SORRY! I went all missing in action on my mystery girls! I promised not to look ahead and I was really trying to keep that promise but some questions have come up that I am not sure on. So tomorrow I am going to try and figure it oout before I actually look up the cards ahead.lol. So I am so sorry if you are confused and I will try hard to figure it out tomorrow.

Today was a very yucky day. Oh sure it was 90 degrees and gorgeous out BUT...........I woke up to a sick skater boy. We will now call him up chuck boy. So since my washing machine has NOT been delivered yet I had to load all his sweet smelling clothing and blankets into my beautiful Killian and drive to the laundymat.Yeah..... I didnt go to my usual one because its not too close. I hit the closest one to me! The bad thing is that it is twice the price! Theivery I tell ya. 40$ dollars later I was back on the road. Now thoug I get to hang all those wet clothes on the line.

Fast forward a couple hours to worker girl getting home I am sunburnt and cranky. I sit down in my chair to drink some ice cold water and I hear "MOM!!!!!! WE HAVE A FLOOD!" Oh yeah.... This pipe thingy that should of been a curve wasnt and it didnt like it because it broke! I am trying to calmly locate the shut off valve while standing in atleast 2 inches of water while worker girl is panicking. Since I cant find the shut off valve and am starting to have nightmares of swimming in my basement I had her call a friend. Bless his little pea pickin heart. He RAN right over. He did find the shut off valve (although it was not easy even for him! But I now know where it is!)and we started mopping.

Being that ALL my worldly possesions are in a trailer winging its way to me from Alaska I have no shop vac and just a crappy mop. But I can happily say that at 9:30 I am finally sitting down with that glass of water.Lol..... My life is never boring!

I did want to show you what I bought myself! My good friend Taryn has this AWESOME ETSY shop where she sells these basket purses. I fell in love with the wizard of oz basket last month when she posted it and knew I needed it! It has the BEST details! The inside is even lined with a blue checkered material just like dorothys dress. This picture just does not do the basket justice! She even has the cutest sleeper bag for it. THANK YOU TARYN! For not selling this bag before I could get it and for offereing to make one if it did sell! I LOVE my basket! Yall should go check her out and show her some love.Ü



Jan said…
So sorry it was a long day!! I LOVE that bag!!! I can't believe you stuck with water to drink...

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