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Coming home from Sri Lanka I was ready to take a small break from Sewing.....I thought hahaha..

I actually was so excited to see one of my favorite designers with an open test for the Shakti's! These are truly the best pants ever..I have worn them every day since I made them. I just need to get in the studio and make at least 2 more pair!

I used a Riley Blake Navy Feather Knit from Peek A Boo fabrics, and they are so comfy yet dressy. If you haven't ever checked out Peek A Boo you really should. So many fun fabrics and they run some pretty great sales also...

But back to the Shakti's. I don't think its a secret I am a Designer Stitch groupie. I have honestly loved every thing I have ever tested.
 The version I chose were the Yoga waistband and Ruched sides. There are so many other options to chose from though. Including an add on that hasn't released yet..You DONT want to miss this!
Getting good photos was definitely a struggle this time. Florida has entered Rainy …