Doll Quilt Swap

Ok this is nothing to do with the doll quilt lol. BUT I just had to post an update of my little man Tice. Well my cousin but still mine, just mine from a far.I LOVE this photo because it really shows his personality! He was disgusted at something for sure! So this was my inspiration. A line from Moda.
And this is the direction it took me! Totally not what I had planned but I am happy with it.

Now to finish the binding and then its off to its new home. I cant wait to see the wonderful little quilt I will get!


Jan said…
Oh that little quilt is precious!!! And his face adorable!!!!
Jody said…
Both are adorable!!
Frankly Frankie said…
I would take either of them :) OR BOTH!!!
Freda said…
He is getting so big Becca and has the cutest face. Love the quilt.
Anonymous said…
Oh...just too cute! Love it! How big is it? Jami
Jami its about 18x18.Ü

Thanks gals!
Yarni Gras! said…
what a gorgeous quilt :-)

That sweet boy is so cute!

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