Straight Jacket Needed

When last I left you our kitchen looked somewhat like this.......Wonderful, no? Yes...... Well it seemed so anyways. After we got the cabinets in we noticed that a couple of them had been switched and were not quited the same ones we ordered. This as it happens was not the stores fault but ours. We didnt notice the switch and ok'd it. BIG BOO BOO..... So this means we have many boxes of things that dont fit into the kitchen.

Add into the mix a HUGE melt down and quite a big temper tantrum (boy my hubby can throw them Ü) and then you get this!THIS happens to be a pantry. I am loosing the sliding glass door and window. Between the stove and the pantry will be two more wall cabinets....To house my Lolita glasses Ü.

WH is a great observer.Lol
So its been a crazy crazy month...My poor Killian has also been having problems. Yes my brand new car! About two weeks ago the accelerator stuck WIDE open while wh was driving it. Thank heavens it was him. I now know what to do but I probably would of freaked the first time it happened.
We have had it in the shop and of course they cannot find a thing wrong with it! Now though the engine light has started flashing at us and the auto start isnt working. Something is most definitely wrong. WH was on the phone all day today yelling. I LOVE my car but Buick is making me very very mad.........It may take a while but we WILL get this fixed!
Tomorrow is cleaning day and then I am hoping to spend some time is the studio. I still need to get Vals package wrapped up and sent. Its a good thing she is patient!


Sewing Junkie said…
Remodels are never fun. When you take things out it looks so big, but when you replace with cabinets it becomes small real fast. It will come together sooner than later and you will wonder how you lived without the change before. Hang in there. Chris
Jody said…
Did you get Jer's meltdown on video?!? Hang in there, this too shall pass!!
taylorsoutback said…
Thought you were going to say your TOYOTA accelerator got stuck! So Buick is having a problem too? What next?? There is something to be said for a horse and buggy!
Having spent years remodeling I can connect with you...but even building from scratch doesn't guarantee perfection either. Somehow it will all come together - right now, time for a glass of wine, okay?
Yarni Gras! said…
Oh my gosh! That is sooooo scary. I had my old VW bug do that back in the 80's....but it was so old it couldn't go very fast! ha!

I can't wait to see the remodel!!!!

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