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Whats Going On In My House!

It should of said what WENT on in my house! Jer had a ton of work come in so that took our contractors off the house and back to work. While that is a good thing it means nothing was done in the house while we were gone. Frustrating because I came home with a whopping sinus infection. My netti pot broke in the move and I have yet to replace it. So instead of tackling it and getting over it quickly I wound up in the care center yesterday begging for the doctor to just shoot me.

For some odd reason they are against that. Instead he gave me a package full of nonsense and home WH took me. So if you are wondering where I have been since I got back that is where. Bed!

Today I dont think I want to be shot anymore. Well not much anyways. I do however want to leave. Go somewhere else! I have piles of laundry and a stack of dishes so high you cant believe it! JUST yesterday they hooked up the sink in the mini kitchen so I can atleast get started. It is a mini sink but SO much better then the bath…

Home Sweet Destroyed Home

Our welcoming commitee... Yes my workers are twisted. It was a needed laugh for sure though.Ü

I will post more tomorrow after sleep......I love my bed. I really missed my bed.......And my workers.Ü

Another Quick Update

We are in the Lake Tahoe area right now. My guys needed a snowboard break. Thats just not a need i have so i am playing lazy today in the hotel.

We wont be home until Wed but I missed yall!

My internet was horrible at my mom and dads.I couldnt keep it on so I wound up just not using it. Today when I finally hooked up it was crazy! I had SO many messages.Lol.

Here are my favorite guys. My dad had a good day so WH surprised him with tickets to his favorite B Ball team.From Right to left is my dad,WH,Boarder Boy, and a great family friend. I am having this framed.Ü. I love these guys.
This is my dads best bud Dewey.
And this is what they do best!

That is my little sis Bonnie. She keeps my dad very happy. This was a hard but wonderful visit. Dad slept a lot and just isnt the dad I grew up with. Its an awful thing watching your parents get older. But I am determined to take advantage of every second I can get. I am hoping to pop back out here in May for a quick visit again.

Quick Check In

Just wanted to tell yall I miss You! I am loving being here with my parents and I am getting spoiled! I already have gained a few pounds back that I had lost. Not good.

My dad is doing ok right now. I am sad though. Just not good to see your parents age. Not being able to joke around like we used too. His hearing is pretty bad. Sad to see pain in their eyes. But oh so good just to be with them.

Its also good to be out of -30 weather! Its 50 something here today.Ü

True love.. Means forgiving WH for locking me out of the car at the last reststop because its our anniversary :-). Almost thru Idaho!

Lets Make Like A Tree And Leave

Of course we are getting a late start. Its not because of ME though!Ü

We are going to try and drive till we drop so I will check in where ever we land! Now yall be good and dont do anything to exciting until then.

Can I Go Back To Bed

The countdown is on. We leave in the morning. I doubt it will be early though as someone here cant get there act together. Not saying who but this person is always behind!

Yesterday I did get all my sewing done.Yay for not being behind when I get home.

Here is my swap apron for Vals cheap swap. Not a good picture but Mabel wasnt feeling up to pictures yesterday. She is still in peices in two different rooms.Ü
I am also in a snowflake swap. So I made a matching hostess apron and trimmed a tea towl.
I had forgotten to post this however. look at this beautiful post card from Kay! I love it and it makes me want to get back to making them.

Ok now I have a house to clean,bags to pack,a car to cllean,and school reports to do.......Where is a good slave when you need one? And can someone please tell me how in the heck I am going to survive a two day road trip with two kids and NO internet? Is that even possible????

Master Bedroom Ü

I thought it was time to share the ONE completed room in our house.Ü

I will start your tour off with my closet. O.k. well I share it with WH......for now anyways.Lol. WH built that shoe rack just for me! Of course they dont all fit, but I found some cool boxes that I can store shoes in on the floor.See thru so I dont have to open the box.Yay!
Yeah its not really clean, sorry. I do however FINALLY have it all hung up in order of color and short sleeve and long sleeve.Lol. My kiddos think I am a little anal.Ü

I did have the bed made but decided I needed a nap and didnt want to mess up the pretty made up bed. Yeah and those are NOT pictures of my family up.Lol. We have family pics scheduled for Feb and I just wanted the frames up.

My zebra chair!!!

Running Amuck ALL Over The Place!

So this is going to be a VERY busy week.

Last week looked like it was going to end badly but wound up ending well. My WH's 85 year old gma had a heart attack Friday evening. We are very very close to her and it was definitely emotional. We were blessed though that she was in Seattle when it happened. She was rushed into surgery and flew through with great success. It was scarey though.

We also made the decision that we are going to go visit my parents. My daddy( yes I am a daddies girl) has had in the past few years 2 strokes and colon cancer. Within the last few months he has been scaring me badly. Right now I have a feeling that I cant shake. I need to see him. Mom too. So Friday Wh is taking us to see them. We will be gone about two weeks. Since we are going to drive it.

So this week I need to put myself together and get some things done so that we are ready to leave Friday. Not an easy task for me Ü.