Eggs Bennedict

Does anyone have a foolproof (fool meaning me) recipe? I got so used to having them on the cruise ship and have been having horrible withdrawls! I found a couple online recipes but thought I would ask those I could trust first. :).........So can you help a girl out?


Anonymous said…
Eggs Benedict just takes a little practice, Becca...especially if you are not used to poaching eggs, but you can do it! I use Wolfferman's eng. muffins or Thomas'...and I also use Knorr Hollandaise packs (most groceries will have it) about the only mix I ever use...we like it better than homemade and it is much harder to ruin it!
Merry Xmas! T
Ooooooooh thank you for the advice. Tomorrow is d-day for experimenting. I will run to the store tonight!

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