Kays Fabric

How much FUN are these!!!!!! This is going to be so adorable. I love how bright and cheerful it all is. How are the rest of you doing? Any of you that have received step 1 ready for step 2? Tomorrow I have the goal of getting my fabric together for a picture so yall can see what I am doing.

We still are running around trying to make the bank happy. Not an easy task.Lol. We have started ALL the renovations though. My Glenn is here and walls have been coming down, panelling,wallpaper, and carpet have been ripped out and walls are being painted! Ahhhhhh the sounds of home.Ü

The next pictures you see will be of my laundry room. The before is quite frightening.Its looking SO good now though. The push is on as Sears will be delivering my washer and dryer on Sat. My beautiful 4.2 LG washer.The dryer I went cheap on as I love to hang dry so I dont even care about it.

Today I tore all the trim out of my sewing room.It will soon be replaced with real wood trim.I also painted and ripped out ALL the pink carpet. It will be one of the next finished rooms you will see.Ü. Thats kind of my hold up with sewing and quilting.Anything I want to do has to be done on a card table. Not for long though.

All of our stuff is here but its all either still in the trailor or in the garage. With a torn up house there is no where to put it! Tomorrow though I am finding my Jura!



Jan said…
I've decided I want a Jura bedside. :-D Whenever you get to it, round two... but it's not like I don't have a few million other projects too!! LOL LOVE Kay's fabrics. Heck I love everyone's fabrics.... what does that say about me... don't answer that! Just pace yourself over there!
Ruthie said…
Great choice of fabrics. OK, I'm confused....is step one the one with fabric requirements and the first cutting instructions?
Béa said…
Please Becca : have we dates for sendind photos of each clue, or it's as we go ?

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