Im Home with SO many pictures to share! AND A MYSTERY!!!

Ok before I share my pictures I have a question for yall. This has nothing at all to do with anonymous who is unsure I am a quilter.Lol. I actually found that humorous..... Anyhow. I purchased about a month ago and it just came in the mail today a mystery quilt pattern.

Its called Mystery on Daffodil Hill. Quilt size 56x56. I purchased this to do as a fun mystery on my blog. I have 11 spots open. I purchased this for 12 people so dont worry that I am sharing patterns that I shouldnt. ( iknow you wouldnt think that but I just needed it to be clear). So I am going to take sign ups for 11 more people.

Here are the rules if you wish to play. I am going to keep it open until Sept 15th OR until the 11 spots are taken. Which ever comes first. There are 7 clues to the Mystery quilt. IF you would like to play send me an email with your snail mail and email. I will send you your supply list to get started. On Sept 15th I will send out the first clue by mail. You may take as long or as short as you would like. BUT before you get the next clue you must email me with a picture of the last step completed and then and only then will I send the next clue.

If this works out as well as I am hoping there are other mysteries I would like to do. Since I left all my quilter buddies in Alaska I am hoping some will want to play with me. I PROMISE (and yes Jody I mean it) that I WILL NOT peek until its time and I will post my pictures right along with yours.

NOW on to the pictures. Jan this ones for you.Ü. A close up of my boot.Lol. Dont ya LOVE it! Yes I had to get proof. Notice the water is still um a shady brown color? YUCK
Part of my Lucy goodies. I cant wait for my partner to get it all.

The Lucy apron I made. I put about 4 patterns together and had a total blast making this.Yeah forgive the dumpy housewife modeling it. She needs some help.

THIS is who I cuddled and kissed and played with ALL weekend. My little man. We taught him to drink out of a straw!LOl



Freda said…
Wow, Becca, what a fun trip you had. Tice is growing so big. Were those kids brown when they got out? Yuck is right! I love the apron and I do not see a dowdy housewife. Have a great week.
Jan said…
sign me up dude!! I already sent an email!! before commenting!! You didn't think I would miss out on that opportunity did you?! LOVE that apron! REALLY love that one!!! Thank you for the close up of that boot! I love that too... wow... can you feel the love flowing tonight? I need to go find a thesaurasus.... it's been a loooooong day of homeschool LOL
Leah S said…
Dropped you an email! :)
Anonymous said…
wow i really love a good mystery and would certainly love to playu
Frankly Frankie said…
Sign me up....I wanna be one of your ALASKA GALS :) I wish we could actually do the stitching together like the good ol days....but this is an AWESOME idea :) and we can all send out quilts to be quilted BY YOU hahaha
Jody said…
I believe you!! And once again you have sucked me in!
Ruthie said…
Your mystery sounds like lots of fun. Please sign me up if you still have space.
Talia said…
Yay! I got my apron!! Thank you SO much! It's beautiful!! I will post pictures of me with it soon on my blog!

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