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This will be it

At least for 2 weeks...#week6challenge....

I am SAD about it also. I have been getting so much done...But my house is going to experience a surge of guests tomorrow evening and it isn't going to let up until I am home from the Princess Half Marathon weekend in 2 weeks...

There will be no time to sew..Next weekend we will be on a little cruise and then running running running....So for my week 6 challenge of sewing something red or pink. I made a tie!

Pattern is by Vanilla Joy

I did slim it width wise and lengthened it. But Nerd Minnie is ready to run the half!

See you in 2 weeks when I get home to catch up on the challenge!

This is the reason

That I love to sew for myself. Retail clothing is drafted for women 5'6" and taller..On a good day I am 5'2"..So styles I love just won't work. Its not fun to alter retail. For one thing the construction sometimes makes it impossible  This is the Cerena Romper from Rebecca Page ladies-romper-pattern . I fell in love with this pattern a while ago and thought what the heck. hahahah...So I cut it out of fabric I didn't really care about. Fabric that doesn't even really match lol..But that way I would not be too bummed if I chucked it..But guess what? I LOVE THIS!
 I did have to modify a bit. The top needed to be shortened and the waist graded in. I also did not do the invisible zipper. i will do that on the next one. I am so happy with this it is making the cruise list!

Using a Newer Pattern

#week5challenge This was not my original intended pattern. I had set out to make the Watson Bra by Cloth Habit.
But I encountered a couple of problems. First of all my hardware kit didn't get here in time for me to make my deadline. But I also ordered from Canada knowing it takes longer to get through customs. So I think I was sabotaging myself. Lol
I also knew I would be testing a new pattern this week and my focus needed to be on that.I can't post about it yet but I will soon. Its a SUPER cute pattern :)....
So enter my second choice.
Made 4 Mermaids Mama Bridgette. Its part of the newLounge & Lace pattern Collection. I should have also used the Victoria for the bottoms but I am a bit in love with the Ohhh Lulu Claudia Hipsters.
I will be making the Victorias soon…