Whats Going On In My House!

It should of said what WENT on in my house! Jer had a ton of work come in so that took our contractors off the house and back to work. While that is a good thing it means nothing was done in the house while we were gone. Frustrating because I came home with a whopping sinus infection. My netti pot broke in the move and I have yet to replace it. So instead of tackling it and getting over it quickly I wound up in the care center yesterday begging for the doctor to just shoot me.

For some odd reason they are against that. Instead he gave me a package full of nonsense and home WH took me. So if you are wondering where I have been since I got back that is where. Bed!

Today I dont think I want to be shot anymore. Well not much anyways. I do however want to leave. Go somewhere else! I have piles of laundry and a stack of dishes so high you cant believe it! JUST yesterday they hooked up the sink in the mini kitchen so I can atleast get started. It is a mini sink but SO much better then the bathroom sink. Stupid heads that we are we ripped out the only bathtub! and the laundry sink wasnt functional until the mini sink was.Lol......Not very good planning on our part!Ü

So today I am going to try to get some sewing in. If that doesnt help then its RETAIL therapy!!!

I also will be posting some thank yous this week for some awesome swap packages I got. I wanted to do that yesterday but well I was in bed.Ü


Jan said…
Feel better soon Becca!
Anonymous said…
Oh yikes. Hope you feel better soon.
taylorsoutback said…
Welcome back - but kick that infection quick!
Oh the joys of remodeling...how well I remember our 1st house and the frig in the living room all summer & washing dishes in the bathroom sink all summer & cooking in an electric skillet or microwave or outdoor grill...all summer.
This too shall pass...hang in there.
Take care of yourself.
Freda said…
Hope you are feeling better Becca.

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