Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Super Tuesday

Here it is super Tuesday yet again. I do not feel like cleaning. I want to play.My butterfly piece is at the stage of quilting.The real work begins.I am excited as I came up with a new idea for it yesterday.The only problem is that I have a HUGE customer quilt on the frame.Its beautiful and she wants a basic all over so it shouldn't take long. Maybe if I get my work done today I can sneak out to Gracie House and finish it.That way tomorrow I can play instead of work.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Back Online

Wow you never realize how much you use or how much you will miss your computer, until its gone! My p.c. went to the shop on Monday morning and we didnt receive it back until Friday morning. It was horrible! Being the computer wiz that I am I successfully saved ALL my pictures,2000 songs in ITUNES, and every file I needed................HAHAhahahahaha. NOT! My personal recommendations to all you bloggers out there, back things up. If you dont know how, then learn! I was short on time to begin with now I am minus time. Thank heavens I didnt have my business files on this computer. I would be sobbing right now.Especially since tomorrow I have to figure out my quarterly sales taxes and then pay them.Atleast until I can download all my songs,books,and movies I can plug it into the wall to charge. But all those email addresses,files,and (starting to sniffle here) pictures.........Argh...
It was a very stressful week to begin with though.Which is I guess why I didnt put my all into figuring out the whole computer save thing. Our foster daughter is now living in a group home. She made that choice and I think it is the best for her. Her child advocate has been so supportive to us, her social worker too.That helps as we feel that we somehow failed. We know in our brains that we didnt but the heart has a whole nother feeling about it. The child does need something more then we can give her right now. She is so mixed up an confused and being in this home I hope and pray will help her learn how to make better descisions.
Now we can focus on our 3 kiddos and help them to heal. There was a lot of damage done this last couple weeks and my kids need to get past that. I dont know if we will remain foster parents. We have quit once before.Its so hard to see these kids go the direction they go and not be able to stop them. I guess we will have to just wait and see. Its so hard to quit but yet its so hard not to.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What to do

I am hesitant to post this, but I need to write it down. Its crazy as i was never one of those diary girls but this blogging thing has been very good for me.We are having some pretty strong difficulties with our foster daughter. I never expected for it to be a bed of roses.In fact I have been waiting for the testing phase to begin. It just really hurts now. Its seems you can never really prepare yourself for some things.
She has decided a few of our rules are not worth living here. These rules are not up for a compromise. We have compromised on so many things which has been difficult as we do have 3 other children.But on this we will not. I hate to see her leave I really do but I cant take this tension in the house too much longer.
When she asked us to come live with her we outlined what life would be like. We had to resign back up in the foster care system and go through all the crap the state asks.We told her we would only do it if she could live by our rules. I know she is only 16 and they have psychotic brains but it is still pretty dissapointing. Truthfully for the last month I have been feeling this come on. Breaking the small rules just to see what happens. Asking to spend the night at other people houses just about every night of the week. We have even been hearing things come back to us.
We arent even talking about psycho rules. I would doubt they differ really from just about every other family. Hubby says let her try it someplace else. But I am too attached. I dont want her to. I had hoped we could help her find a goal in life other then drinking or drugs. My kids are pretty sad too they cant understand why she is fighting us.But they are also tired of the tension.That makes me sad for them.
Ok I have written this out. Maybe the feeling better part is just delayed a little.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What a day

I spent the morning picking out new curriculum for homeschool next year. I am exhausted but happy with my choices. Lets hope the kiddos will be happy with them too! We are going to try Oak Meadows for Astrid who will be in the third grade.Their philosophy really sounded good to me and the subjects look like they will be really interesting to her and fun for me to teach. Definitely more hands on.Jerrod is taking a bunch of different things but I am most excited about his math program.Its by teaching textbooks and has dvd lectures and problem solving for every lesson and problem in the book! YES!

I have to try this video upload.Jerrod has been working so hard on the piano and in videoing it so he can send it to his grandma.He still needs to work on a few notes and iron out some kinks in the video but its pretty good.Im really proud of him.He's played and taken lessons since he was 5.It seems we are past the difficult stage and too the point that the songs have begun to be fun to listen too. Lets hope Astrid doesnt take as long!

