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Wow you never realize how much you use or how much you will miss your computer, until its gone! My p.c. went to the shop on Monday morning and we didnt receive it back until Friday morning. It was horrible! Being the computer wiz that I am I successfully saved ALL my pictures,2000 songs in ITUNES, and every file I needed................HAHAhahahahaha. NOT! My personal recommendations to all you bloggers out there, back things up. If you dont know how, then learn! I was short on time to begin with now I am minus time. Thank heavens I didnt have my business files on this computer. I would be sobbing right now.Especially since tomorrow I have to figure out my quarterly sales taxes and then pay them.Atleast until I can download all my songs,books,and movies I can plug it into the wall to charge. But all those email addresses,files,and (starting to sniffle here) pictures.........Argh...
It was a very stressful week to begin with though.Which is I guess why I didnt put my all into figuring out the whole computer save thing. Our foster daughter is now living in a group home. She made that choice and I think it is the best for her. Her child advocate has been so supportive to us, her social worker too.That helps as we feel that we somehow failed. We know in our brains that we didnt but the heart has a whole nother feeling about it. The child does need something more then we can give her right now. She is so mixed up an confused and being in this home I hope and pray will help her learn how to make better descisions.
Now we can focus on our 3 kiddos and help them to heal. There was a lot of damage done this last couple weeks and my kids need to get past that. I dont know if we will remain foster parents. We have quit once before.Its so hard to see these kids go the direction they go and not be able to stop them. I guess we will have to just wait and see. Its so hard to quit but yet its so hard not to.


Deb H said…
Wow, you are a busy woman!

I'm just starting up my longarm business. I don't even have files on computer yet! Thanks for the tips!
Randi said…
I hope you are feeling better. I commend you for trying. I think fostering would be very, very hard. It wasn't a failure. You did not fail. Hugs...

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