Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mystery and Mabel!

First off:

I have only 8 slots open for the Mystery Quilt! I was so happy to see how fast those first slots went! Thank you for playing with me ladies! For those of you that have signed up so far your initial info will go out in the mail tomorrow.Ü I will wait until I know you have received your info before I go shopping for myself.This is going to be so much fun!!!!

Question. I am wanting to be very very careful about the copy right issues. The kit was purchased for a certain amount of people and I will abide by that. What I am looking for here is an opinion on what you think. I am wondering if you feel ok with me emailing your info to you instead of mailing. I will at that point destroy the info so that it is used. If you would prefer a hard copy I am ok with that also.Its up to each of you.

I accidently clicked on this picture to load and couldnt get it back off.Lol. SO here it is again! A wonderful box of goodies sent to me in the garden swap.

THIS was the pictureI was trying to upload.Lol. He was diggin the straw!
Tomorrow I am going to introduce you to my new friend Mabel!



Freda said...

Look at those eyes!! Hey Mom, where have you been keeping this??????

Jan said...

Oh he is a cutie!! I'm good with email, but really it's whatever works for you!! :-)

myolivebranch said...

what a honey!

as far as the mystery/copyright deal.... it makes "common sense" but i don't think the copyright police always have any of that. i'm good with whatever works best for you.

Leah S said...

After pondering on this overnight, I think I'll opt for snail mail. I'm pretty sure the anticipation of a clue in the mail will keep my excitement pretty high. :)

Ruthie said...

I don't know if I responded earlier or not, but I received the snail mail from you and wanted to let you know that email is really fine with me.

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