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Straight Jacket Needed

When last I left you our kitchen looked somewhat like this.......Wonderful, no? Yes...... Well it seemed so anyways. After we got the cabinets in we noticed that a couple of them had been switched and were not quited the same ones we ordered. This as it happens was not the stores fault but ours. We didnt notice the switch and ok'd it. BIG BOO BOO..... So this means we have many boxes of things that dont fit into the kitchen.

Add into the mix a HUGE melt down and quite a big temper tantrum (boy my hubby can throw them Ü) and then you get this!THIS happens to be a pantry. I am loosing the sliding glass door and window. Between the stove and the pantry will be two more wall cabinets....To house my Lolita glasses Ü.

WH is a great observer.Lol So its been a crazy crazy month...My poor Killian has also been having problems. Yes my brand new car! About two weeks ago the accelerator stuck WIDE open while wh was driving it. Thank heavens it was him. I now know what to do but I probably would …

I Am STILL Alive!

We have visitors here from Alaska so I have been going going going. Having a blast but very busy.
I wanted to share my doll quilt that I recieved from Megan! Isnt it just the cutest? I LOVE it Meagan thank you!

Then I see all these other goodies. Wow! Can you say spoiled? That bright colored fabric does not show its true beauty in this picture. She sent it to match my silk quilt and it does perfectly! So I am thinking pillows Ü.Can you guess why this is here? Ü. Oldest daughter is now 21! Her first course of action was to buy her dad a present! Lol what wonderful child. I am trying to convince her now to buy the margarita machine I want for me.

This is my friend Lil from Alaska. One of my martini buddies. I have missed her terribly and am going to cry like a baby when she has to leave. Speaking of which its time to go play with her some more! We only have 3 days left!

Cabinets are going in!

Just a quick update. i am so tired I feel like I am going to fall asleep sitting up. We are almost done getting cabinets up. Now to put the kitchen back away and start saving for counters. This remodeling stuff is not for wimps!

Out Of My Box Again

I have decided that I am naming this quilt Out Of The Box. Thank fully my customers understood my delay with running to Cali to see my dad. They gave me an extension. Evidently their house is not done anyways so it was good timing. So I am back to work on the strips and curves. While I want to go on record saying that I think the designer is brilliant I have to admit that its a challenging quilt for me. I cant even tell you why as I am enjoying the process. I really REALLY have to stop and think though! Row 2 out of 5 is done, and I am going to tell you that I am VERY greatful that I get to applique circles stragetically over seams that dont meet up.Ü

I did finish the bargello. Its going to be quilted this week! So no pictures until I atleast get it loaded. The dumb thing turned into a king size!! I didnt plan that but to have it at the right size would of meant no borders. I cant seem to do a no border quilt.

For fun I am also throwing together this little kit from Moda. I am going to …

Doll Quilt Swap

Ok this is nothing to do with the doll quilt lol. BUT I just had to post an update of my little man Tice. Well my cousin but still mine, just mine from a far.I LOVE this photo because it really shows his personality! He was disgusted at something for sure! So this was my inspiration. A line from Moda.
And this is the direction it took me! Totally not what I had planned but I am happy with it.

Now to finish the binding and then its off to its new home. I cant wait to see the wonderful little quilt I will get!

We Have a Winner!!

This was the most fun I have had in a LONG time! Thank you so much for all of your entries. I wish I could of had a gift for each of you! There were so many! First I wrote everyones names on paper.It took me awhile to get that done! Then cut them all apart and put it in the box.
I shook it really really well. But only one name could be drawn.

And the winner is VAL!
Thank you again to each of you for stopping by. I tried to respond to each one of you but some had no reply to your comment. I AM going to get by and visit each one of your blogs. I promise.Thank you again for making my blogaversary a VERY special one. Now I have to go get started on Vals special surprise.Ü