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#52weeksewingchallenge Are you up to it?

Can you believe its almost 2018! I can't...It doesn't seem like I can keep up sometimes. This year will be so busy! We have a small cruise in Feb. Closely followed by Princess Half Weekend. Then just a couple of months later we are on our way to a special event in Sri Lanka! AAH! Seriously SRI LANKA!!!
With all this going on my goal is to make most all of the clothing for these events plus a list of handmade gifts. So much easier said then done..I have sewing ADD...Its always fun to plan out, buy and even cut out the project. Sewing it all up though is a whole other story..This year though I have joined on FaceBook the 52 week sewing challenge..Now this is by no means going to provide enough  projects to fill the needs of those trips but it will provide motivation!So the above picture is the start of my madness.
What you see is almost 20 cut out projects. That was yesterday. Today I have added another 10 to that pile. It REALLY looks like a mess now. hahaha..I am waiting on f…

Sinclair Patterns, The Grace Skirt

I was SO excited to be chosen to join the tester group for this skirt. I had seen a call go out for it and fell in love with the picture.But of course before I could fill out the form I lost the post. When I found it again I let out a whoop! WH just rolled his eyes as he thinks I am a bit sewing crazy.He may be right...

I knew exactly the fabric I was going to use! I had been hoarding it for years. A beautiful blue cotton sateen. I quickly got it in the wash to get all my prep work done while I printed out the pattern (if you haven't tried PDF patterns you are missing out! Instant gratification). 
My first initial reaction to this Sinclair pattern was wow..I have put together MANY pdfs patterns and this has got to be my favorite hands down. Very easy no trim and best part of all the diagram which shows you page number and order on EVERY page. 
By the time I got my pattern together my fabric was ready to iron..This is of course where I hit the first roadblock. The fabric melted...I…

3 Years

I can't believe its been 3 years since I have posted. Soooooooooo much has happened!

I am still running my heart out. Or at least trying too! Lol..This was from my last Disney race in November. The Wine and Dine half marathon. I was so blessed to be able to run with a new friend and her mom. Im in full training mode for the 2018 Princess Half Marathon weekend..It will be my 5th one and I am so looking forward to it.

I am also now a Nana of 2! My little monsters. I love them more then I thought I could! 3 years old and 1. Boy are they a handful...
I think the biggest news though is that we now live in Florida! A very long story that is just too boring to replay. But we have downsized quite a bit and now just love to be outdoors and enjoy the weather..Of course I throw in as many Disney days as I can. 
Quilting is still a major part of my life..All though my sweet Gracie is down right now until I can get her to a Gammil service tech. Just a needed tune up. So many long distance move…