Friday, September 11, 2009

ITS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!

We are finally homeowners in ND! About stinking time! We were supposed to sign papers over two weeks ago but it was one thing after another. Today at 2 p.m. though the torture ended and we can now proceed with the demolition.Ü. Not like we were doing that
I meant also to get the second round of mystery instructions out. So sorry that I didnt but there was a lot of celebrating going on here today. Lunch AND dinner out! Tomorrow though I PROMISE!. I know Jan is ready, is anyone else????
I also hope to do some stitching tomorrow. I miss playing. Tonight though I am SO happy!Ü


Jody said...

Hooray for you!! I'm so glad that is finally over with!

Vicki W said...


Freda said...


Jan said...

You just keep celebrating and demolishing!!! Sometimes they do go hand in hand even if you aren't a rockstar!! ;-) That mystery quilt can wait! It's time to happy dance and have adult beverages!!

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