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THIS Is How I Feel!!!!!

Can you guess why! YIPPIEE I am on my way to Sears right now. Our House in Alaska is CLOSED!!!!!!!

Another Group!

This is getting SO exciting! Look at these wonderful fabrics Beatrice sent me that she is using... I love them all but especially those dark browns. If I havent said it before let me say it again. THANK YOU ladies for playing with me. I actually am excited to quilt again. Believe it or not I am having as much fun as if I were in an actuall class!

Ofcouse the last class I was in was minus Jody and I didnt get into trouble even once! I was quite tame from my normal trouble making self.

We Have Our First

Fabric group! Ruthie has sent a picture of hers. Its going to be GORGEOUS! I still havent gotten out to pick the rest of mine yet. Yes I think I may be loosing my touch.Lol.I usually can put things right together, but not this time.I have been very busy this weekend. I think by friday I may have pictures of the big reveal! Little As room is just missing a couple things that should be here by then. Of course it will still be missing doors and flooring but those things I cant do. But I wanted her room put together for her to see. That means I have to tear it right apart again but I DONT care.LolI also may MAY be happy dancing tomorrow. At this point I am not holding my breath.LolENJOY!

Guess What!

No not that lol. I wish. Still stupid hold up.BUT good news just the same! The 12th person has signed up for the mystery! Yippiee! Welcome Lunachance, I am so happy to have you along this mystery journey.Ü. So IF you have your material ready and you are ready for your first step just email me a picture of your fabrics and I will send your first step.Dont feel rushed. I have only got one piece to my group of fabrics. It smacked me today at the fabric store and screamed TAKE ME HOME! Well I am pretty sure it said that. Im not going to share yet until I find the rest. It may just be screaming to be put into something else. I am not sure yet.Tomorrow I have the whole day to myself. WoooooooooHooooooooo. My kiddos are going to an all day music festival. Skater boy has been told to bring his guitar too so he can play with some of the groups. He is super excited. I was told by the kids friends to come watch. When I told them I wasnt really into it they told me oh you should really go! There …


All but 1 spot is taken! If I can fill that slot then I can send out the first set of instructions! Are yall ready????Im not.Lol. But I am hoping by the end of the weekend to be ready. Its weird not having a stash with me. I usually have such a good idea of what to pick or which direction to go. Not this time. This time I feel like my head is spinning in a LOT of different ways. Not that that is a bad thing.LolSo if you know anyone who wants to snag that last spot just send them my direction!

Awesome Pic!

One of my favorite everyday blog reads is Inside the Shell. She has been taking photograhy classes and has posted some of the most AWSEOME pictures. I fell in love with this one. I think because we both look like we were in the same mood! Anyways she so kindly gave me permission to post this pictures so I could share. I LOVE this phot and THANK YOU!

She has a wonderful blog and always has the most wonderful turtley things!

Quick Product Review

Knowing I had a TON of sewing in store for me for this house I was really attracted to this. Today I had a bed cutain for Little A to make. The edges all needed to be trimmed in bias tape. 9 yards of bias tape......

Despite a little bit of dificulty getting it into the silver part the rest was exceptionally easy AND it really really worked. In like 10 minutes I had all the bias trim I needed. I had read just as many negative comments as positive so it was a 50/50 chance I would like it. I think it really is important the type of fabric you put into it. I have seen some reviews where the fabric didnt look like it would hold a crease very well.

So I am giving it an A+.

Littla As room is starting to really come together.Ü

No More whining

I have better things to do.Like paint a little girls room two different shades of pink. Yeah its MY house and it WILL work out. (thanks BTW for all the good thoughts and DIANE you know my husband too well.Exactly why he didnt tell me.i freaked.Lol)

The awesome Aunt Pitty Pat awarded the above to me a month ago. I have been running around being me so much that I forgot! So so so sorry.Thank you so much for thinking of me and finding me worthy.

Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who:~ inspires you~ makes you smile and laugh~ or maybe gives amazing information~ a great read~ has an amazing design~ and any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing!

There is absolutely no way I can pick just five blogs for this to be awarded too! Everyone one on my sidebar is an everyday read even if I dont comment all the time.All those awesome blogs I follow too.So I am giving it to ALL of you!I know breaking the rules.OK now I am picking myself up an…

Seriously I CANNOT( kinda long)

Handle the stress of this house anymore. I am either going to need medication or I may explode.Please excuse my earlier celebration post. I have NO CLUE what is going on. Its been such a roller coaster and I havent wanted to really post about it. I had thought it was safe since I was phone by my wonderful ( grrrrrr) hubby earlier to tell me we were all set for tomorrow. Well guess what!The people that are supposed to be buying our house have been complete A*&^% but we have had to go with whatever because it was the better offer. Well last week one of my W.Hs (wonderful hubbys) buddies called him up and told him if the deal fell through he had a check waiting for him. His dad evidently won a huge amount of money in the washington state lottery and he wants our house.This we found quite amusing as we couldnt do anything about it, we were under contract with the others.This was really getting to WH though. You see these other people have been so horrible they even demanded a boat tha…

WOOHOO Doin The Happy Dance!!!

VA finally released our appraisal for the house in Alaska! Tomorrow a week past the date we origionally were scheduled to close we FINALLY close!!!! YES. You know what this means?

Our house here will close on time as long as this appraisal comes back on time.BUT if it doesnt its not going to be held up by us! NO more guilt over missing wallpaper and um pink carpet..heehehh. Fiannly I can buy my washing machine! AND quilt material!!!!! Oh yeah a few other things I have been scoping out...Yeah THANKS Jan! Lol.................


I am being punished. I should of left well enough alone. But no I HAD to accidently start ripping that wallpaper off. (ya, I am sticking to the accident part)These people that put this wallpaper up.UGH. Why couldnt they of put wallpaper up like I put wallpaper up?Praying it lasts atleast a few months before it falls off the wall?Oh no, they had to use extra layers of glue! AND they had to overlap the edges so that you have 4 layers to get off the wall! I am being punished I tell you. I have scraped for 3 days and there is so SO much glue on the wall that I am going to have to scrub them down after i get the paper off.Not to mention being short really bites the big one! I need to invest in a ladder.


Do you think anyone would belive it was an accident? As far as I am concerned this is Wonderful Hubbys fault. He should of known better then leaving for Alaska a week before we sign papers. I realize he needs to drive our stuff down but dang! I should NOT be left in charge!

Meet Mabel

Hubby and I were out scouting around a couple days ago.We found the greatest antique/used furniture stores. I cant wait to go through them more intensly.....(minus hubby)My greatest find was Mable! There she was holding up a supply of camo hunting jackets. poor thing. I aske the guy how much he wanted for her and he said 20$!!! I said sold.I had those jackets off of her and loaded into the truck before hubby could whip out his wallet. She is a bit more stout then I am but she will be awesome for modeling aprons and atleast getting the right lines on clothing patterns. I love her.
This was hubbys great find for the day. A little leather couch for the pool/man cave. Right now it is upstairs however. We have to rip up the floor downstairs to level up the floor.A few walls are coming down too. It will do upstairs until that is done and we can start up here.
Only 2 more slots open on the Mystery! I am hoping to go look for my fabric this next week. I mailed off the supply lists so yall shoul…


Conversation started like this about an hour after hubby came in from outside. So........You know how I bought that new torch refill? Its good for killing bees you know.Yup I think I got ALL the bees this time.Everyone is silent looking at himIt wasnt really a good idea to stick the flame into the black pipe though. Yeah but I think I still got them all this time.Everyone is silent still.After a few moments....By the way. That wasnt windsheild wiper fluid by the door. Its deIcer.did you know that stuff is flamable?The kids havent STOPPED laughing!Only my hubby.