Monday, April 14, 2008

What did I accomplish today?

I have been sitting here trying to answer that question. Hmm what did I do today?? Well lets see. I did a little bit of a lot of things. I did work today but didnt finish the quilt on the frame. I got halfway into in and noticed that the backing was sewn wrong. It is a patterned directional back. I had sewn one side upside down.
So off the frame into the house, rip it out, resew it, back to Gracie house, repin and start quilting again. In the midst of this there were about a dozen phone calls.ALL long distance with friends and family I wanted to give my attention to. So did NOT finish that quilt today.
I quit at 5 and came into the house.There was my butterfly quilt just waiting for something.So I worked a little more on that too. I am making progress although not ready to post another picture yet.Maybe tomorrow we will see.It is going to be a loooooong work in progress.
So now I need to eat and then onto binding a customer quilt.A king.I wont be finishing that today either.So no finishes but I did make progress. All in all I guess I cant complain.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

This has defintely been in my mind.Yesterday a good friend who wanted to say thank you for two quilts blew me out of the water. He replaced two appliances in our kitchen with brand new ones. I know that doesnt seem necessarily random but it was overwhelming.
This guy is one in a million though.I cannot even list the number of things he has done for us.The time it would take to list them all would be days.I had actually been happy that I could make him these two gifts.A great way to say thank you for all he has done. So now I have to come up with something different.Maybe something I can do for him that he couldnt pin on me.I will have to give that one some thought.
Thinking about what he did for us though makes me think about what we do for others. I think about my husband on this also.He is one of my heros in this aspect. I cannot count how many times he has plowed for others late at night so they didnt know who did it, he drops off the first salmon of the year he catches to the senior housing for a dear friend, he has dropped groceries at front doors while struggling single mothers are at work, and paid utility bills for many without them knowing. I have tried for years to be like this. I am still trying. I get so wrapped up in the day to day that I neglect to look around me.
I can most definitely say we have been on the receiving end many many times. I know how good it feels and how thankful it makes me. I want others to feel that way too. So I am going to try even harder to think of others and to do nice things without a reason.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm trying to be creative

But having a mental block. This is kind of WAY out of the box for me. I am a piecer. A good friend of mine bought me some paintstiks though. Now I want to paint everything. So I am trying to really come up with something that is out of the norm for me.I have more butterfly's to make and of course I am going to add crystals and beads. Not sure where yet, I am hoping that will come to me! But I am not sure if I should trying adding another element like flowers?

I have a few quilting ideas so that I am not too worried about.Well that is until I put it on the frame.Then of course I will draw another blank. I am hoping that by putting it up here it will hit me upside the head what is missing.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

cats cats and more cats

Meet the cat who hates me. I really think she does.My husband who used to think I was imagining it has come around to my way of thinking. He still sides with the cat though because its his cat. She loves to knock on our window at night to come and sleep with him. That in itself is not bad except for she still isnt crazy I am there too. He can rub her fur the wrong way pull on an ear or even scratch her tummy, but if I dare to turn over (even in my sleep) I get bit!
The weird thing is that everyone in this house can leave an item of clothing out but it will be my item that she covers in hair by laying on it. Then she will hiss at me if I try to move her. I think I need to remind her that I am the one that saved her as a kitten from an uncertain fate!

My oldest will be in a production of CATS this May. She is not loving the costume but she is loving the make up. It looks like fun to me!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where did the week go!

I cant belive its wed again. This week there is no home ec though as it is testing week.So I guess that means I get a break.A MUCH needed break.What will I do with my time? Work! And worry.Worry that son (who is the only one of my four in homeschool who has to test) is rushing through the test without thinking! That he is just randomly marking down answers because he can come home as soon as it is done! That he is going to make me look like the WORST home school mom on record.

I did forget to get the test prep booklets until monday.So the poor kid had to cram.In my defense though no one reminded me! Ü

This is what son did this last weekend. He made a trip to the hills with friends and pretty much had a blast!

This will be it

At least for 2 weeks...#week6challenge.... I am SAD about it also. I have been getting so much done...But my house is going to experience ...