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More Pix

More pictures of an awesome time!

Good Times

Melinda,myself,and Amy in South Beach.

I am a cruise addict.Home from our third and all I want to do is go again. Being waited on hand and foot is right up my alley!Ü

Our first port was Samana. I was a little dissapointed in Samana.In my opinion it is a port you should book an excursion.We did not.There was a little shopping market a little ways off the ship but other then that there wasnt really anything else. I dont think we got the real taste of what Samana was like.

Our second Port was Tortola.I am ready to move to Tortola. If it were at all possible that would be where I could spend the rest of my days. The port where the ship comes in isnt outstanding however if you go out of town all you get is beautiful views. In this port we also did Dolphin Discoverys Royal Swim. Amazing is the only word I can think of.I will do that again.I want my children to experience it.

Our third port was Antigua.Three words can describe this.Another Excursion Port! Almost the entire Island was closed for …

Were Home!

I am very sad about this too! I missed my kids but it was such a wonderful vacation with wonderful people. I am not sure I have ever laughed as hard. I will blog more later.

Last Post Before I Go

I doubt I will have time to post again before I go so this is it! It has been a crazy crazy day. I did get my customers quilt done. So that is a good good thing. In fact it is being delivered as we speak.

Now onto packing and getting ready. Heres a question for you.What do you wear when traveling on an airplane???? This is a huge debate in my house. I am taking sweats.But hubby is kind of a clothing snob and hates sweats. I prefer to be comfortable. Especially when I will be traveling for over 15 hours.
I will see y'all in 12 days!

1 day left!

Tomorrow at this time I will be headed off to the airport.

Son made it to his destination. He has also forgiven me for the unacompanied minor thing. If I hadnt of done that he would have missed his flight in Seattle. But because he was signed in they had to hold the plane for him. I feel sorry for the ones that had to wait on the ground for him but I am so thankful I went with my gut instinct. He would of never made it without help. as it turned out though they still lost his luggage.Lol.

Our little Mariah. This is our foster daughter. We are quite an adventure for her.Lol. I think she is adjusting and fitting in well though.

keeping busy

Well son is off to grandma and grandpa. I am glad he gets to go visit them. It will be a special time that he has them by himself. But I am irritated still that he just couldnt stay home with his sisters. Because of his age (almost 15) and the age of our foster daughter (16) he cannot stay in the house unless we are present. it doesnt matter that our oldest is 19. Very frustrating.

It has been a huge fight anyways. The state and lawers dont like that they are close in ages either.The state has definitely calmed down as they have seen that these two act like brother and sister.We have known our foster daughter for quite awhile. Longer then she has been living with us.So they dont look at each other that way.

As you can see I am rambling. Ineed to keep busy today until I know he is safe and sound at grandparents. I absolutely hate flying. I would drive everywhere if it were possible. So I have loaded up my schedule today so that hopefully the day will go by faster. Then it will just be th…

3 days and freaking out!

3 days until we leave. I am freaking out though because tomorrow we have to send our son to my parents. It will be the first time I have sent one of my children by themselves anywhere. Let alone 3,000 miles away. I know, I know I need to let them grow up, and I do. But this is different! Because of a 2 hour lawover in one of the cities I did sign him up for unaccompanied minor. That does help out my nerves......some.
Once he gets there my parents will spoil him rotten. It's just the thought of all the traveling without me that has my hair on end. He gets sidetracked by pretty girls very easily. I can just see him following some pretty girl right out of the airport and being lost in some big city.....So if you see this kid wandering around your city kindly take him back to the airport because their will be a flight attendant looking for him!

Just SIX days!

Thats all we have left before we leave! yay. I am so ready for some warm weather.

I had a great work day today. Gracie House has been all fixed up for me. Power is such a nice thing to have. My customer was thrilled with her quilts and even brought me another. Yay! I have one to complete before I leave and then 2 weeks off!

I have been really studying others blogs and I am really impressed with the ones I have seen. I am going to figure out how to do some of those cool headers and maybe even change my background.

