Kay is on the move!

Isnt this going to be so much fun!!!! I cant wait to see this done.

I spent ALL day trying to put things away in my sewing room. OMG who let me buy all that crap I have? Everytime I think ok I cant squeeze in another thing some one finds ANOTHER box. They arent small either! I had no clue how much stuff I had because it was in two different rooms. Big rooms at that.So tomorrow I will be trying to squeeze yet more in!

I will say this. I have found every possible way to fold and stash there is. I had 8 4 drawer rubbermaid dressers that I had to condense down to 3. Thank the heavens above I have all those wall shelves.

The kitten (rae rae)has melded quite quickly into this family. I still think she was a plant by someone with a bad sense of humor, but I have become attached. I hate it when that happens. She also has made it her mission to get the hell cat to like her. Chai has softened a tiny bit and will atleast stay in the same room for a short time but she makes sure everyone knows she is not happy.Lol.


Jan said…
Send the stash to me. I'll carefully guard it. Pinky swear LOL
Frankly Frankie said…
I love the colors...that is going to make a FUN quilt!!! I seriously need to get off my dead butt and SEW!!!!

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