Mystery and Mabel!

First off:

I have only 8 slots open for the Mystery Quilt! I was so happy to see how fast those first slots went! Thank you for playing with me ladies! For those of you that have signed up so far your initial info will go out in the mail tomorrow.Ü I will wait until I know you have received your info before I go shopping for myself.This is going to be so much fun!!!!

Question. I am wanting to be very very careful about the copy right issues. The kit was purchased for a certain amount of people and I will abide by that. What I am looking for here is an opinion on what you think. I am wondering if you feel ok with me emailing your info to you instead of mailing. I will at that point destroy the info so that it is used. If you would prefer a hard copy I am ok with that also.Its up to each of you.

I accidently clicked on this picture to load and couldnt get it back off.Lol. SO here it is again! A wonderful box of goodies sent to me in the garden swap.

THIS was the pictureI was trying to uplo…

Im Home with SO many pictures to share! AND A MYSTERY!!!

Ok before I share my pictures I have a question for yall. This has nothing at all to do with anonymous who is unsure I am a quilter.Lol. I actually found that humorous..... Anyhow. I purchased about a month ago and it just came in the mail today a mystery quilt pattern.

Its called Mystery on Daffodil Hill. Quilt size 56x56. I purchased this to do as a fun mystery on my blog. I have 11 spots open. I purchased this for 12 people so dont worry that I am sharing patterns that I shouldnt. ( iknow you wouldnt think that but I just needed it to be clear). So I am going to take sign ups for 11 more people.

Here are the rules if you wish to play. I am going to keep it open until Sept 15th OR until the 11 spots are taken. Which ever comes first. There are 7 clues to the Mystery quilt. IF you would like to play send me an email with your snail mail and email. I will send you your supply list to get started. On Sept 15th I will send out the first clue by mail. You may take as long or as short as yo…
So have you missed me?We made a trip to Wa. To see family JUST because we could!I will be back on Tues. With new pics of my little man!

Its almost Midnight

And I cant sleep. That cant be good. Nope not good at all. My mind is whirling and twirling and I cant seem to stop it.I finished my apron today. It was a modge podge of different patterns and ideas. I am SO very happy with how it turned out. Its for the I Love Lucy swap. I will get a picture of it tomorrow before I send it off to its new home.But now I want my stuff. ALL my stuff. I want to create and I want to play. I am seriously thinking about opening an ETSY shop for all the stuff I want to make. What do yall think?I also want to get this house wrapped up and all ours. Then I can paint and make curtains and rip things up! The first thing I am doing is Little As room. Wonderful Hubby is taking her back to Alaska for two weeks to see grands and I am going to blitz her room. I tried so hard to have her pick everything out. Two hours later in hobby lobby we had two come aparts,3 crying jags, and someone (not naming names) was thinking VERY bad thoughts.So since I know the basic color…

We Found This Today

Its a cowboy boot with a roof! A real cowboy boot.Evidently they were using it as a bird feeder. Its the cutest yet weirdest thing we have found so far!Lol...Needless to say its going to stay.Hahahaha

I am SO very happy to have a camera charger!

I just wish I could figure out how to get the pictures to load in the right order. I know i could move them but that isnt so easy for me. SO we will just go backwards! It was over 80 today so that incited a flurry of yardwork! We just couldnt help it. I had very good intentions of finishing my apron for the Lucy swap but I kept hearing everyone outside. So I only got half of it done. Tomorrow I will finish it so that I can pop it in the mail. As long as I can send hubby off somewhere where I wont here him having fun without me.

