This is going to be one gorgeous quilt!

A good point was made to me yesterday.Its something I should of done and I will do for sure on the next mystery. I should of linked the people to their blogs! DUH! So this week I am going to try and get everyones blogs linked. Most of you I have because I haunt your blogs! Lol. But if I dont have your blog addy could you send it to me??? I still will post the pictures here so keep sending them. But it would be fun to be able to visit each others blogs! THANK YOU to who brought that up.Ü Also I am going on a Road Trip tomorrow. So if you need a new clue you may have to wait until Tuesday.... I will be home by Tues morn. I will take my laptop so I can keep in touch though. Hubby has some business to attend to in Wisconsin.I love being able to take road trips on…

2nd Day Of School

2 Melt Downs3 Crying Jags1 MAJOR pout session2 Time outs and 6 hours of what should of been done in 4. This is one of those day where I am wondering why I am doing this. This is going to be a looooooong year.

I was a baaaaaaaad girl!

So wehn I went shopping for my fabrics I went a teensy weensy little bit nuts.......I cant even say I tried to be good. I walked into that quilt shop and every rational thought left my body. I bought whatever I wanted. I left only one thing and that I will go back for. Its a new cutting mat that is DA BOMB! I will try and find a picture of it and post.

This was my loot! These are my fabrics for the mystery.I still am a little unsure of the background but I will figure that out as I go. I got a yard of each fabric.Lol. I have enough to mess up a few times.Lol
This is where the nuts part happened. They had EVERY Amy Butler fabric you could imagine! I think I showed great restraint not buying them all!

Well I was showing great restraint until I saw this kit that actually HAS all the ones I didnt buy.Ü

Tomorrow my new business cards should be here and within the next week my studio will be done! we are running a bit behind on the laundry room. It just got painted today.So tomorrow will be fl…

ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

We are finally homeowners in ND! About stinking time! We were supposed to sign papers over two weeks ago but it was one thing after another. Today at 2 p.m. though the torture ended and we can now proceed with the demolition.Ü. Not like we were doing that meant also to get the second round of mystery instructions out. So sorry that I didnt but there was a lot of celebrating going on here today. Lunch AND dinner out! Tomorrow though I PROMISE!. I know Jan is ready, is anyone else????I also hope to do some stitching tomorrow. I miss playing. Tonight though I am SO happy!Ü

See Becca Drool

I found a new store today! Not only did they carry ALL this wonderfullness on not one but TWO aisles, but they also had a TON of Ariat boots and anything John Deere you might ever think you needed(little hidden secret I LOVE pink john deere clothing).Oh mama! Whats even more amazing is that I was SO overwhelmed by all the wonderfullness of this place this wonderful place called Home Economy that I thought would be man zone, that I walked out with nothing!!!!!!yes Jan I said NOTHING!!!!I need to go back when I can drool without hubby there acting all embarrassed by my squeals of excitement!

Kays Fabric

How much FUN are these!!!!!! This is going to be so adorable. I love how bright and cheerful it all is. How are the rest of you doing? Any of you that have received step 1 ready for step 2? Tomorrow I have the goal of getting my fabric together for a picture so yall can see what I am doing.

We still are running around trying to make the bank happy. Not an easy task.Lol. We have started ALL the renovations though. My Glenn is here and walls have been coming down, panelling,wallpaper, and carpet have been ripped out and walls are being painted! Ahhhhhh the sounds of home.Ü

The next pictures you see will be of my laundry room. The before is quite frightening.Its looking SO good now though. The push is on as Sears will be delivering my washer and dryer on Sat. My beautiful 4.2 LG washer.The dryer I went cheap on as I love to hang dry so I dont even care about it.

Today I tore all the trim out of my sewing room.It will soon be replaced with real wood trim.I also painted and ripped out ALL the…


SORRY! I went all missing in action on my mystery girls! I promised not to look ahead and I was really trying to keep that promise but some questions have come up that I am not sure on. So tomorrow I am going to try and figure it oout before I actually look up the cards So I am so sorry if you are confused and I will try hard to figure it out tomorrow.

Today was a very yucky day. Oh sure it was 90 degrees and gorgeous out BUT...........I woke up to a sick skater boy. We will now call him up chuck boy. So since my washing machine has NOT been delivered yet I had to load all his sweet smelling clothing and blankets into my beautiful Killian and drive to the laundymat.Yeah..... I didnt go to my usual one because its not too close. I hit the closest one to me! The bad thing is that it is twice the price! Theivery I tell ya. 40$ dollars later I was back on the road. Now thoug I get to hang all those wet clothes on the line.

Fast forward a couple hours to worker girl getting home I…

The After

Now dont forget we still have to finish her floors and closet doors.I am very very happy with her room. Each letter is decoupaged with zebra print paper or hand painted.
I also decoupaged her outlet and switch covers.Recognize the chair?I bought an old picture from a used store.Antiqued the frame and painted the inside with chalk board paint. All the polka dots and poodle are vinyl stick ons that I either ordered from EBAY or ETSY.

The lamps are from the used stors also and then I just hot glued boas onto.

I have had nightmares that she will walk into it and say its not what she wanted. I know she wont though. She is nine and I tried really hard to think like a nine year old.Lol. I think I was sucessful!

Little As room The Before pictures

I had to recover her comforter.They didnt have the right colors. NOT a smart idea in 80 degree weather! The dogs were a great help! The sewing table and chair will be refinished also. Excuse the mess. I was in the process of emptying her room.

You saw this one before but this was in the middle of the ripping the wall paper.
Refinishing the cheap furniture.

oops youve also seen this one but I cant figure out how to get it off.

Now are you ready for the after?????

Janies Fabric!

This fabric is So dang cute! That baby boy is going to be one lucky kid.I love the color selection and cant wait to see this one done!

Tomorrow the BIG REVEAL on Little As room.......Ü

The Next Two Groups

Here are the next two groups to be sent in. Jodys fabrics. These are SO totally Jody! I luuuuuuuv them. A little glitz a little batik. Yup Jody Ü. I stole these off of Jans page. These are her fabics and they remind me just as much of her. Very soft and subtle but equally as gorgeous... Wow I love all these fabrics.
I think I get the best part of this mystery. I get to see everyones groups first. The bad thing is that it makes me want to go fabric shopping.Well, really HOW could that truly be a bad thing.Lol. I have been told to expect another group (besides mine) pretty soon. In fact I got a sneak peak before she fired off a frantic email that she needed to switch a couple fabirs.Lol. Tomorrow was supposed to be closing day on this house but.Well it is what it is and will close when it closes. The house is now basically devoid of carpet. A large amount of wall paper is gone and I have been tearing up peal and stick squares from the laundry room. LET me tell you about peel and stick squ…


Wow I thought the hard work was over. Closing this house though is turning into actual real work! With W.H. still outta town two guesses as to who gets to do it.ÜI will be back to normal (well normal for me) posting. I have it on good authority that two more groups of fabric are ready.A third would be ready but the um crazy lady putting it together keeps forgetting her instructions and is in fact a little confused over just how many she needs. Sheesh some people.Oh yeah just a little FYI for you. Did you know that your debit card has a spending limit? You can try to be a good girl and pay off your credit cards. Just TRY though to go buy some pressies after doing this. You can expect that you will look like a deadbeat when they decline your card. And even though you argue with the lady on the phone that you in fact HAVE that money in your account it wont matter because you have exceeded your spending limit on your DEBIT card! Shocking isnt it...The only thing that made me feel better w…