THIS Is How I Feel!!!!!

Can you guess why! YIPPIEE I am on my way to Sears right now. Our House in Alaska is CLOSED!!!!!!!


Frankly Frankie said…
What a blessing and relief! Now when you come back you'll have to come stay with ME haha Luv Ya Bek's
Jan said…
Standing ovation!!!!!!! Yippee!!!
Freda said…
Doing the snoopy dance for you.
Jody said…
What a relief for you! Congrats--Jer came through again without your valuable imput!! (wicked grin!)
Taryn said…
Woohoo! That is just WONDERFUL news, Becca! I am so happy for you and your family.
I wasn't sure if checked your Etsy, but I convo'd you to let you know your Wizard of Oz purse is on its way! I mailed it out today. Yay! Hope you love it!


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