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Stitchin Along

While I was in California I decided to work on my embroidery. It was either keep my hands busy or hurt a few people. WH thought I should keep my hands busy. He wasn't too keen on bailing me out from N.D.Believe it or not I did ALL these in the time I was there. I was really diligent at keeping my hands busy.
The bad thing though is that I had really wanted these. Until I did them. The circumstances that I made them under just ruined them for me. I don't even want to look at them now. Sigh. I have a queen size quilt top that I have never been able to finish because while I was making it a dear friend passed away. So I guess I should be happy I didn't take a match to these.
Wasn't sure what I was going to do with them until a friend fell in love with them. She has been such a wonderful support for me so I think I will put them into a quilt for her. I can do that. I just don't want to see them again afterwards!

Eggs Bennedict

Does anyone have a foolproof (fool meaning me) recipe? I got so used to having them on the cruise ship and have been having horrible withdrawls! I found a couple online recipes but thought I would ask those I could trust first. :).........So can you help a girl out?

Bad Mommy

That would be me! I TOTALLY forgot a very very important anniversary for our family. Yesterday was the anniversary of Little A's adoption!
The Story of Little A
You were one of the best decisions we ever mad Little A. You make our family whole.

A Little Quilty Goodness

Do you remember the Bargello graduation quilt I starter over a year ago? Well ITS DONE!!!!
I just got sick of seeing it in my sewing room. The quilting I did on it was a feather meander. Very basic for a boy but fancy enough for a bargello. I wish I had a picture of that part but for some reason it corrupted on my camera.
The quilt is in its new home so I would have to have them take another picture for me. Either way I was very very happy with how it turned out. The color choice was his ( recipient) and I wasnt to sure about them. Odd in my book. Was I ever wrong though. I LOVE how it turned out and best of all he absolutely loves it. Thats all that is important. :)
Now to get my house back in shape after the cruise and my tail back in gear quilting!

Are You Still With Me?

So much has happened in the last month and a half...It was pretty awful for awhile and I wasnt sure of even how to take the next breath....I was a daddy's girl big time. I guess I always will be. Mom and I have gotten pretty close though. We had to do some painful things together. After dad passed away the family and I stayed for a little bit with mom. Helped her with some things she didnt need to do by herself.
It was tough going home. Life has to go on though and my life is a busy one. so home we went. First on the agenda after we got back was the rival game between Packers and Vikings. I had this little bet going with a buddy that one of us had to wear the winners hat.Hmmmm I guess you know who won. Is this guy tall or what! Heheheh Humble too.
The next thing happening was a cruise WH and I had booked a few months back.Two other couples joined us. I needed it so badly. The sleep, the laughter (my stomach STILL hurts from laughing), the sun, and the time with just WH.I will have m…