Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good Times

Melinda,myself,and Amy in South Beach.

I am a cruise addict.Home from our third and all I want to do is go again. Being waited on hand and foot is right up my alley!Ü

Our first port was Samana. I was a little dissapointed in Samana.In my opinion it is a port you should book an excursion.We did not.There was a little shopping market a little ways off the ship but other then that there wasnt really anything else. I dont think we got the real taste of what Samana was like.

Our second Port was Tortola.I am ready to move to Tortola. If it were at all possible that would be where I could spend the rest of my days. The port where the ship comes in isnt outstanding however if you go out of town all you get is beautiful views. In this port we also did Dolphin Discoverys Royal Swim. Amazing is the only word I can think of.I will do that again.I want my children to experience it.

Our third port was Antigua.Three words can describe this.Another Excursion Port! Almost the entire Island was closed for a funeral. I do respect that but what was open was VERY expensive. I do not however feel we gave it a fair enough shake so I want a redo on that Island.

The fourth port was Barbados.We booked an excursion to swim with sea turtles. Before that however we went into the city.I LOVED it all. If we were to go again though I would find a more private type sea turtle excursion. We were pretty packed on the small boat.Our guides we awesome but I would of loved to have spent more time in the water. I did however finally get to see my turtle.It made me cry.So very beautiful.

Our last port was St.Lucia.We again booked an excursion.Zip Lining through the canopy.If you have ever sat on the fence about doing this GET OFF! It is worth every little tiny penny and anothe excursion I will jump at the chance to do again.

Our Ship the Norwegian Jewel was fantastic. The shows and most of the restraunts were incredible! The only downers we had were Cagney's and Tepenyaki restraunts. The only good food in the first was the steak.The lobster was mushy (actualy runny)and will turn your stomach.This is also an extra charge restraunt.Not worth it! The second had good food but the most unfriendly waitresses I have ever seen.This is also an extra charge restraunt.Again NOT worth it. Dont ask for seconds either.You will get snapped at.

The Bistro again though wowed us.Our third Norwegian cruise and we havent been disapointed yet in The Bistro. Our room was cleaned everytime we turned around and I loved the two stewards that did it.Both of them very friendly.

We ended in Miami with an overnight before home. I think I need a redo on this also.We chose to go to South Beach and I feel we missed out on something great some place else. It took us over an hour to park and then we felt that the restraunt we ate at was too comercialized.we walked around a little but it just was too crowded and very dirty.

Over all though our vacation was incredible and makes me cry to remember the great times and laughter with friends.

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