We have never had to trim anything before. I suggested to Wonderful Hubby that we get a landscaper in but he acted like that was a slap to his manhood. So he bought himself some clippers. Pretty good job for a first time. Just some trimming on the first then tomorrow he can do the second.
My Izzy had to keep tabs on skater boy. Well until Skater boy had the brilliant idea to let his dog RC off the line.Then they both took off for about 2 hours.........bad bad ba…

Home Safe and Sound

Finally after being gone two weeks my hubby is home. I cant belive how much I missed him. It used to be that we would just breeze through these work trips and both take advantage of the "break" time. The older we get though the better friends we become and we hate these break times. Sure we drive each other a little nuts from time to time but after the first couple days of being apart it gets old.Belive it or not when he drove up in that pretty red car I was happier to see him! maybe if Gracie had been set up and I had my belongings here I could of found things to do to occupy me. You can only clean an empty house so much! Lol.I did however take my pretty red car for a spin.Ah heaven. It was well worth the wait. It felt just like I knew it would. I got a new camera charger in the mail today so tomorrow I am taking pictures!I also get to sew tomorrow. Hubby also brought me my wireless router so I am not tied to the modem downstairs. Which means that I can finally put my lapto…
It just gets better and better. Lol.I now have my sense of humor back but its fragile!I would LOVE to have been a fly on the wall. The idiot salesman really tried to pull one over on hubby. My wonderful hubby tho was quick on his feet. He put up with it for only so long then he put his foot down. He told him that the bottom line was that if mama aint happy aint NO body happy and we would just take our business elsewhere.Amazingly they found "my" Killian in colorado and they are bringing it to him. He isn't even going to have to pay for a hotel room.I would rather have him home tonight like he was going to be but that isn't going to happen.

If You Can Belive This

My wonderful hubby flew into Sheridan Wyoming to pick up Killian. We had to pay extra for this ticket as his others are covered by work.The car MY car which I covered all the details of with the salesman( IE idiot) was a DIFFERENT car! NOT the right color, a bench seat instead of bucket, NO sunroof, and NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!He tried telling my wonderful hubby that I had okd all these things. My poor poor hubby. He is sitting there thinking there is NO way I am going to bring this peice back to Becca.HOW am I going to get home? He tells the man there is absolutely NO WAY my wife is ok with this car.So what is that awesome man doing right now? He is RE ordering the car that should of been there! The car that I have waited for.I feel so bad for hubby and so MAD at these other idiots.......Will I never get this car?Atleast I will have a few more months of no car payments.


I couldnt think of a title post so yall get a smile.Ü
I asked (insert bribed) my boys to run up the hill opposite our house so we could get a real view. Wow I have a LOT of yard work to do. The jalepeno plant. It like just took off! Today I noticed about 3 more little buds. Sheesh. My tomato plant has one!
The hot tub we cant figure out how to drain! My kiddos are very grumbly about this. But I wont pay to have the guy come out until the house is officially mine. I already have had the water softener serviced and phone lines repaired. This can wait. You would think that it was the end of the world tho! I did find out today that to get a license to homeschool I have to send in a copy of my diploma. This really wouldnt be a big deal except for said diploma is somewhere in the bottom of a 40foot connex god knows where. Oh yeah ALL her school books are in that same place also! Yeah WHO let the woman that packed those things out of the loony bin? I am going to try and send in all the info with…

I am dying here

Without my camera charger.Argh!I went thrift shopping again and got the COOLEST iron candle holder.Its taller then me and heaaaaaavy! Best part I paid 5 bucks! Better then garage saling and open ALL year! ÜYesterday I packed all the kiddos in the car and we decided to discover Bismarck. I had hoped to go to the Zoo but we found a street fair instead. I found Wonderful Hubby the coolest Beer Garden sign.We also found 2 more huge thrift stores but I will have to go back to them as I didnt have the truck.So no point in lookingThats just a tease.LolI am having the hardest time not tearing things apart in this house. This is truly a test of patience for me. Those of you that know me can truly appreciate what a good girl I have been that I have sat here and NOT ripped out one peice of wall paper. Nor have I ripped out ANY of the lovely 200 year old pink carpet in Gracies room.I will truly deserve a big present for this. I have it on good authority that one is going to be arriving this very …