Tuesday, February 12, 2008

keeping busy

Well son is off to grandma and grandpa. I am glad he gets to go visit them. It will be a special time that he has them by himself. But I am irritated still that he just couldnt stay home with his sisters. Because of his age (almost 15) and the age of our foster daughter (16) he cannot stay in the house unless we are present. it doesnt matter that our oldest is 19. Very frustrating.

It has been a huge fight anyways. The state and lawers dont like that they are close in ages either.The state has definitely calmed down as they have seen that these two act like brother and sister.We have known our foster daughter for quite awhile. Longer then she has been living with us.So they dont look at each other that way.

As you can see I am rambling. Ineed to keep busy today until I know he is safe and sound at grandparents. I absolutely hate flying. I would drive everywhere if it were possible. So I have loaded up my schedule today so that hopefully the day will go by faster. Then it will just be the countdown until we leave. We go out on a red eye.So I will just sleep through the flight.In my book that is the best way to go.Ü

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