My two goofy girls. Jerikah and Astrid.

Ho Hum Day

I should be out working in Gracie House but for some reason I am without power. So while I wait for hubby to come fix it I am in here playing. I should be doing something constructive.Nah... Meet Issie. This is my boxer. Full of personality and my sweetie. Right now she is pouting however as I wouldnt let her chase the cat. Most of the time she couldnt care less but not today. If you know boxers you know they have pouting down to a science. They turn their back to you and from time to time throw disgusted looks at you while sighing so loudly you cant NOT know they are mad. She will get over it I am sure. In an hour she will have forgotten and be begging me to give her a treat. They also have short attention spans. We are owned by 3 dogs,2 cats, and a rabbit. We are nuts!

Wed. Musings

Well my tooth is fixed. We have also switched dentists. My dentist was unable to fit me in. Waiting a couple of days wouldnt of been a big deal. But after going to this guy for six years and dumping loads of money into his pocket, he was unable to fit me in at all. Would you not say a front tooth was definitely an emergency. We have been a little unhappy with him for awhile.

We started out with him when he opened his practice. Little by little though I have noticed he has been having less time for explaining and even polite conversation. We had no dental insurance for years also. So this meant we had to have work done at a slower pace because it was ALL coming out of pocket. Maybe he wasnt happy with that. I don't know.

We have insurance now though so now we can all get caught up. We also have found a new dentist. He has just opened his practice so again we start with them. Right now he has time to explain what he is doing and time to make you feel comfortable. Will he change as hi…

I hate Mondays.

I would like to figure out how to delete them. Maybe i should just not get out of bed. I usually look forward to them. Mondays I get to watch my ITYTBAG kids ( Im Too Young To Be A Grnadparent).I did have them yesterday and they were the bright spot of my day. But everything else went horrible wrong.

We woke up to -28.-28!! That is wrong. Especially if you lived in this house. With only my sewing room and the garage heated this house is cold!!! Not to mention the floors are all tile!( I am going to leave out the part that I wouldnt let hubby fix this problem by putting the baseboards back up after we put the tile in. It would have involved drilling holes in the tile.Ugly) I wore 3 pairs of socks and 3 shirts with my bathrobe over it all. I tried very hard to work. I did get one quilt done but with all the shaking I was doing I decided to call it a day. So we huddled under blankets.

By the time my little guys got here I had warmed it up a bit with space heaters so they didnt care. We set…

Divided Household

Today Super Bowl Sunday, and we were a divided household. Hubby and son are Raiders fans, Oldest daughter is a Patriots fan, and I am a Packers fan (its the cheese). So today was a very tense day in this house. We were all divided in very odd ways. Let's just say half of us are happy and half of us are not!

I am though so I guess thats all that counts! Ü. I tried not to rub it in too badly. I suppose after last weeks crushing defeat I should not have been rooting for the team that beat mine, but the whole Manning brothers thing softened my heart. How cool is that, that they each have won the superbowl now.

Besides football I got a little work done. I stitch ripped on a very large quilt today. I have it about half done. i am just very grateful I have a very understanding customer. I was very careful making sure the backing was pulled flat while quilting but it still puckered very oddly. I could not give it to her.I have to fix it. I had never had this happen and cant even explain how…

My new shoes

I found the BEST pair of shoes today. I am so in love with these! I saw them about two weeks ago and couldnt stop thinking about them.So today I went and got them and I have to share! These are just too much fun!


I am very excited today. I am going to have a fun shopping day with two very good friends. I havent done that in forever. My youngest will come along also. Trying to find clothes to wear on the cruise has become a challenge. It is so hard to find clothes that I like anymore. Maybe today.Ü


Today is a work day. That means Gracie and I will be spending the whole day together. Meet Gracie:

Somedays we get along fabulously other days not so much. For the most part it's usually me misunderstanding her. Let's hope today is a good day because I have a LOT to get done!