cats cats and more cats

Meet the cat who hates me. I really think she does.My husband who used to think I was imagining it has come around to my way of thinking. He still sides with the cat though because its his cat. She loves to knock on our window at night to come and sleep with him. That in itself is not bad except for she still isnt crazy I am there too. He can rub her fur the wrong way pull on an ear or even scratch her tummy, but if I dare to turn over (even in my sleep) I get bit!
The weird thing is that everyone in this house can leave an item of clothing out but it will be my item that she covers in hair by laying on it. Then she will hiss at me if I try to move her. I think I need to remind her that I am the one that saved her as a kitten from an uncertain fate!

My oldest will be in a production of CATS this May. She is not loving the costume but she is loving the make up. It looks like fun to me!


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